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Bluestreak, an Autobot car

Autobot Cars are predominatly tough warriors with decent, well-rounded overall stats. However, they can serve many other functions, and some are slower, stronger trucks and vans.


6. Standard Autobot Car character stats (to be modified as desired):

Feel free to either copy this block into your app and edit accordingly with whatever you'd like to change ("An Autobot Car, but with cold-based attacks!) and we'll do the rest. =)

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 7
Technical: 6
Agility:  6
Endurance:   7
Courage:   7
Firepower: 7
Dexterity:  7
Leadership: 5

Mode Names: Robot Vehicle 
Velocity1: 3
Armor1: 3
Size1: 10 
Velocity2: 5 
Armor2: 3
Size2: 8 
Attacks1: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Pistol <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> Rocket <7> Missile <8>

Attacks2: Ram (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 
Abilities1: Dive Swim 
Abilities2: Swim 
Skills: Hand-to-Hand Fighting, Perseverance, Stunt Driving
Resistances: (None) 
Weaknesses: (None)

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