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At a pivotal point in Cybertron's history, the young Optimus Prime managed to defeat and kill the Decepticon Leader Megatron in single combat. Without a strong leader to unify them, the remaining Decepticons quickly turned on each other, breaking into small warring bands. Now, only Polyhex remains as a bastion for the Decepticons. Cybertron is relatively peaceful, and due to Autobot explorations, the planet is once again rich with Energon. Guardians keep the peace, and from the outside, things look perfect - at least, in Iacon. When Unicron arrived in 2005, Optimus Prime used the Matrix to handily defeated the 'god', thus cementing the Autobots' feeling of invulnerability.

However, without serious challenges, cultural stagnation has set in within the Autobots' ivory tower of Iacon. Space exploration has dwindled, and the Autobots never discovered Earth. Prime is a distant, hands-off leader, leaving enforcement to his Guardians and lieutenants. The Autobots have grown lazy and weak, while envy grows within the Decepticons outside the walls, and the Quintessons gaze at the fractious world, seeing it ripe for the picking. The Bots have become soft without the constant threat of Decepticon attacks. They're complacent. Things seem calm and safe within the dome of Iacon, but should the Guardians be somehow compromised, the Autobots would likely be slaughtered.

Decepticon Alliances


The planetoid of Chaar is ruled, such that it is, by Cyclonus and the former minions of Unicron.

Known Chaarians:

Moonbase Two

Moonbase Two is the home of the Dominicons.

Moonbase Two subfaction:


The city-state of Polyhex is ruled by Valour. Those who refused to acknowledge either Starscream or Shockwave as worthy successors of Megatron live here.

Known Polyhexians:


The city-state of Vos is ruled by Starscream. Most of the surviving Seekers followed Starscream after Megatron's defeat. Vos currently has a cease-fire with its neighbor Tarn, although the inhabitants of both cities have been known to ignore the truce.

Known Vosians


The city-state of Tarn is ruled by Shockwave. Those Decepticons who thought Starscream was too hot headed joined Shockwave here. Rumors say that Shockwave has spent many cycles in his lab, working on a secret project.

Known Tarnians

  • Shockwave

Planet of Junk

In the Autobot-dominated universe, Junkions are salvage robots that escaped during the war against Quintesson occupation. When found by the growing Autobot Federation, the Planet of Junk signed up, only to find its people treated like second-class citizens and assigned only menial tasks on Cybertron.

With the Autobot Empire on the decline, Junkion has been largely abandoned as an ally, and its people have fallen to ruin.