Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Attack at Sea!

Characters: Blood, Cookie, Dauros, Gilmer, Gulf, Hawk, Mara, Poise, Scarlett, Wet Down

Location: Lower North Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean

Date: November 10, 2020

TP: Masterforce TP

Summary: Something stalks the deep, and it will rise and attack the Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>.

As logged by Dauros - Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 12:47 PM

Lower North Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean

Covering the stretch between the western coast of the United States, and the western coast of Asia is the Pacific Ocean. While the western portion near America is mostly flat, the eastern region has several deep portions and dotted by a few islands, particularly Japan and the Hawaiian Islands. Japan also lies at the southern end of a long chain of active volcanoes.

It is a peaceful morning on the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Japan. The Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho> sails across the smooth sea. On board, vacationers are gathered on deck, enjoying breakfast, playing shuffleboard, or just admiring the beautiful waters. As something moves swiftly beneath the surface, several passengers point excitedly, readying their cameras. What could it be? Giant squid? Echizen jellyfish? Whale shark?

On the deck of the Aoi Sangosho, Totani Koji films a video of his fiancée, Yamamoto Yuriko. Behind the camera, he smiles as she waves cutely - this vacation has been some of the best days of his life. His eyes widen and he nearly drops the video recorder, however, as something large, shark-finned, and scaly rises over the deck of the ship behind her. << Yuriko! >> he yells in warning in Japanese, as Gilmer clears the railing and lands hard on the deck of the cruise ship.

A shadow passes over the ship, as something descends from above. It is massive, and its head is the shape of a large white ram skull. The monster drops onto the deck with a crash, the wooden deck splintering below it. << Where are your protectors now? >> it bellows in Japanese. << The Autobot cowards have abandoned you, and now we bring you your death! Yours will be but the first to suffer our wrath! >> It raises its fists to the sky, and then smashes them down, splintering the deck further. Vacationers scream and try to run, but on a cruise ship there is simply no place to go.

Dauros is a huge, bipedal monster in grey and purple armor. His horrid face is formed by the horned skull of ram. In battle he carries a white "Oval Cutter" sword and a double-barreled "Gigaton Magnum" rifle. The creature is disgusting, horrific, and often destructively violent.

Blood flies down to the deck, wings spread threateningly. <<You belong to us now. Run if you want. Your ship and your planet is ours!" he watches the vacationers run, giving a tooth filled grin. <<Too Easy. You can thank the Autobots for abandoning you."

<<Broadband>> From Earth, Dauros says, "Autobots! You have abandoned Earth except for one lone city, and now you cannot defend the planet from its destined conquerors. Witness the destruction we deliver to those you have left behind! The Earth is ours! Complete the process - abandon your last city and go!"

<<Broadband>> General Hawk says, "I think you're going to find that a tougher proposition than you think, Cybertronian. If you think we can't handle it, just try us."

<<Broadband>> From Earth, Dauros says, "I believe we are trying already, but by all means, come and die to show your bravado."

The captain of the Aoi Sangosho sends out a desperate SOS!

<<Broadband>> Scarlett says, "You first."

SHARC #12063 <Mara> moves to form up quickly with the others.

<<Broadband>> ON Earth: The captain of the Aoi Sangosho sends out a desperate SOS!

<<Broadband>> Blood says, "Haha. You can try. But this planet is already ours. Just surrender make it easy on yourself."

<<Broadband>> General Hawk says, "That's what you think. This is General Hawk to all Earth Defense Command personnel. Cybertronian attack in North Pacific Sector. Allied units scramble all available assets. We are responding at this time."

<<Broadband>> Scarlett says, "We'll succeed."

F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk>> General Hawk flies towards the North Pacific. "Stay tight, Joes. Assess enemy force, divide and conquer. We don't want them to gang up on us, for once let's turn the tables on them. YO JO!"

One of the JOE transport scrambles into the air, and with its transatmospheric capability, rockets towards the Pacific ocean in no time. Poise is in the back, cackling like mad. <<Forty seconds. Grab ahold of something!>> The Nebulan stands there with the back gate down, "Don't worry about it! I've got this. Continue on at this speed. Gets you out of the line of fire!" The co-pilot looks back as the transport gets closer and closer to the water line. He pulls his mic down, <<Are you insane?>> To which Poise just laughs as she straps into her cycle, and jets out of the edge of the descending transport.


X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> :goes to hold firm in formation "Suggest we all try and coordinate an attack run on the same one to inflict some damage and make them go defensive."

SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> follows in formation its pilot still a bit new to flying this thing. Diving sure. But flying?

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> takes up a poisiotn on the outer edge of the formation. The pilot going through systems and weapons cheks on the way to the coordinates.

The ram-skull-headed monster looks up from his terrorizing as the sound of arriving jets scream into the air. He glances back in Blood's direction. << Autobots? Already? Or locals? >> he calls back in Cybertronian Standard. << Guess it doesn't matter, >> he mutters, drawing his Gigaton Magnum rifle. << They'll die just as easily. >> The creature raises his gun, and, leaving the leader for Blood, fires at the next incoming craft he sees.

>> Dauros misses SHARC #12063 <Mara> with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

The gargoyle/bat creature looks over. <<Locals. Lets show them the folly of getting in our way." He chuckles as Dauros fires. "That's t he spirit.."

The creature from the black lagoon meets WW1 deep sea diver stomps towards the fleeing passengers, taking a moment to wrench a bench off the deck and throwing it in their general direction. << Doesn't matter, they'll sink into th' depths either way. >> He looks at Dauros, monstery grin appearing on his face and waves his own weapon of choice. A low chuckle and he too fires into the sea, aiming at one of the Sharcs!

>> Gilmer misses SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> with Gun. <<

F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk>> General Hawk powerdives, pulling up just above the water and levels out. "Time to show these bullies that you don't screw with Earth." he says, his targetting HUD locking onto Dauros. With a push of his trigger, bullets fly from his cannons towards the Cybertronian.

>> F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk> strikes Dauros with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Nebulan Turbinecycle #10094 <Poise>> As Poise zips along the saltwater, leaving a wake in her....wake. "I'm still not sure these are Decepticons. They look too weird. Still though....I've got a ton of misplaced aggression at my behest." She keys in a few buttons, flipping her optics system to rotate upside down, and exposing her chain gun, "Easy now,..." The weapon aims upwards since she's much lower on the water than the cruise ship....and then the weapon roars

X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> flies along at barely less than supersonic speed a couple of meters along the surface of the water almost skimming along it at times as Scarlett would twist jinking while on the approach just in case she was shot at. When about two hundred meters away she would go to suddenly YANK the control stick and twisting it to the left. Her fighter would twist going two hundred and eighty degrees while blasting away sending up a huge spray of steam and water through the air at the trio of Cybertronians on the ship. The burst of superheated salt water from her engines would give her a heavy veil of fog.. And from barely twenty meters away while hotlining along the sea and missing the upper decks of the ship by a dozen meters at most she would let fly energy bursts at Dauros!

Nebulan Turbinecycle #10094 <Poise> targets Gilmer with its weapons.

>> Nebulan Turbinecycle #10094 <Poise> critically strikes Gilmer with Laser <Medium>! <<

>> X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> strikes Dauros with Laser <Medium>. <<

SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie>> Cookie sees the nasty creatures looking at her vehicle and jinks to the side just in time to avoid damage. She manages to mute comms to avoid sharing her naval vocabulary with the group at large while she lines up a return shot.

SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> targets Gilmer with its weapons.

SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie>> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

>> SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> strikes Gilmer with Cannons <Medium>. <<

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> targets Gilmer with its weapons.

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down>> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

SHARC #12063 <Mara>> Mara yanks the stick to evade the initial blast sent in her direction, pulling acmk in quickly to see if she can't respond to the fire with some of her own.

SHARC #12063 <Mara> targets Dauros with its weapons.

SHARC #12063 <Mara>> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

>> SHARC #12063 <Mara> strikes Dauros with Cannons <Medium>. <<

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> Wet Down slows just enough to drop back from the rest of the group to allow them their passes at the enemies. When he sees the hits scored by Poise and Cookie land on their target the SEAL locks his weapons oto it and fires a short ways out before flying past.

>> SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> misses Gilmer with Cannons <Medium>. <<

The ram-skull-headed monster fires at Mara's SHARC, but fails to contact. As a reward for drawing aggro, he's pelted by bullets from the humans' lead craft, causing him to take a step backward to recover. He'd been leaving the lead ship for Blood, but now it's personal. He swings around his big gun and targets the incoming craft.

<< Time for the boom, >> Dauros says unimpressively in Cybertronian Standard.... Until he's laser-strafed by Scarlett and cannoned by Mara. Quickly re-assessing his targets, he yells, << Garufu! >> and fires back at Scarlett's experimental X-36 Vector.

>> Dauros misses X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> with Magnum. <<

The fish monster is pounded by weaponry as well, forced to brace himself as bullets rip through its scaly armor, causing bright pink liquid to run from his wounds. He throws Aqua Buster rifle over his shoulder and focuses his attention on the last ship that hit him -- that which belongs to Cookie. Instead of firing, he draws his Aqua Saw sword and LEAPS off the ship towards the flying submarine, slashing at it as he descends towards the Joe.

>> Gilmer strikes SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> with Slash. <<

Meanwhile, the monsters' apparent leader, the hideous bat-creature, laughs maniacally. "You think you own the skies?" he cries, leaping into the air as well. "We dominated the air while your species were still living in trees!" Transforming into a Cybertronic VTOL jet (they ARE Transformers after all! Hawk was right!), he gives Hawk chase, firing burning lasers at the lead jet.

>> Blood misses F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk> with Laser <Medium>. <<

Finally, from the depths, a new pink and blue robotic coelacanth-monster emerges, not to attack the Joes, but to attach to the side of the cruise ship, and start sucking/tearing through the hull, putting all the passengers' lives in danger...

>> Gulf strikes Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho> with Bite. <<

X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> pulling into a tight turn in the air as Dauros would go to shoot at her Scarlett would pull her fighter around cutting back the flaps to spin her jet almost making it stall. The effect would be letting her make an /extremely/ sharp turn as her jet would screech from warnings going off in the cockpit as she would bank. This has her twisting and juking her fighter up again like a V-TOL going up in the air to release a burst of gunfire over at the ram-skull monster. Going to flip to the general open frequencies Scarlett would taunt back. <<The only thing going boom here is you and your friends. Joes what's your status?>>

>> X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett> strikes Dauros with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Nebulan Turbinecycle #10094 <Poise>> Poise raises her head, scouting the skyline when that water monster starts to surface. Its...pretty big, and up against hte ship. With a scowl, she judges the ship and the beastie, then moves in closer than she probably should to ensure she doesn't hit the ship itself. "Alright beast thing! Eat ballistic rounds!"

F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk>> General Hawk slams the stick hard, barrel rolling to avoid the laser beams. With some fancy footwork and stick movements he executs a loop around and turn to take aim at Blood. "Snack on high explosives, you bastard." he says, flipping the switch to missile and letting loose a Sidewinder.

F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk> targets Blood with its weapons.

F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk>> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie>> Cookie is still cursing, her vehicle is damaged so she heads down. Better to get on the water under her own power than crash there. As soon as she feels the lovely buoyancy underneath her, she cycles up one of the torpedoes to try to rid herself of the external passenger.

>> F-35 Lightning II #10556 <Hawk> misses Blood with Missile. <<

>> SHARC Tooth #12060 <Cookie> strikes Gilmer with Torpedo. <<

>> Nebulan Turbinecycle #10094 <Poise> strikes Gulf with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

SHARC #12063 <Mara>> Mara sights in on Dauros, swinging around to make another pass, trying stay low and move upward to fire if she can.

>> SHARC #12063 <Mara> strikes Dauros with Cannons <Medium>. <<

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> targets Gilmer with its weapons.

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down>> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> Wet Down pushes forward on the stick forcing the SHARC into a dive and under the waves to follow after Cookie. He doesn't stay there instead pulling back ot breach the surface and fire again. Hoping to put some more holes into the monstrosity.

>> SHARC Tooth #12059 <Wet Down> misses Gilmer with Cannons <High>. <<

The ram-skull-headed monster fires at Scarlett's craft again, his rifle shooting explosive rounds that luckily don't come close enough to the Joe jet to do any damage.

Poise targets the creature feeding on the ship, peppering it with bullets until it breaks loose and turns to focus on Poise's cycle with its cold, dead optics. The rest of the Joes pour on the firepower, until finally the monsters are forces to break off. "Very well, humans. You have prevailed this time. Have fun dredging the remains of your brethren from the depths!" With that, he fires a missile at the ship and then banks away, leaving the humans - and his own allies - behind.

The fish monsters, seeing the writing on the wall, disengage and sink into the depths, quickly disappearing into the inky blackness. The ram monster is all that is left behind. Looking around, he allows himself to slowly sink as well. If the rocket hits, the ship is damaged and catches fire, but not so quickly that the Joes can't save the day if they act quickly.

>> Dauros retreats from the area, escaping all attackers. <<

X-36 Vector #10588 <Scarlett>> Scarlett calls out, "Give them a warm good bye Joes, make sure they don't decide to come back. Then rescue ops ASAP! Rotate and swap up to maintain a perimeter until reinforcements get here."

The Decepticons are routed, and the Joes save the passengers, even if the ship itself is lost. The humans prevail.