B.O.T. is a human-built robot.

A face only a mother could love.

B.O.T. (Biotronic Operational Telecommunicator) was built as a science project by high school students Martin, Roland, and Elise.


The Transformers cartoon


B.O.T. was built as an assignment for a pair of troublemaking sociopaths, who enlisted science geek Elise Presser to help out do all the work. Obtaining scrap metal from a local junkyard that happened to have a new shipment of merchandise, the kids built a portly robot that just so happened to have Brawl's personality component in its head. As one would figure, this made B.O.T. turn evil and destroy the high school science lab. It was only when Martin blasted him with an experimental laser that the rampage ended, and B.O.T. fled the area.

The kids called the Autobots to rein in their wayward creation, and after being chased into an abandoned building, B.O.T. was eventually subdued by a laser blast to the back from Swindle, there to reclaim his comrade's missing piece. When B.O.T. was brought back to the school, Elise discovered that the personality component had been removed. After some fine tuning, B.O.T. was able to listen in on everything Brawl heard, allowing the students to discover that Megatron was setting up a massive cannon to knock the Moon out of orbit.

When Megatron decided to test his new cannon on the Ark, B.O.T. was sent to destroy it, while being remotely controlled by Elise. After making his way to the cannon, B.O.T. turned it on its makers to win the battle, before pressing the convenient "Overload" button, thus destroying the cannon and himself in the process. Back inside the Ark, Elise asked if the Autobots had any spare parts so that she could build a new robot, but was quickly subdued by her assailants.


Foreign names

  • Japanese: BOT
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