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The Baird Beaming Transmitter[1] was a transmitting station located in Kalis.


The skeletal remains of the Baird Beaming Transmitter lie in a twisted heap of gnarled support beams and warped metal, littered with the flotsam of charred wires and shattered electronics. Although the tower was far enough from the epicenter of the destruction of Kalis to escape the Armageddon, it was reduced to a pile of unrecognizable rubble during the Decepticon plot to move Cybertron into a closer orbit around Citctus Minor. This utterly destroyed Kalis, leaving only an empty wasteland of rubble and distant memories in its wake.[2]


The Baird Beaming Transmitter was the studio for Around Cybertron until the tower was destroyed with the rest of Kalis in 2017.


  1. The Baird Beaming Transmitter was presumably named after John Logie Baird, the inventor of the first television.
  2. Description written by Dreadtread.
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