The Autobot Rebellion is an event from Cybertron's history.

The Autobot Rebellion is the point in time when the ancestors of the Autobots rose up against their Quintesson masters and forced them off the planet Cybertron.


The Transformers cartoon

After thousands of years of constant brutality and indignity, and sometime after the second Matrix-bearer had died in a random act of defiance, the Autobots finally turned on their creators. The subsequent Prime, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Beta, and A-3 were leading lights in the slave rebellion, with A-3 determined to reclaim their slave brand as a symbol of freedom. However, the Quintessons were protected by their Dark Guardian robots that sought to protect their overlords from harm and enforced their will.

A-3 managed to find a means to deactivate the machines through the use of the Coder Remote which left the Quintessons helpless during the resulting rebellion. After the fall of Hive City, Forever Is a Long Time Coming the Prime was nowhere to be seen and a new leader ruled in peacetime. As time went on, Autobots would forget about their origins Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 or that the sage Alpha Trion had once been the young rebel A-3.

Quintesson World

In the Quintesson World universe, the Autobot Rebellion failed in its initial strikes, and has been forced underground.


  • Logically, the early Decepticons should also have been involved in the rebellion. Presumably this was left out to avoid confusing small kids about who were the baddie toys and who were the goodie toys.
  • The sixth Prime, U-Haul Robot Sentinel Prime, was a witness to the first act against the Decepticons and may have also been a rebel warrior.
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