The head honchos of the Autobot faction in the Shattered Glass universe.

Emperor Prime

Emperor Prime, ruler of the Autobots

Emperor Prime ruled Cybertron with an iron hand, with Jetfire as his chief technological advisor, replacing the exiled traitor Alpha Trion. Other Autobots vie for Prime's favor, but none save Ironhide have been very successful.

With the Ark crashlanded on Earth and cut off from Cybertron, and with Jetfire temperarily in the Decepticons' hands, a power vaccuum erupted in the Autobot command structure. Thus far no one has taken complete command of the Autobots on Cybertron, although Elita-One currently has the most number of troops directly under her command. On Earth Jazz initially replaced Jetfire as Prime's XO on Earth, but upon Jetfire's return they fought a duel for the position and Jetfire won. Jazz subsequently escaped into exile.

With Prime gone, Alpha Trion has returned and once more exerted his influence over Elita-One, becoming the shadow behind the throne.

When Prime returned, however, the Old One fled, and Prime killed Jetfire, making Leader-1 his new Air Commander.

Autobot Command Personnel

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