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History always favors the victor at the expense of the truth.
Autobot Rook


A war correspondent since the Great War, Rook is famous for keeping his cool under fire on the battlefield. Never one to give up the opportunity to give the populace the truth behind the headlines, Rook has made it his personal mission to report the actual state of affairs, no matter the cost. He never distinguishes between Autobot and Decepticon - each have their own stories to tell, regardless of their philosophy. Welcomed by Optimus Prime and tolerated by Megatron, Rook has gained the respect of both faction leaders by refusing to back down from asking the tough questions, even if it meant jeopardizing his life or career.


Rook became infamous during a particularly brutal siege, where Megatron and his troops were cornered in a abandoned outpost on the far side of Cybertron's Mithril Sea. He entered the fortress and convinced Megatron to work out a temporary withdrawal from the region. The irony of the situation was he had already convinced Optimus Prime of the very same thing! After a tense stalemate, both sides withdrew from the warzone and refocused their resources elsewhere during the war.

Autobot Rook2

In 2016, Rook helped cover the destruction of the Hydrax Spaceport by storms. Later that orbital cycle, he was stuck reporting on ionic acid storms over Tarn.

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Later still, he reported on an attack in Altihex.




  • March 6 - "Altihex" - Doctor Go theorizes on the source of a mysterious crater in Altihex.


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