Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Bad Nasty Katty Kit

Characters: Soundwave , Ravage , Skitter

Location: Tri-Torus Loop - Equatorial Cybertron

Date: December 26, 2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: A fennec-turbofox meets Ravage. Who tries to eat her! But wait - Soundwave.. to the rescue?

Tri-Torus Loop - Equatorial Cybertron

The Tri-Torus Loop is a part of the sub-orbital overway network and is located in equatorial Cybertron. The loop connects the three Orbital Torus States of Altihex, Kalis, and Uraya.


It's a travel along the Tri-Torus Loop for Ravage. The Decepticon is going along on the road at a run rather than flying or having a transport take him. He's not having his cloak up or anything but he's still moving soundlessly and his dark colors make it difficult to pick him up moving at night.

Skitter is darting from point to point in rapid movements, pausing to peer around before continuing up. The silicavulpix is moving in a generally northerly direction. Or was. Until something else moved. And after a flurry of movement, it flat-foxes and starts to snack on a glitch mouse.

And then Ravage is pausing over as he's going towards Skitter, noticing her fro some distance away and musing, "Why, what do we have here?" Ravage himself stands out now, making a notation of his presence. It's just a scavenger - so something to enjoy freaking some.

Skitter crunches on the smaller creature before standing. Large audials flick around, forward and back before it skitters towards another uprising of road debris, apparently using it for cover. There's a scamper to peer around it before darting up to flatten on the top. A tik-tik-tik tiny howl is heard rising from it.

And Ravage is going towards her and maneuvering, and darting along to try and flank the thing. Well, it's not necessary to go hunting but it would be a nice thing to do to amuse himself. So he's going to dart along from the side, hopefully able to get in position about fifteen to twenty meters away without making a lot of noise.

Skitter's audials swivel and flick before the creature freezes. There's a ruffling of plating, tail 'fluffing' as it slowly, ever so slowly, turns to face another sign-sound of movement. Mismatched optics glitter and hackles raise, a tiny grr-R-RR-squeak of alert emitting.

And then Ravage is approaching, "Hello, prey." He would grin, and move to advance on Skitter from the side, going to stalk forwards towards her from about twenty or so meters, going along at a stalk, claws out, announcing his presence as hostile.

Skitter's ridiculously large audials swivel back as the fox crouches low to the ground. That tail lashes behind, plating spread to increase its visible side. Another tck-tck-tck-yip, mouth gaping to display sharp, point, teeth. Optics blink and amidst the growling there are words, halting, rough around the edges, "No.. prey. Go.. away. Katty-kit. Too big to eat."

And oh? What do we have here? "My, my. What a unique thing. Why hello there.. Who do you happen to be with, little feral thing?" Ravage's optics were glowing now as he would dart along the side, going to try and circle around Skitter, maneuvering like one was cornering prey.

Skitter's growl increases as the fox maneuvers, working to mirror the stalking, hackles raised, tail slashing behind.. her. There's a decidedly unhinged sort of -titter- as she 'yawns', displaying.. for her size and shape, a maw that might rival a scraplet's with the sheer range it unhinges. Then she snaps it closed, continuing to growl in response. "Wif nobodhie. Wif self. Hunting. Go.. away, scaring off foods."

Ravage would just grin, "Why, and who might you be?" Ravage considers this now full on interesting as opposed to just something to do a slash and bye with. "And who are you with? One of Blaster's little tots? Some Mini-Con that someone's going to step on?"

Skitter shakes her wedge-shaped head, optics bright. There's a chuff-tck and she continues to manage the distance between the two, maintaining it as it is at the moment. "No blast. Ground shakededed. Sand squish. -Woke- up. Hungry, hunting."

Ravage is quite happy to just match the pace. "Well, then what do I call you, little flat thing? You're too small to be a Mini-Vehicle and even Micromasters have minimal intelligence standards."

Skitter hrmphs, lashing her tail. Another rippling of armor and all 6 legs engage the ground as she flexes, half turning on herself, skitter-hopping further away with a jump before returning to the matching circling. "No call nothing. Go -away-. Emeny! All.. huh.." Audials wiggle as she stares at Ravage, "Not two feet. Two feets ememny. Hurt and squish. bad two feets. But.. not two feets. No eat."

Ravage would grin, "Then thing you need to learn that not all four feets are your friends. But.. That isn't necessarily something that has to be learned now. Do tell me, little flat thing, what sorts of things you've done since waking up."

Skitter snarls, tail lashing. "Did not say -frieenz-. said not two feets." Another titter before flashing teeth, remaining in that aggressive stance, head slightly down, hackles up. "Woke. Ate. Squished. Slept, woke, ate. Owie. Slept. Hunt."

Ravage would smirk, "And why what would have squished you little one?" He would approach her from the side. Making rather blatant display of herding her now. "And you still haven't given me a name. I'm going to presume my own."

Skitter yip-snarls, backing away, moving to circle in return now. "NO name. Mine. No have give. Name is -mine-. Is words. Words has power." Tail lashing again. "Two feets in sand-home. Squish, swuish, leave. Hurrt.. Sleep lots. Ate.. sleep. Hunting now."

Ravage would laugh, "Well, if you're going to be Mine, I suppose I can make one up. Squish, Squash, Scratch.." Ravage would go to circle around her. "Let me give you a little cue as to your mode, little feral thing.." Circling around her.

Skitter hnnks and snaps at Ravage, still working to maintain distance. "Not yours.. name is.. own secret. No share. Don't have to. Go -awaaaaay- baaad katty kit. Was hunting - you scaring meese away."

Ravage would move to stalk around Skitter, "Well, unfortunately I've decided that there is something more amusing going on. Namely that I'm the one hunting." Then he would go to charge in, "And the one that I'm hunting is you!" Going to race on in, trying to slash a claw at her flank!

>> Ravage strikes Skitter with Claw. <<

Skitter tries to twist out of range but fails, taking that slice through her thin plating. There's a -yowl-screech- and she spins, pivoting to snap back at Ravage as he moves by, snarl-growling. "Baaad.. katty.." dissolving into rather feral growling as she actually snaps back, moving to bite whatever she can.

>> Skitter strikes Ravage with Bite. <<

Soundwave flies into the area , shaking his head. This will be tougher than he thought, Ravage already has the fox startled. He lands nearby, crouching, watching quietly.

Ravage is hissing as the counter-attack from Skitter would dig into him, her biting off a chunk of him. At instructions from Soundwave, he is withdrawing towards the larger mech.

Skitter hnnnk-tik-tik-tik whines, breaking off after she takes a chunk out of Ravage, twisting, pulling up a leg. Fortunately she has the 6 of them so 5 seem fully stable. Audials swivel and lay back, another rising growl, "No eat.. No.. No eat -me-. use words. am.. sem.. sap.. am.. am thinking! Words, no eat me, have words now!"

Soundwave holds out his hand. "Ravage, to me. Stop the attack." he says. "There are better dinners. This one... seems to wish a discussion." he says. "I will not harm you, little one."

At the command, Ravage would go to fall back now, going to stalk behind Soundwave now and using the bulk of the bigger mech to go behind. Out of optic, out of processor.

Skitter hnk-hnk-growls, lifting plating to look larger, tail lashing as she 'skitter's to the side as Soundwave speaks. "Emeny Two feets!" panic to the tone, "No hurt! No hurt! No skoosh, no squish, no smash! No hurt!"

Ravage would just watch from behind Soundwave. Looking 'over' the larger mech, seeming to be extremely amused but not in direct line of optic so not to interfere with what the larger Decepticon was up to.

Skitter hnnks again and flattens into the ground, plating remaining ruffled, watching this.. large.. blue 'two feets' with teeth bared and tail lashing, emitting a warning squeak-squeal.

Soundwave stays very still. "It's alright." he says in a soft voice to skitter. He brings out a small box of energoodies and puts some on the ground before him. "I'm not going to hurt you." he starts to send a mental sensation of safe. "Friend.."

And now Ravage is going fully behind Soundwave. Going to be as best he could completely still and quiet. His optics dimming, attempting to make his signature as small as possible so as to not be adding to any sense of fear.

Skitter remains flat, audials twitch-twitch-twitching. The treat is given a glance before teeth are bared again. "Emeny.. two feeeetzzz. baad.. two feets baaad. Owie.. Cause.. owie.." Tail lashing. Audials flatten and she tk-tk-growl-squeaks, warning tones. "No.. emey two feets. two feets.. baaaad, bad."

Soundwave nods "They can be, but I assure you. I'm no enemy. Are you injured?" He asks. "What are you doing out here by yourself?"

Skitter tck-tck-tcks softly, optics glinting. "Katty kit huurt Skitter. Was hunting squeakers for fuel. Trying to go -home-safe-warm-sands-. Lost." A whiiiine, tail lashing, audials wiggling as she eyes the treats before belly-creeping towards them.

Soundwave pauses. "Katty kit hurt? Oh no. May I take a look?" he leaves the treats. "I have fuel. Warm safe bed. Do you want to come with me?" It /can't/ be this easy.

Skitter squeak-alerts, flattening further before creep-creeping to snatch a treat. And yes, she actually makes tiny nom-nom-mrrrrgh sounds as she inhales it then looks for another. "Wanna go -home-safe-sands-. two feets not /home/."

Ravage is behind Soundwave, listening idly and going to muse to himself.. The signals going up to Soundwave along the telepathic link << I presume that given by her words she was in some sort of long term stasis but reactivated some time ago, likely recently >>

Soundwave tilts his head. "Understandable. How far are you from your sands? I can take you there...."

Skitter wiggles, angling for another treat, plating still raised but food seems to be a large motivator. "Cold-warm sands is home. Follow sky-lights." tck-tcking softly before making a tiny raspberry noise with a bzzzbblrrrt. "Words -haaaaaard-. Make head hurrt." Blinking for a moment then peeps, "More s..s..e..hnnnk.. fueeel snak?"

Ravage would watch at Skitter thoughtful, "Are there other ways to speak than words that you are more comfortable with?" Turbofoxes tended to normally hunt alone, but they did occasionally work in packs.

Soundwave nods "Of course." He pulls out a full energon cube this time, and sets it down before the turbofox. "I wonder how long it's been since she's fueled..."

Skitter blinks, angling one audial forward, then the other before squeal-squeaking at Ravage, "Baaaad nasssty katty kit! Try to eat Skitter!" grumbled growl, tail fluffing again. "Worrds.. new. No.. words before.. shake. World was.. just world. Smells, sounds; hunt, sleep, hunt.. Then" She sits up, audials quivering, "Home shaked. Sand -squished-, light, warm, hot, hurrted! words /came/. Huuurt. Worrds hurrted. But more words every sleep-rest."

Ravage would just glance at Soundwave and resist a -sigh- over then and go to mutter mentally before << She's a feral.. Possibly an uplift. >> He would muse thoughtfully for a moment as if assessing that bit << However that would imply a far deeper degree of development.. Likelier a feral >>

GAME: Soundwave FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

Soundwave tilts his head. "Possibly. I will need to see her closer to tell. Kitty will not eat you now. You don't need to talk around me. Just think your words. I will understand."

Skitter blink-blinks, then stare at the cube as optics go WIDE. It's as big as her head and shoulders. hackles lower and she scoot-scoots closer before pushing off of the ground and darting back and forth, squeak-squealing excitedly. Then flopping next to it, before creeping to take a taste. Armor shifts and flexes, "Use words.. must.. use words. Not -dumb-. Just.. learning worrrds." A hrmph before she takes another taste and squeals again, excitedly. "Fuel foods! F.. E.. Energonz! Is good.. Is.. good-good." lapping, tail waggling, making rumble-chirps of excitement as she drinks.

Ravage would go to glance at Soundwave for a moment and then acquiesce << As you see fit. Perhaps you could fit her with some sort of tracker or locator? >> He would inquire. << That might make approaching her later more efficient. >>

Soundwave nods "Good good. Eat slow. When was the last time you had a full tank?" he asks. "See it's good fuel. Warm fuel. Safe."

Skitter squeaks and considers, looking up at the sky before drinking more slowly. She pops her head up and peers up, and up, and up again at Soundwave, head cocking to the wide, audials going askew. "Eat squeakers, catch. Eat what can catch. Ennergon.. save for.. dry time, lean. Is good good. Not much see in desert." A quizzical trill before going back to 'tanking' up as it were, plating flexing. "No full tank since worrds. Not -empty- but.. never.. full. ooooh." flop.

And now Ravage goes to listening now thoughtfully. This was unexpected. He would have expected the feral to have been doing better. Consumption, while crass, would be at least efficient.. But low energon might have been part of why it talked like Sludge trying to perform poetry.

Skitter hiccups, then stares at the cube mournfully. "Fulll... need.. t' hide.. fuel.. for.. later.. stash.. save for.. later." hiccup as tail gives a wag-wiggle. Still flopped and mostly flat-ish. Another hiccup before lurching to her feet, grabbing at the edge of the cube to drag it towards one of those rips in the road, intent to bury it for, yes, later.

Soundwave nods "Yes, you should hide it for later. I can come back tomorrow. Bring you more energon? Good energon and some warm? Warming blankets?" he says. "Soundwave. Friend." two words rarely put together but there they are.

If this were other circumstances Ravage would give Soundwave a -look-. Instead Ravage just gives Soundwave the mental equivalent of it. A cat-stare that is accompanied by the sensation of 'really'.

Skitter flops over the half hidden cube and bleers at Soundwave. Yep. Food-drunk as it were. One audial flops forward as she hiccups again. "Warm.. warm good. Gotta.. go.. hoooome." Hiccup and the fox flops, one optic open, the other slit, one audial forward, the other flopped.