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Ich bin ein Decepticon.

Never one for indecision, AXIS is what every Decepticon strives to be, and then some. Malice reeks from his person like a bad cologne and his demeanor does nothing to reflect a different opinion. Enveloped in the history of the Third Reich insomuch that it has realigned his approach to the Cybertronian war, he uses the ideals of Himmler, Barbie and Hitler to further his faction's strength. A tactical mind beyond reproach, even though his initial function was that of a spear carrier, he ruthlessly strives for the complete destruction of all life forms other than Cybertronian Decepticons. Loyal to a fault, but also extremely aware of the beauty of self-preservation, he prefers to stand in the rear, watching others perform the duties of the sword while he, in mind and spirit, acts as the wielder. Rebuilt in the fashion of a German ME-262, he totes the armoring of the day, heavy steel plating in combination with all the standard Luftwaffe regalia. His main weapons are the twin 30mm cannons found in place of his arm lasers, as well as a battery of air-to-air and air-to-ground assault weapons commonly found on this model of aircraft. While trained in methods of surreptitious means, he has nothing structurally designed to facilitate such actions. Often because of this, his arrogance forces him to overstep his bounds, both on the battlefield as well as in the command center.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History: In 2007, Axis was assigned to the Tactical Support Wing of Aerospace's Air Combat Support Group.

In 2013, all Earth-assigned Seekers were brought to Cybertron to help defend Polyhex. Axis was lost in the ensuing battle against the Quintessons, and thus far has not been found and recovered.

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Axis was last seen: Tue Oct 30 15:05:24.041952 2007

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