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Hoist, Autobot truck

Autobot Trucks and Vans are usually powerfully strong, as well as tough and courageous. They're a lot slower than the Autobot Cars, but make up for it slightly with size and the ability to ram enemies with few negative effects.


6. Standard Autobot Trucks and Vans character stats (to be modified as desired):

Feel free to either copy this block into your app and edit accordingly, or just indicate you'd like an Autobot Truck or Van, maybe with whatever you'd like to change ("An Autobot Truck, but with a flight mode!") and we'll do the rest. =)

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 6
Technical: 6
Agility:  5
Endurance:   7
Courage:   6
Firepower: 5
Dexterity:  6
Leadership 5

Mode Names: Robot Truck_or_Van
Velocity1: 2
Armor1: 3
Size1: 11
Velocity2: 4
Armor2: 3
Size2: 9
Attacks1: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Stomp (8) Pistol <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 

Attacks2: Ram (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 
Abilities1: Dive Swim 
Abilities2: Ram Swim 
Skills: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Heroism, Toughness
Resistances: (None) 
Weaknesses: (None)

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