Transformers Universe MUX

The Autobots are led by Optimus Prime, with Elita One and Ultra Magnus acting as sub-commanders in charge of Cybertron and Earth, respectively.

Optimus Prime, Autobot Commander

Autobot Divisions

  1. Command (Big Cheezburgerz) - CO: Optimus Prime XO: Elita One and Ultra Magnus
  2. Infantry (Groundpounders) - CO: Chromia XO: Ironhide
  3. Science (Science Lab Types) - CO: Skyfire XO: Glyph
  4. Medical (Repair Bay Warmers) - CO: Ratchet XO: Inferno
  5. Aerospace (Guardians of the Skies) - CO: Jetfire XO: Silverbolt
  6. Intelligence (Spybots) - CO: Jazz XO: Hound
  7. Operations (Builders) - CO: Wheeljack XO: Take Down
  8. EDC (Human allies) - CO: Marissa Faireborn XO: Mayday
  9. Wreckers (Wreck'n'Rule!) - CO: Springer XO: Roadbuster