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Auggie Cahnay isn't just a professional asshole, he's a world class asshole. His bad attitude, reckless disregard for others and general selfishness earned him the spot of America's top driver. Bluestreak warns that if he doesn't slow down, he won't be able to enjoy his prize money.

But it's not the money that appeals to Auggie (though he'll claim that it is), it's the winning. Auggie Cahnay, more than anything, wants to prove to the world he's better than anyone else on wheels.

Auggie Cahnay


Auggie Cahnay was lured into entering the inagural run of the Europa 2000 by a million dollar grand prize. In reality, the race was arranged by Megatron to get Auggie's car to Istanbul.

Auggie resents learning Autobots will be entering the race with him, unaware they're entering to protect him. (To be fair, Auggie would probably resent it if he did know too; he's nothing if not consistent.)

When he's attacked by the Stunticons, who steal his car, Auggie joins with the Autobot Bluestreak to retrieve it, letting Bluestreak win the race. Auggie fights off the Constructicon Scrapper with a blowtorch, and makes off with his car, leaving the Autobots in trouble.

Much to everyone's surprise, Auggie returns, driving his car off a cliff into Menasor's face, wrecking his car in the process. Disgusted to learn the race was a fake, Auggie nonetheless donates the treasure the Decepticons were after to the charity Bluestreak was racing for. But don't think that means Auggie is a nice guy, he's not.

He just doesn't lose to anyone, not even the Decepticons.

Auggie's car

Auggie's high-tech racer used for his cross-Europe race was designed by the leading-edge technology company Symultech. The engine was made of a new energy-resistant alloy Symultech invented, which Megatron wants in order to contain the Pearl of Bahoudin.

OOC Trivia

According to writer David Wise, Auggie Cahnay's name is the most obscure in-joke he ever wrote into a cartoon. "Cahnay" is pronounced the same way as the Italian word for "dog" - making Auggie Cahnay a roundabout reference to Hanna-Barbera's Augie Doggie! Wise admits to having no idea why he did this.


Auggie Cahnay isn't built on the MUX, but if anyone wants to play him, he can be apped as an FC (using the OC app if you want to decide what skills and stats he should have).

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