Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Assault on Ibex

Characters: Blast Off, Blockade, Bruticus, Cerebros, Combaticons, Deathsaurus, Defensor, Dust Devil, Esmeral, First Aid, Fortress Maximus, Grimlock, Hot Spot, Ironhide, Metroplex, Optimus Prime, Phase-Ar, Scapel, Seekers, Shockwave, Sideswipe, Sludge, Spike, Starlock, Sunstreaker, Thunderblast, Valour, Windblade

Location: Ibex, Cybertron

Date: March 12, 2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Ibex Grande Push

As logged by Valour - Friday, March 12, 2021, 5:12 PM

Central Spaceport - Ibex - Northwestern Cybertron

The Central Spaceport is situated in Ibex's capital city. With the Hydrax Spaceport under Decepticon control, the Central Spaceport had become the primary entrance point for refugees returning to Cybertron. However, as of 2020, it, too, is under Decepticon control, and patrolled by Terrorcons.

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon says, "Decepticons, orbital insertion point will be reached in 60 minutes. All inside.. brace. Awaiting final time synchronization."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Ready for deployment as needed."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee deep breath. "Primus... I mean... I'm ready."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Getting ready to be knocked out. Good luck."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Don't think you can ever be ready for this Ma'am. But you'll do the Empire and Trypticon proud. Have faith in yourself."

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon rumbles across the airwaves.

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Nothing like a good orbital entrance!"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee chucles "Danke, Thunderblast. Let me clarify. I am as ready as I can be."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I... hope it's a pleasant sleep, Ghost."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "I'd rather not have to do this. I'd rather be up there with you and my.. Oh hello tyrpticon."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I... am starting to understand quite how overwhelming it is for you, Ghost. Primus..."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "You are one spark. Connected to the greater whole. Do not try and take it all in at once."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "You are just one insturment in the greater melody. Focus on your own part of the symphony."

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Eh, or ya could just chug some engex and skip the philosophizin'."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "And I've had practice, Banshee. One is.. the first few times.. there is.. nothing.. at all, like it. It is.. harmonic persuasion, a duet of destruction."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "It probably won't work that well. Engex'll fritz any secondary systems that could be used to bleed off the extra."

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Yanno, I should have some, make sure I'm topped off."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I can /feel/ him, Ghost. His rage, His satisfaction as each weapon checks out and completes its self-test... it is at once terrifying unt wonderful."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I do not think I would vant to be intoxicated right now. Frankly, zis is intoxicating enough. Such..." Her voice drops to a whisper "Such power..."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Don't turn into the waves or the solar winds. Just let them take you along and carry you."

Blockade surreptitiously pulls out a small cube of engex and leans against a bit of wall, sipping it before the battle. He takes a moment to roll joints and wiggle feet, making sure all systems are properly awake for what's coming.

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon says, "Valour, coordination of timing required. trypticon is -ready-."


Aerospace Commander Valour is a tall, powerfully-built Seeker, built to command, and with the demeanor of one who takes his station in life very seriously. His armour is a deep glossy black, usually shined so spotlessly as to practically reflect lasers. Stylish, well-designed indigo highlights bring out the strength and agility of his form, and his face is a deep, royal purple, with crimson optics burning with determination. His upper limbs are armed with black and chrome autocannons and dark violet gauntlets. His chest is translucent lavender, treated to resist all but the most powerful forms of artillery. On his back are a splendid pair of ebon wings, each proudly displaying the Decepticon sigil. Clasped to his waist is the handle of an electrified ener-sabre, ever at hand. Valour's optics sweep the area with an almost supernatural awareness of his surroundings, and very little seems to catch him off his guard.

Valour has gathered most of his Decepticon forces in a large hangar beneath the control tower, hiding his forces from prying Autobot optics. Valour's armour has been buffed to a high shine and he has his saber at the ready. While he remains radio silent to prevent Autobot interception, he's been moving about the hangar, giving sub-commanders orders to gather troops and prepare for an assault.

Thunderblast is one of those that is being called in. Whether being sent to hit another area of the battlefield or in the wave of reserves. She looks very, very nervous but is going over in to position while having her weapon curled up under an arm.

Blockade finishes his drink by the wall. He's here because artillery is great at softening up hardened defenses. He's slacking off because that's what he does, up until it's time to actually shoot things. But now he's feeling all fueled up and loose for a fight, grinning at the prospect.

The Combaticons are here. The whole team is ready, talking occasionally amongst themselves, but Onslaught has of course already prepeared FAR in advance and now the team is ready - and it waits.

Blast Off stands at attention, looking around aloofly as he goes through the last of his own mental checklists.

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "All of you, good luck. The Allspark is cold, and it needs heating with more sparks."

Almost ready, Valour has his lieutenants line up all the lower-ranking Decepticon warriors in the hangar. He stands before them, preparing himself. Oh, no. By the Ultimate Warrior... Valour has Speech Face on. Blockade, so you have any of that engex left?

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Zis is going to be... vun hell of a ride."

The speech face of Viator has Thunderblast go to do her best 'shut up and cheer' expression as the femme gets ready for the marching/flying orders that will come. And hopefully the sparing of her own spark.

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "For honor and the Empire. And remember, you are a part of the greater chorus."

Blockade slouches in line, scrunched up at one end where he still towers over most of the other grunts. Sadly, he's finished that cube. And he's not quiiiiite going to drink another one right here while Valour talks. He's treading the careful line of insubordination that gets you demoted, not shot.

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Well, I'M bringing the high note."

Blast Off remains standing, straight-backed and quietly alert.

The Combaticons are all ready to go.

Valour stands before a long line of Decepticon warriors in a large hangar carefully shielded from watchful Autobot eyes. The Aerospace Commander has shined his armour to a mirror finish and wears his energy sabre at the ready. Looking over his troops, his optics narrow. "Decepticons," he says. "For millions of vorns, the Autobots have thwarted the progress of Cybertron, halted its expansion, and held back its destiny as the jewel in the center of what should be a galaxy-wide empire."

"Optimus Prime believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. But what is freedom without culture? Without growth? Without security? Prime and the Autobots would let Cybertron stagnate and die. Squander its rebirth. Return to a 'Golden Age' of idleness and decay. Well, to that, I say, 'No!'" He points his finger dramatically. "No! to alliances with the weak. No! to limiting our greatness and holding back our glory. No! to bowing to organic rule at the expense of our planet!"

Valour turns and walks the length of the Decepticon line and back with long strides. "All over Cybertron, nominally 'neutral' polities resist Decepticon rule. They hate and fear us but refuse to side with the Autobots. Why? Because they know that allying themselves with our enemies marks them for destruction. Soon, all that oppose us will learn to bend the knee or fall before us. And the first to learn that will be the people of Ibex."

Valour stops and turns to address the line directly. "Tonight, we unleash our flashiest weapon: Trypticon. But even the Titan's might will not triumph without the efforts of each one of you. The Autobots will flee before our power, but we must not let them escape to hide to bite at our heels another cycle. Decepticons, when the Autobots break, you must hunt them. Cut off their escape and destroy them. Let this be their last stand.

"Protihex is under siege. Once we dominate Ibex, what will the Autobots have outside Iacon - Slaughter City? We will surround them, tighten our pinchers, and crush them beneath our might! Tonight, Ibex falls, and each of you will share in the glory. To arms, Decepticons! The city is ours!" Raising his gauntlet high, Valour turns and strides from the hangar, ready to personally lead his troops into battle.

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon says, "And -we- will bring.. the bass."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee chuckles softly. "Oh ja."

Thunderblast would go to raise up her hands and in a choreographed moment, call out, "Glory to the Empire! Conquest of all! And to the ashes of any who would oppose us!" Her raising her voice multiple octaves to put on a soothing serenade to it, her tone going up to the air then in a filling, flaunting matter which would go along the field. "Let thier lamentations be our victory and their losses be a husk to remind them that their damnation is already assured!" She would raise her hands up in the air.

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "To the music of battle."

Shockwave 's entrance into the hanger is rather.. quiet. His steps proving almost silent as he wants into the entrance, his path bringing him up behind the Combaticons.. a Shuttle-type in particular, though his gaze never leaves Valour as he listens to the Seeker leader try to motivate his troops. Silent and deadly.. of the good kind.

Blockade slams one big fist into the opposing palm. "Time to earn our pay." He steps outside.

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Gimme some coordinates, an' I'll give ya a beat you can dance to."

Blast Off listens as Valour speaks, and while he's not swept up in the fervour of some, he nods at a few key parts. Not much of a warmongherer himself, he's still pretty much okay with everything Valour says. Though as Shockwave stands behind him, the shuttleformer half-glances back, then scoots ever-so-slightly closer to Onslaught. Ahem. And when it's time, the Combaticons head out.

Once outside the hangar, Valour leaps to the air, transforming and rocketing towards the Autobot position.

Valour leaps into the air, and expands into a large, impressive fighter jet. He flies to Ibex Sector - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron.

Ibex Sector - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron

A ruined sector of Cybertron.

And in Ibex, the Autobots continue with patrols, working on those emplacements, and even staring at the sun where applicable. Fortress Maximus has relocated, or is in the process thereof and for now, a heavy, oppressive sense of waiting lies over the polis.

Sideswipe is busy carrying a large box of something along. He's grousing for whatever reason while he's hauling it and is looking for any sort of thing he can do to try and leave the lugging to someone else better suited for it (namely; not him). So he's looking across the horizon and muttering, "Slagging -weather-. Makes me glitch up. Is there like an ion storm coming with some acid rain just to make us feel better?" He would go to set down the box, apparently having decided that complaining was sufficient justification in any matter.

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Ve haff re-entry interface. On course."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Waiting to see the fire in the sky. Blasting through the heavens, reminding us that we can fly."

Starlock is driving along in her bus-mode as she joins Ironhide on his patrol group of the area, mostly in a bid to not trip anything from being in the sky in her shuttle-mode. "<< Wonder if its going to be luminescent rain, snow, or acid. >>" Starlock muses, she honestly should of looked before transforming.

Phase-Ar flies in the skies above, his scanners set for long range and making constant checks for anything out of the ordinary. "Captain's Log, Stardate 67193.9. The Enterprise.. is on patrol along the.. Romulan neutral zone. Recent Romulan attacks have... put Starfleet on alert. We must maintain constant vigilance..."

Sunstreaker is a step behind his brother, also carrying a crate of his own. His mood is no better. "It had better not be acid rain," he growls, and puts his box down beside Sideswipe's with a thump. "Don't jinx it."

Grimlock has been here for quite some time on Jazz's orders, helping with fortifying defenses and moving large parts around as needed. Though he has proven a welcome sight in the area, today the Dinobot Commander seems to somehow be stradling the line between calm and agitated. He stands apart from much of the hustle and bustle, arms crossed, glaring into the distance as if daring something to happen. It isn't the first time he's done this, of course, having been counting down Valour's warning time in his head. Then he hears the grumbling of much smaller Autobots nearby trying to move something much too large for them to handle. He turns slightly, watching them for all of thirty seconds before he stomps over.

"Give that here," Grimlock snarls, "Go find something more your size. Me Grimlock got this." Threatening as he seems for a bit, he soon shoulders his burden as they scurry off and stomps away, finding something to focus his impatience on. For now.

Dust Devil is speeding into the city he waits until literally the last minute before transforming and skidding across the city boundary with a grin on his face. "Hey Everyone I brought supplies and energon goodies!" He glances around, carefully trying to avoid the grouchier of the twins.

First Aid is also heading towards the city walls at his normal pace. "Well its a good idea to make sure the civilians are alright. This has been a contested area, and I just want to make sure everyone is safe."

"Weather ain't the thin' y'all should be worryin' about..." Ironhide retorts more gruffily than usual. Every since the Decepticons turned loose one of their war machine combiners on Protihex the old warhorse has been extra grouchy, and it shows as he's going about checking on various patrols and what not. "Ah don't like this... somethin' ain't sittin right in my circuits about it awl...."

With a rumble like thunder, a heavily armed squadron of Decepticon Seekers roars over the ramparts and descends on the Autobot defenses. Without warning, salvos of missiles streak down, slamming into reinforced fortifications and targeting turrets along the wall. Individual Decepticons break off, diving down to mark individual Autobots meching the battlements. In the lead is a black F-15E Strike Eagle, which quickly transforms into the Decepticon Aerospace Commander Valour.

Valour hovers over the battlefield, gazing down at the enemy below. "Autobots," he addresses those before him. "I have given you ample opportunity to withdraw from this place - a luxury not often offered to our adversaries. Once again you have chosen to defy the will of Emperor Megatron, and it is in his name that you are to be destroyed. There will be no quarter given, to prisoners, and no surrender. You have marked yourselves for death, and we have come to deliver."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Decepticons: If Fortress Maximus makes an appearance, target the Autobot Dust Devil. Sending identifying features now. Similarly, if Metroplex decides to show, focus your weapons on the Cityspeaker Windblade. The Titan and neo-Titan have their weaknesses. We will destroy them through their attachments."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost sings softly, absently, "heaven.. hols a sense.. of wonder..." < click >

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I... must request, please seek to immobilise Windblade, not kill her. Trypticon and I haff... uses for her. She is teaching me. If she dies, I... stop my training as CitySpeaker."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Very well. If possible, capture Windblade alive. Trypticon can handle Metroplex."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "we can find.. another trainer for you, Banshee.. One.. not.. tied.. to antoher."

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Ghost, focus. You are your own spark."

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon says, "Trypticon -will- Handle Metroplex. trypticon will. handle a -great- many.."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "I have every confidence in you, Trypticon."

A fiery streak begins in the sky far far above, a searing scar across the skies that have only recently achieved a sun of their own. A beacon... of destruction. The battlestation grows from first a fiery pinprick streaking downwards, then looming larger, and larger, and larger..

And larger. That black and purple armor of Trypticon's glows with the inferno-levels of heat even from Cybertron's atmosphere. And he doesn't seem inclined to slow or stop at any time.

Diving low, a Seeker flight attacks the largest and most prominent of the Autobot defensive cannons. Confusion reigns, however, as the targeted weapons (only!) crumble to dust at the first hit, collapsing back to reveal hidden anti-aircraft emplacements. << Fall back! It's a trap! >> radios the lead Seeker. As quick as they are to scramble and pull up, however, it's too late. The Autobot weapons tear into the flyers, and more than one plummets immediately to a fiery demise.

Going in a charge along the ground is Thunderblast, somewhat behind the rest of the first wave as she's going in robot mode and gliding through the air rather than in her aquatic mode. So she's darting and seeing the Seekers go to take a tumble! She's going to charge towards one that had fallen from the sky, presuming if she's fast enough trying to catch him if at all possible before he would hit Cyber Firma!

It's time to show them all what the Combaticons are made for. Even Blast Off, hardly one to relish death and destruction like some of his team, feels fire in his circuits and a flash of energy brightening his visor as they all take off towards the city. They may all be different, but they move with the same purpose this time. Blast Off is fastest, naturally, and he speeds down to fire off some shots at Autobots below, but he's not here for one on one... he's here for five on... a city. Trypticon? Yeah, fine, he's fine, but he doesn't have the MILITARISTIC STAR and TEAM POWER of.....

Five vastly different vehicles merge together, locking into place limb by limb as a giant frame builds and towers over the city of Ibex.

"BRUTICUS! AWAKENS. BRUTICUS *PUNISH* PUNY AUTOBOTS!!!!" The giant takes a step, red optics searching for a target.

Banshee, meanwhile, rides in Trypticon's command centre. The Titan has already begun re-entry, and she watches the flames flickering pat the window, grinning to herself. She watches the ground appraoching, bracing herself. "I am braced!" she announces.

Blockade doesn't even walk the full distance from the Spaceport out onto the Ibex plains. He just gets far enough outside of the buildings to be clear and then plunks down into his tank mode to start warming up the turret. He doesn't need to get up front and personal to make a difference.

Blockade collapses forward, his curved armor pieces locking together into the platform of his hover tank mode while the turret expands, ready to deliver more firepower.

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee transmits some mad cackling. Until she realises she's doing it, when it turns into a cough. "Ahem."

Shockwave simply floats along behind the formations and singular Cons that stream from the Spaceport, a single large purple being floating up high in the air.. not engaging, not doing much except obversing. For now.

Starlock speeds her way over to the defense outpost, and transforms back into her mini-bot mode, slapping the emergency-city-sirens to on, on her way up for the city as a whole, she quickly climbs into one of the turret cockpits as she starts flicking switches to on, grumbling. "Can't go one day without this bullshit." Starlock sneers as she finely looks down at the targeting screen. "You better fragging /work/ this time." She'd huff out in anger and stress, as she basically white-knuckles the steering prong... She'd turn up some music in her audial in a bid to try and focused.

Given she's been given no /direct/ target, she aims the laser cannons towards the seekers above, take their air-support out and will be better for her group.

With a few acrobatics, Starlock transforms into her Robot Mode.

>> Ibex Defenses strikes Seeker Squad with Laser <Medium>. << Seeker Squad> >> You are struck by Ibex Defenses's Laser <Medium> for 122 damage. <<

And a Red Semi roars through and into the city proper, trailing smoke as he applies -all- the speed he possesses. Rising up over a hillock, he transforms, rifle at the ready, voice calling out in crisp, low tones:

"Autobots! The treachery of the Decepticons knows no bounds. In continuing their assault on Ibex, they’ve reached new lows. Megatron’s war-dog, Valour, gave an ultimatum and a deadline and yet we should not be surprised that such as he would his words in what time was given to respond. We have reached out to offer negotiations for a peaceful resolution to the situation, but with the arrival of the Decepticons and Trypticon upon the horizon, we find ourselves positioned to defend and protect those Cybertronians that look to us as their strength."

"Fortress Maximus is already positioned in ibex to defend the population while our operations division has gone above and beyond in building emplacements to defend the populace. My fellow Autobots, know this: Now is the time to take our stand, now is the time to draw that line in the sand and say no further. We will not standby while treachery and oppression continues to wage war to destroy our planet. Metroplex, transit to Cybertron, on my mark."

"Autobots prepare for battle, for Ibex, for Cybertron. Autobots, Roll out."

The semi launches in the air from the front, the arms unfolding from the sides, legs folding downward from the back as the recognizable and powerful form of Autobot Commander Optimus Prime quickly takes shape before you!

Phase-Ar picks up the incoming Decepticons on his scanners, and suddenly his interior starts flashing red and a klaxon sounds. "Red Alert! All hands to battlestations, this is not a drill! Charge phasers, load all torpedo bays, raise shields!" he says as he banks around to begin firing into the Seeker squads. His forward phaser banks light up, energy streaking from the sides to meet and fire bright yellow beams of energy sail towards the Decepticon air support.

>> Phase-Ar strikes Seeker Squad with Phaser <High>. <<

Sunstreaker grins savagely at the squad of Seekers headed right for them. He rolls his shoulders and cracks his knuckles eagerly as he waits for one of them to get close enough. In the meanwhile, he's all too happy to open fire on the approaching jets with his rifle!

>> Sunstreaker strikes Seeker Squad with Electron-Rifle <Medium>. <<

There's a look of glee over on the face of Sideswipe, "Come on, it's time to bust a move!" Then Sideswipe is giong along to race over on the ground, transforming to vehicle mode to get a boost! Heading along over at high speed, then as he would get closer he would go to transform to robot mode, going to launch himself up and into the air. "C'Mon Cons! Let's show you how wrecked you're gonna get! Oh, nevermind, you're not gonna need showing as there won't be enough of you left to tell!" Going to boost himself up, firing his jet pack nd intent on slamming his way into the middle of the tight formation to try and power slam one of the fliers!

>> Sideswipe critically strikes Seeker Squad with Bash! <<

Grimlock hears the commotion and Valour's big snooty mouth. Dropping the hunk of metal he was carrying, he snaps his gaze over his shoulder and growls. "It about time," he rumbles, "Grimlock was wonderin' if you even show when time up. Still." He turns fully and draws his blaster, training it on the approaching Decepticons. He hesitates when he notices some civilians being evacuated too slow for his tastes and he shouts, "You blind?! Go! Go NOW!" That does the trick as they yelp and pick up the pace. Grimlock grunts and looks back at their attackers.

"What me saying? Ah. Right." He raises his rifle again and opens fire, "You still talk too much."

>> Grimlock strikes Valour with Laser <Low>. <<

Dust Devil uses his speed and reflexes to go from battlestation to battle station distributing emergency kits and rations. He might not be Blurr fast but he's quick. As the battle is coming to him, there's not much reason for him to cause a distraction yet. Optics go to the locations of different items for future reference.

First Aid makes a call in, and within minutes his fellow Protectobots arrive at the scene. It's as if they were prepared in case there's a problem.

"Combaticons on sight." Hot Spot says. "Let's keep them distracted. Protectobots, merge into DEFENSOR!"

Of all the times for a Bad Feeling to be right. But morale amongst the defense patrols immeadiately picks back up when Optimus arrives on the scene and makes one of his dramatically inspirational speeches. Ironhide is quick to take the moment, turning back to the patrol he had been checking on. "Ya heard Prahme! Make sure those evacs are wrapped up, pronto." And with that the old mech makes his way out to the field proper. Security scanners flicker on, and pick up on the femme trying to aid the Seekers. Well, here comes Defensor to deal with Bruticus, so he'll just deal with this problem. "Buncha unwanted guests. Go on, shoo!" He draws his stock blaster sidearm and fires a few shots off.

>> Ironhide misses Thunderblast with Laser <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "Autobot reinforcements en route!"

Valour is struck by Grimlock's laser, which scorches his pretty black armour. In response, Val smiles. "Indeed, Dinobot Commander. Well, then, I will henceforth let my sword do the talking!" Drawing his sabre, Valour dives down towards Grimlock, igniting his blade on the way and attempting to use his momentum to slice his sword deep into the Dinobot's thick armor.

>> Valour misses Grimlock with Slice. <<

From Command Center - Command Level - Trypticon===> Trypticon rumbles and a blaze of bright-hot amusement washes through that thread that binds the two, "Patience, -my- Cityspeaker."

And outside, that armored battlestations thrusters flare to life with the sound of thunder gone horribly -wrong-, slowing his descent, slowing, slowing until there is a brief moment where he seems poised to depart.

And then he -transforms- landing with a ground-quaking rumble, roaring out his arrivial. Weapons emplacements wing and swivel outwards, alight with the promise of destruction. "Autobots.. Will.. learn.."

Trypticon begins a slow, energy consuming transformation into his large Tyranosaurus form.

Banshee snorts to herself. "He calls zis treachery, when HE is zer vun who brought a Titan into Ibex." She snorts, reaching out and grabbing a microphone for an external speaker. "Zer treachery is yours, Prime, when you refused to de-escalate zer situation... I tried to prevent Trypticon's deployment, Primus knows I tried. You did nussing. Zis. Is. Your. Fault. Zo I am going, I think, to enjoy zis." She cracks her knuckles and begisn to play. As Trypticon begins to transform, Banshee begins to play. The music flows from the Titan's form, deep, threatening and ominious - Megatronus' Lament, to those who recognise it.

Bruticus feels... FREE somehow. Some...thing is missing. Some... loyalty program is gone, not that the big brute truly can understand anything about that. But even HE knows he's FREE. And with that freedom.... oh boy, does he still want to SMASH UP SOME AUTOBOTS. So okay, he may be free to choose now, but he's eagerly going to choose exactly what he always does, what he does so well... MASSIVE MAYHEM. He really doesn't care who FOR as long as he gets to do it!

Now, he just needs a target. The big lug is actually getting a bit... MIFFED as so many Autobots turn their attention to the Seekers and not HIM. Even *Grimlock* ignores him. Somewhere deep in his cerebro-cortex there's a *hufff* of indignation. "PUNY AUTOBOTS AFRAID OF BRUTICUS? NO IGNORE!!" Bruticus is getting ANGRY now. Er, angrier. How come no one is coming to FIGHT.

But then... someone finally rises to the occasion. And Bruticus is even MORE ANGRY NOW. But also kinda happy and relieved. BUT VERY ANGRY TOO. "DEFENSOR!!!" His BITTER RIVAL has APPEARED! Bruticus smashes one fist into the other. "GOOD TO SEE DEFENSOR. NOW BRUTICUS *MAIM*!" Bruticus is in his element now as he surges forward, bringing a fist back to swing at Defensor with a bash!

>> Bruticus strikes Defensor with Bash. <<

Blockade gets a nice, full charge of tachyon energy humming in his turret, and pauses to double-check the tactical information for the field and the weaknesses flagged by Intel in the Autobot's defenses. He feels the wind, adjusts elevation slightly, and fires a ball of pink energy into the air. *THOOM*

<< Heads up! >> he radios to the seekers as the tachyon shot sails over the field and comes down towards the Autobot turrets.

>> Blockade critically strikes Ibex Defenses with Tachyon Shot <Medium>! <<

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Heads up!"

As the Seeker squad scrambles, and some are blown out of the sky, Scapel finds himself caught and rescued by Thunderblast. "Oh! Oh, my! Thank you, fair femme!" he says gratefully, as the rest of the squadron target the REAL Autobot defenses and open fire! Decepticon jets dive towards the battlements and let fly with a flurry of lasers, aiming for the armoured turrets to try to take them out before any more Decepticons fall. Other members break off, swarming the Autobots and flying right through their ranks, opening fire at point-blank range.

Going to catch one of the Seekers to try and drag him along and out of the way of fire, Thunderblast would drag him along right as a shot from an Autobot would fly past her, digging into a building! At the same time as she's distracted by the terrifying sight of Trypticon transforming, which stills her red optics in fear. Then as the fire would explode, the sound of a blow from Bruticus to Defensor echoing, she would snap back to reality. Her terror is still overloading. But now it's self-preservation subroutines kicking in. She's going to shift parts, transforming and goign to book it at high speed, darting along to use her hovercraft mode to charge in over towards Ironhide. "Here Autobot, how about I help you knock some of that rust off since you have enough of it!"

Thunderblast folds in, her wings snapping over her back and turns into a deadly, sleek assault hovercraft!

>> Thunderblast misses Ironhide with Laser <Low>. <<

Shockwave shifts his optic from one fight to another as he simply floats forwrad, a very clear and open target.. but from his bearing it is clear he is dismissing one thing after another as a target choice, "No.. wouldn't like that. Cheap build. Nor that... sub-standard repairs." So for now he floats there, hand clasping gunbarrel behind his back, a god looking over such minor and pathetic creatures, looking for that diamond in the rough he seeks.

Starlock smirks at the sight of the Seekers quickly removed from battle. "Booyah." She'd say with a nod as she started directing a set of missile launchers to take aim. Keeping herself braced against the seat as the defenses start taking damage and sending shockwaves through it all, oh she knows who's on her list next, she'd take a slow vent, can't break yet though.. one at a time.

With the locking of her crosshairs, she lets loose a number of missiles form the defenses to the sky's above. "Mortilus kapr hiibir ni, a gar malyasa'yr draar parjir, Megatron... Dir cabuor ni." She'd mumble to herself in small prayer as she'd glance back down to the battlefield below.

>> Ibex Defenses strikes Seeker Squad with Missile. <<

Seeker Squad is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

<<Decepticon>> Shockwave says, "Valour, your Seekers seem to be suffering some... mild setbacks. Should I intrude on this operation? I had simply come to see your performance in taking Ibex."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Your expertise, and firepower, is always welcome, Commander. It seems the Autobots managed to upgrade their defenses since last we attempted to take Ibex."

Well it missed, but it got the the fembot's attention, and that's less attention on the rank and file. Good enough for Ironhide. She transforms and charges towards him while opening fire. And Ironhide just wades into it, none of the shots doing more than ding bright flashes against his reinforced frame. For the moment his namesake is holding out.

"An' where do ya think yer goin' missy?" Ironhide attempts to stop the hovercraft by stomping one of his big metal feet down on her hull. Or whatever hovercrafts have.

>> Ironhide strikes Thunderblast with Kick. <<

Suddenly, the sky overhead explodes with the blinding power of a rapidly expanding wormhole. Jagged arcs of lightning crash down from the heavens, charring the surface of Cybertron on the outskirts of the city. With a deafening rush of displaced air, a colossal Autobot battlestation bridges into existence. It slowly rolls onto the combat zone, cannons the length of skyscrapers powering up in preparation of unleashing mind-bending displays of power. As the ground shudders beneath them, all become aware of the presence of the Autobot Titan, Metroplex.

Sunstreaker scans the battlefield for the about-to-be-unlucky Decepticon bombarding their defenses. Setting his sights on his victim, he heads straight towards Blockade.

"Hey, Chunky!" Sunstreaker taunts as he turns his rifle upon his new target. "Get lost! Roll your ugly aft out of here!"

>> Sunstreaker strikes Blockade with Electron-Rifle <Medium>. <<

Grimlock lowers his rifle when Valour starts posturing and comes for him, which he did not really expect. Usually the flying types just buzz about being irritating, but this? This pleases Grimlock. Stowing the weapon, he quickly draws his own energon sword and blocks with it just in time to protect himself. He growls, "You got guts, Valour. Me Grimlock give you that much. Your kind not like to get up close and personal with Grimlock."

Now wielding his sword with one hand to keep it braced, he rears back with the now free fist of his other arm, "Me remind you why." He swings.

>> Grimlock strikes Valour with Punch. <<

There's Shockwave up and over in the air, and Sideswipe is going to evaluate quickly. The group has to keep things distracted. And the point of distraction is get the big guys angry.. And Sideswipe would look up to the second biggest Con on the battlefield. Going to race along to boost himself up nd through the air as he would lift off and go to blast up and over towards Bruticus! Jet pack flashing, launching himself up and over.

"Hey, Bruticus! How goes? Swindle tried to sell you lately? Brawl forgetting he has his head on and gets left unsupervised? Onslaught whining bout being micro-managing you gang of idiots?" Going to keep up with the taunts. "Blast Off being a fop and not able to be useful in anything?" Sideswipe's going to boost his way up, then going to try and yank up to 'twirl' on one of the big cannons over on Bruticus' back which were normally part of Onslaught's vehicle mode. Going to spin around with intent to land up and over on hte head of Bruticus.

"You guys are just one spawned up, glitched up mess. I mean, you take some of the dumbest Cons this side of Cybertron, ones that -Starscream- managed to trick what two, three times?" Sideswipe lashes out and over at the neck of Bruticus with his pile drivers. "I mean, there are awards for that kind of thing. Backstabbed by Megatron, backstabbed by Starscream, backstabbed by Megatron.. There are words that I'm pretty sure you can't spell or use, big guy. So how aout we dumb 'em down for you and dumb you down?" WHAM WHAM WHAM!

>> Sideswipe strikes Bruticus with Hammer-Punch. <<

Dust Devil finds himself a nice spot to overlook the battlefield. He's not precisely a sniper but this is one of those battles where one might not want to be underfoot. So he looks for a lonely con that wants some love, focuses....and fires on Blockade.

Defensor takes the punch as Bruticus turns his attention on him. "Again you threaten innocents. No more, Bruticus. Ibex is not yours. Leave!" with that he returns the punch.

>> Defensor strikes Bruticus with Punch. <<

>> Dust Devil strikes Blockade with Plasma-Turrets <Medium>. <<

Fortress Maximus hovers slowly over the battlefield before settling over a clearing. He then lowers himself and with a 'thud' settles. From inside, Spike takes a deep breath. "Ready?"

Cerebros nods and after a moment of hesitation says "ready."

Then The massive battlestation takes its long, lumbering process of transforming. Ramps retract. Turrets appear and disappear. Bay doors close. And the massive battlestation slowly builds in height as the his legs steady himself to stand until his head unit forms and he announces the arrival of..." Fortress Maximus says, "FORTRESS....MAXIMUS!!!!"

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "... It's like the Void."

Sludge emerges from a Sally Port, a portion of a wall spinning like a suspicious book case to reveal an impossibly large and tow-

Sludge steps down from the Sally platform and is immediately engulfed in the shadow of a newly arrived titan. His mind had been set on reprisal, violence, revenge, EARTH SHATTERING MAHYEM AND DESTRUCTION?!

These thoughts are lost when Sludge sees a Titan manifest out of thin air... plus the spacebridge light show. Massive shoulders went slack, his jaw hung loose on its bolts and his eyes were wide. "Wooow...." over awe'd, Sludge just stands and watches as Metroplex trundles onto a field.

Sludge's wits trickled back into his audials and Sludge swung his gaze out across the battlefield, looking for something big, mean and- Shockwave.

Memories boil up, forced subservience, reprograming. Anger shocks through his circuits and before he knows it, there is a very large electron rifle in his hand, energy crackling across the space between as Sludge starts to wade towards the cyclopean over-seer.

>> Sludge misses Shockwave with Laser <Low>. <<

Optimus Prime stands on that rise of roadway, watching as the two forces slam into one another in fire and the fury of this age old war. He sends orders to others, bracing, summoning and directing before that rifle in hand is primed and a target sighted. "Valour! You were given an offer. You chose to disregard. This brawl over Ibex ends, here, tonight." He sights that glossy seeker, that former Governor of Polyhex and opens fire as he heads into battle.

>> Optimus Prime strikes Valour with Beam-Laser <Medium>. <<

Bruticus is rarin', ready to go, dudicus just wants to punch a bro.... Preferably Defensor, though suddenly Sideswipe appears and starts going after each of his components...and OUCH, sure enough, all five seem to agree that this annoying turbofly needs SWATTING. Certainly, Blast Off's component is back in his mind with more idignant *HUFFING* and there's likely much more anger to go around where THAT came from. And how DARE this pipsqueak ....poke some rather sensitive subjects, actually. The brute's visor flares and his hand comes up to smash at the Bot...

But then Defensor swipes him with a punch.... and somehow a lot less damage than Bruticus would have expected. Bruticus stares a moment at Defensor. "THAT ALL DEFENSOR GOT? LITTLE TINY TURBOFLY DID MORE DAMAGE THAN YOU! BRUTICUS SMASH TURBOFLY, BE RIGHT BACK." And he goes right back to what he was doing before, trying to SMOOSH FLY. Little red Sideswipe turbofly gonna get SMUSHED. ...He hopes. He takes a swing, trying to flatten the 'fly' against a wall or something.

>> Bruticus misses Sideswipe with Punch. <<

Leave it to Grimlock to bring a fist to a swordfight. As his Seekers drop out of the sky around him, courtesy of Starlock's sharpshooting with the city defenses, Valour is rocked backward by Grimlock's hammer-blow to his once-pretty face. Valour lurches back, trying to shake it off. "Why, indeed," he mutters, pausing to delicately spit oil from a gushing valve in his mouth.

Bringing his sword back up, Valour stabs a fast feint at Grimlock, fades left, and then pokes a bit harder. Sliding to the right, he prepares a full strike - only to get blasted by surprise by Optimus Prime himself. Staggering further, he twists and fires a swift volley at Optimus Prime, backing quickly away from Grimlock as he realizes he's opened himself up to a follow-up strike from the Dinobot.

>> Valour misses Optimus Prime with Arm-Cannons <Medium>. <<

And zooming along, even as her own burst of fire would miss at Ironhide, the old Bot shows more agility than Thunderblast was anticipating, kicking her in passing. She would groan and shiver up at the sight of the Titans appearing, like ancient hell-beasts forged in the worst legends of the Fallen, of the Void come to life. An old mech-mariner's tale going through her mind as the mercurial maiden would be slugged to the side by the old timer.

Thunderblast goes to cut across as there would be a large dent in her side paneling, her hissing and letting out a yelp. "So thanks for the heads up. So how about I sizzle your circuits nd we see what's left in the end when they're all melted through?" A large tube on top of her hoverform would swap out the barrel, the normal ray-encased laser retracting and a green cylinder rising up to it's place. "Let me show you the Planet Key, Autobot!" A spray of acid blasting out at Ironhide!

>> Thunderblast strikes Ironhide with Acid <Medium>. <<

From Command Center - Command Level - Trypticon===> Trypticon's tightly focused sense of -self- and drive continues to shift as his focus goes form fine tuned and calculating to a more simpler sense of self. And that self wishes to destroy. "

And outside, that armored dinosaur, that Tyrannosaurus Rex roars again before starting a slow, methodical stomp towards the clustered group of Autobots. And then.. -Metroplex-. Mouth gapes open and he /ROARS/ out his challenge, focus lost yet found once more, aiming himself and that sonic barrage at his 'brother', his nemesis, his arch-enemy with a near mindless focus. Rage, personified. Rage, controlled. Rage, directed with all the fine-edged sharpness of a glass knife, the cut not felt until the limb itself is lost.

>> Trypticon strikes Metroplex with Sonic Blast <Medium>. <<

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

Banshee shakes her head softly, still playing die Stadtorgel as Trypticon's transformation concludes. "Zey are hypocrites." She says, softly. "Optimus zer biggest hypocrite of zem all. At least Megatron is honest about his goals..." She shakes her head again, sipping from her Kaff cube, which somehow has remained intact and un-spilled through the landing and transformation process. She feels the power - Trypticon's power - coursing through the link, along with that deep, ever-burning rage. It would be so easy to surrender to that rage, but she's also here to prove a point - that Trypticon can be surgical.

Banshee watches his rage focus on Metroplex. The brother... the betrayer. Family anger is so much... hotter... than any other kind of rage. Well, she's keeping her promise to Windblade; she didn't /force/ Trypticon to attack Metroplex. The music gets faster, more ominous. "Let me know when you want to... unleash our surprise."

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

Blockade doesn't pay attention to how the tachyon shot hit- he can't even -see- the Ibex defenses through the chaos of the combat, firing from tactical alone. Vents open along the turret and draw air to cool it so it can charge another shot.

But first, there's a couple of Bot bozos firing at him and burning his paint. Fortunately, he has plenty of secondary weapons! A hatch opens and a laser traces the route back towards Sunstreaker. << Pipe down, pretty boy, >> he taunts back via radio. << Or I'll fly over there an' sit on ya. >>

>> Blockade strikes Sunstreaker with Laser <Medium>. <<

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

Shockwave looks down as a attack hurles his way, factoring in speed, angle, power and armor he flashes his hand out and smacks away the laser shot before looking at his hand and the bubbled paint on it before focusing on Sludge. "Lower interlligence, lower survival instinct.. perhaps corpse would work for her as a test body?" His gunhand lowers and aims, a matching blast of laser flying back at Sludge.

>> Shockwave strikes Sludge with Laser <Medium>. <<

Starlock grins seeing the seekers go down, now, next on her list, she'd change the lasers target trajectory, and aims it at blockade there in the back, letting lose the missiles... Her mind lingers a moment on Banshee and Primes arguing, her optics dimming, wishing she'd succeeding before.. Maybe they'd not be in this mess but, well.. everything had been ruined, right?.. Well yes, just delayed everything to the point of being too late.

Starlock's mind is quickly snapped out of it when she hears Trypticons roar and... Well, she takes a sharp vent with narrowing optics as she grips the steering prong tightly, talons digging into the foam, trying to suppress the frightful memories of another instance of when Trypticon walked... She murmurs off shakily into her radio to someone.

>> Ibex Defenses critically strikes Blockade with Laser <Medium>! <<

"What the slag hill is a Planet Key?" Ironhide retorts when Thunderblast spouts some nonsense that he neither understands or really cares about, it's just the sort of rabble babble younger mechs like to mouth off with. He turns towards the now angry femme, and holds up one arm to shield his face as she sprays acid at him. The caustic chemical smokes and sizzles as it eats a darkened spot in his armor better than the lasers did. Ironhide turns his arm slightly to look at it, then snorts. "Cute, rawl cute." There's some mechanical bits visible through the damaged exterior.

With the opposite hand Ironhide draws his own chemical blaster from subspace and adjusts the setting. "But lemme show you mine." He fires a stream of liquid nitrogen at the Decepticon femme fatale.

Banshee sends a radio transmission.

>> Ironhide strikes Thunderblast with Nitrogen <Medium>. << >> Thunderblast temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

And as Bruticus would go to SLOG away at him, Sideswipe is spinning around the other end of the 'cannon' as the backswing would just avoid him, "What's that? Stop hitting yourself! I mean, what'd you lose this time? you've already sold out your dignity, had your bodies sold off, had your brains sold off.. What's next? Being repossessed by the bank?" Getting into his vibe with taunting, going for another attempted series of hammerstrikes into Bruticus' neck.

"I don't know Bruticus, this little turbofly seems to be making you sweat it up." Going to dart along the side to try and jab another seires of quick tremor punches in, then going to slide along towards one of the connection points of an arm. "So, how bout we see if we can cut a few things loose?" The weak points (not that they really WERE) weak were the joints. Sideswipe couldn't -hurt- Bruticus, but he could distract him. Hopefully enough to give Defensor openings.

Strike along limb connector. Strike again at same section. Dance to the side and take quick jet pack burst to fly off again. Launch himself back in to try and hit hte opposite end. "I don't know. You're supposed to get the best of the worst. You're all thrown together like brain putty and you come out of it with even less. I mean, I wouldn't challenge Devastator to a spelling competition as I could just tell him his shoes were untied.. But you're the one wearing loafers."

Sludge was not quite... a crack shot. His rifle spat its charge impotently across the space between only to be swatted away! The answer came in hot, searing, and far more accurate! It needles into his armor, flash converting solids to gasses with explosive effect! There is a bark of pain and vented anger as Sludge staggers back, a massive hand clapped over the smoking hole that was drilled into his torso.

"Him... Shock-Wave no use Me.. Sludge's body for any-thing ever again!" snarled Sludge in answer to Shockwaves running monologue. He trudged forward several more steps, long, loping things that soon carried him skywards, poweful thrusters carrying him off the ground and hurtling him back towards Shockwave, a fist extended like a battering ram!

>> Sideswipe strikes Bruticus with Piledrivers. <<

>> Sludge misses Shockwave with Punch. <<

Grimlock brandishes his sword after clocking Valour and grunts, not saying anything further for now. Instead he lets his blade do the talking as he parries the quick blows, and while he anticipates the follow up, he finds himself surprised that it never comes. Instead, Valour gets shot by Optimus Prime and, as usual, the big red machine gets all of the attention. Snarling, Grimlock snaps, "This my fight, Prime! Get your own target!" He shudders with rage as he whirls back on Valour, adding, "And YOU! Don't you ignore GRIMLOCK!"

Sheathing his sword, Grimlock slams his fists down onto the ground as his body twists up and around, converting into his imposing dinosaur form. With a roar he lunges forward, snapping his jaws at everyone's favorite shiny Seeker.

Grimlock raises his arms and begins to fold up as he leans back, rising up into his fearsome Dinobot mode.

>> Grimlock strikes Valour with Bite. <<

Sunstreaker flinches from the laser fire that strikes him. Not because of how much it stings, but because it's left a scorch mark on his pristine plating! "You /dare/?!" he snarls at Blockade, preparing to fire again, but before he can act a barrage from Ibex's defenses do his job for him.

His paint job no longer perfect, his chance for revenge snatched out from right in front of him, Sunstreaker is now in a thoroughly foul mood. He proceeds to take his anger out on the most important target in his sight - Shockwave.

>> Sunstreaker misses Shockwave with Laser <Medium>. <<

[Cybertron] Ghost says, "Cant.. the code. calling... me.."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "I.. need... I will.. stop.. the.. code."

Defensor tries to give anothoer punch to Bruticus's center mass, trying to push him apart. "There will be no catastrophe in Ibex today. Innocent lives are in danger. They will be protected." there's his priority. Civilians. Innocent. The big destructive Decepticons.

>> Defensor strikes Bruticus with Bash. <<

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Ghost... don't do anything rash. I'm... barely keeping us under control."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "oh slag that code."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Ghost um...stay still hold it together."

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Ghost, please."

Optimus Prime's audials are fairly ringing as Banshee goes on a planetary tirade against his command descisions. He allows her her moment. For now, Ibex needs to be defended, secured. And for that to occur, "Autobots! They deried our defense, they come seeking to take what is -not- theirs. They were told this and no further yet here they are, leading with fists and fury while another preaches across the airwaves! Autobots! Rally and take-them-down!" Another spattering of weaponsfire from that rifle, aimed at the voice of this assault, that seeker, one who -had- been known for no small amount of some personal honor at best.. "Valour, call off your troops!"

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I have her. Its alright Ghost. Concentrate on me."

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "I am here. Our thoughts to your mind. Your mind to our's."

Fortress Maximus looks on with concern, and in what can be called nothing less than a 'rookie mistake' - Fortress Maximus ignores Metroplex's call to leave Trypticon to him, because Trypticon took a cheap shot at Metroplex (or what other people would call 'a shot'). Fortress Maximus takes his energy sword and charges toward Trypitcon, opting to strike a.) the target that SEEMS to be the biggest threat. He aims it right at Trypticon's chest, bound and determined to knock the titan back a few blocks. Fortress Maximus says, "Oh no you don't!""

>> Optimus Prime strikes Valour with Laser <Medium>. <<

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Trypticon with Master Sword. <<

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Trypticon? Teach zer Neo-Titan zer folly of his vays, bitte?"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Unless... you vant me to?"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I do haff our new toy to show off, and I know how you /like/ zer Erdbebenrohr..."

Dust Devil frowns and heads his way toward the fighting combiners. Apparently we're going to try something different. Watching for the right time, Dust Devil suddenly ignites his forcefield and attempts to wrap one of Bruticus' feet while creating another forcefield across the ground. "Let's see how this goes..."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Shockwave... if I am defeated... you may... have to take Command."

>> Dust Devil fails his generic combat roll against Bruticus. <<

<<Decepticon>> Shockwave says, "Valour. If your condition is that critical, fall back and coordinate. These are your troops. You know their skill sets and the battle plan. /LEADING/ is your task not fighting."

Slowly, relentlessly, Metroplex pushes forward. He raises his massive red cannons, training them on his Decepticon counterpart. At the same time, Windblade's voice carries over Metro's systems, "When we first spoke... when I took you as an apprentice... I spoke of Titans defending their people. Defending their homes. How is this defending such? Threatening to use a Child of Solus to destroy? You should of known I would have to react, to defend. No... sorry, Metroplex. /We/ would have to react, /we/ would have to defend. You have chosen to let Trypticon to attack, so I have chosen to ask Metroplex to defend. May Solus Prime forgive the shame that falls upon her Titans this day... or to their Cityspeakers for allowing them to meet in battle, for we have failed her."

As Trypticon roars, Metroplex surges forward, speaking for himself as well. << TRYPTICON! >> Metroplex thunders. << YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE SKY. RETURN TO ORBIT, NOW. I DON'T WISH TO HARM YOU, BUT IF YOU THREATEN MY AUTOBOTS.... YOU DIE! >> Rumbling forward like an unstoppable juggernaut, Metroplex attempts to drive Trypticon right off the battlefield.

>> Metroplex rams Trypticon! <<

Valour cries out as, sure enough, he turns his attention away for one astrosecond and Grimlock moves in, sinking his teeth deep into Valour's right shoulder. Even as his right arm goes numb, Valour keeps a grip on his sword. Valour's forced to do little else than punch Grimlock in the head repeatedly with his other fist, however, grunting, "Let! Go! You! Uncultured! Brute!" As he's held by Grimlock, Valour gets shot again by Optimus Prime, but the damaged Decepticon holds his grip. "Never!" he growls. "Ibex is ours! I give my life for the glory of the Decepticon Empire!"

>> Valour strikes Grimlock with Bash. <<

Trypticon's sonic roar strikes tru.. But then a swipe from the upstart gets his attention, tracking, the masive movement of Metroplex catches him somewhat offguard and he's rammed into next.. rammed into an entirely different region.

Shockwave again moves just enough to completly dodge the laser strike from Sunstreaker, turning the dodge into a dive as he falls straight down and lands in the standard 'superhero' pose with his fist on the ground, knees bent. He does not stay that way long as he is up and charging at Sludge... the large Mech reminding all that while he may be a scientist at heart he is still very very strong as he grabs Sludge by the arm and turns, flinging the Dinobot like a shot put at Sunstreaker.

Shockwave straightens up with a sigh, "Neither of you are of little worth to me. Little to learn, little reason to leave alive." Hit or miss, he stalks towards the two with his hand glasping his barrelhand behind his back, little worry in his actions.

>> Shockwave strikes Sludge with Throw. <<

>> Shockwave strikes Sunstreaker with Throw. <<

Starlock grits her denta and shakes her helm hard and sends the turret into a bit of a spin. "No one cares Starlock!" She tells herself, yep, talking to herself through the tears as she takes aim. Thunderblast, Bruticus, Shockwave, Valour... Trypticon, and through the fear a boiling anger starts to raise and take hold.. A long, long buried want for revenge that had been buried.

But Starlock knows better, why does she always have to be the /better/ one when everyone else gets to chide, mock, belittle, and /take everything away from her/... She isn't quick to fire this time, but when she does, its not at Trypticon, but at one that's been too /dodgy/ for his own good.

>> Ibex Defenses misses Shockwave with Cannon <Medium>. <<

Grimlock could say a few things. Really, he could, because what Valour says really makes him want to retort. Unfortunately, his giant dino-jaws are currently full of Seeker, and that Seeker is trying his level best to punch a hole into his head. While valiant, this is unwise, because Grimlock is already angry and bludgeoning him is just making him angrier. So instead of speaking, which would release his quarry, he decides to get his point across a different way:

By trying to lift Valour up into the air with his toothy vice grip and slamming him down. Some people say that knocking sense into someone is usually a metaphor. Grimlock is not among them.

>> Grimlock strikes Valour with Slam. <<

<<Decepticon>> Shockwave says, "Valour. Withdrawl.. /now/."

And his brother's going flying. That's enough to have Sideswipe disengage from Bruticus and go to chargea long at Shockwave. "Hey! The only one that gets to hit my brother that way is me!" So with everyone else present, Sideswipe is hanging back a moment. Then deciding to leave everyone else to Big Dead, Sideswipe would turn in the direction of Valour. And grin.

"HEy, Wing Twist!" He would call out, "I'm told that those things are -really- important. Fly high in the skies, all that. Air is freedom. So now going to as a ground pounder try and show you how we do thing in the muck." And then Sideswipe is going to boost along with his jetpack to fly along at Valour. While Valour is sandwiched on oen side by Grimlock, Sideswipe is going to try and charge him from the other and launching himself with one intent.

Namely trying to slam into the rear of the Aerospace commander, blade in hand.. And if possible going for one of those heavily damaged wings and goes to try and just simply RIP it over on off!

>> Sideswipe misses Valour with Bash. <<

Sludge leads with his right, a heavy, lumbering blow that is caught up in the Over-Seer's single arm and used to whirl him around like a hammer before he is loosed.

"That am Double-Neg-a-tiiiiive-!" Sludge notes, a modest conversational jab before he is hurled beyond melee range. Tumbling aft over tea kettle, it is very likely that Sludge might reach escape velocity were his flight path not interrupted

Then, his golden rod savior arrives in the form of Sunstreaker, Shinier Thgan Thou! The two collide in clamour and calamity, Sludge sitting up from their eventually halt, a hand lifting to rub at a new, modest dent in the Dinobots helmet.

"Him... Sunstreaker... Okay?"

Sunstreaker goes down hard beneath Sludge. He barely manages to stop himself from snapping at the Dinobot, biting back an angry comment before he can voice it. "I'm going to pay that purple cyclops back for every scratch I find on me," he spits as he climbs to his feet.

With all the finesse of an enraged rhinoceros, Sunstreaker charges at Shockwave, firing wildly.

>> Sunstreaker strikes Shockwave with Laser <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee sounding slightly awed. "...gosh..."

It would seem he's managed to drive the weird fembot away from this part of the battles. Huh. "Still no fraggin' clue what she was on about." Ironhide snorts, and puts a hand to the side of his helm to switch to comms << Rear defense, report in. >>

<< Sir! There's been some collatoral from the Titans passing through. Route's blocked and we've been cut off from the main force. >>

Ironhide snorted again. << Ah'm on it. >> The old mech pulls out his drill gun and goes to dig out the wayward defense patrol. "Nobody's dyin' under a pile 'o rocks on muh watch!"

Optimus Prime watches as the titans converge upon one another, Metroplex taking Trypticon out of the city proper, Defensor rattling Bruticus into the racetrack. His icy blue gaze sweeps over those remaining, the city itself starting to show signs of this battle. But not as bad as he feared at this point, not as devastating as other places had once been. A moments focus to ping out a check in request from the teams and then.. "Valour! Call your retreat!" Again, still trying to lessen the fuel-shed.

Valour feels like a dogtoy as he's lifted into the air and slammed back down into the ground. The only benefit, really, is it knocks him away from Sidewipe's attack, although right now Valour cannot appreciate the boon Grimlock's given him. Valour is shaken again and released. The Seeker bounces awkwardly and painfully, losing his sword and winding up in a heap. Ignoring Shockwave's radioed advice to retreat, Valour climbs painfully to his feet.

"Never, Optimus Prime," Valour says resolutely. "Kill me, and more will come. Ibex is ours. Cybertron is ours. Maybe, if you're lucky, Emperor Megatron will exile you to one of your moons." Barely still on his feet, Valour raises his arm cannons at Prime... and then swings them around, targeting Grimlock instead.

>> Valour strikes Grimlock with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Shockwave gives no reaction to Sunstreaker's attack, the laser attack melting a small chunk of armor off his shoulder as one of the random flurry of attacks strikes there, very barely rocking him back. He glances t the spot finally, tilting his head before refocusing on Sunstreaker, "Many shots.. one strike. Poor training and focus."

As Shockwave finally gets close enough his hand comes around, curling into a fist, "Focus your thoughts, lock onto where you wish to strike... and DO so." And with that he strikes as close as he can on Sluge to the point where his throw damaged the Dinobot... as a buzz fills the air as a heavy-grade jamming fills the air.

(RADIO) Shockwave starts jamming all radio signals in the immediate area.

>> Shockwave strikes Sludge with Fracture Blow. <<

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "*TSHHHHH*"

<<Decepticon>> Thunderblast says, "... Thank you kindly big guy!"

And a miss, Starlock growls, though, hearing Prime over the comms before Shockwave jams them.. she gets an idea, and gets herself out of the turret, and instead slides down the defenses and the thrusters in her pedes kick on as she starts skating her way towards Shockwave, and pulls her Dual blades, if their saving the defenses, least she can do is slow him down!

>> Starlock misses Shockwave with Crescent Cut. <<

Grimlock takes a step back after releasing Valour. Prime told him, ordered him really, to give him a chance to retreat. Grimlock agreed, allowing Valour a small measure of mercy - mercy that has now been spat on out of sheer pride. Normally, Grimlock could appreciate the sentiment, but as Valour whirls around and shoots him, he looks down at the smoking scorch mark on his chest with a curious kind of silence. His eyes narrow slowly as his body splits open, twisting back around into his robot form. He rises to his feet, visor glowing dimly as he stares at Valour. As he draws his sword, he says only one thing, and it is a little too calm.

"You should have listened."

Without further preamble, Grimlock rushes forward and brings his crackling blade up and down. Grimlock tilts his head down and raises up, unfolding and twisting into robot mode.

>> Grimlock strikes Valour with Energo-Sword. <<

Valour is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

As if Sunstreaker wasn't angry enough already! At Shockwave's comment on his training, he snarls viciously and stomps closer. "I am going to feed you your words. One. By. One."

Sunstreaker shoves his rifle into subspace and, as soon as he's gotten within arm's reach of Shockwave, begins throwing punches wildly. Not caring in the slighest where they land.

>> Sunstreaker strikes Shockwave with Blow. <<

And then as Valour goes down, and everything goes jammed, right as Sideswipe is asking about 'other cities' and then he would curse himself. Had to jinx 'em. Almost as if reporting it but then deciding not to.. Seeing Shockwave up in the air, he would call out, "Sludge!" Swearing, going to charge in while picking up his laser and then seeing that Sunstreaker is charging in over to engage Shockwave.

And his place is with his brother. As Sunstreaker goes to swing madly, in a berserk fury Sideswipe is at the other side. Charging in. Where one brother would go high, the other low. Where Sunstreaker is berserk, Sideswipe is focused. It's just a brawl over to pileon and try to smash, swing, and just quickly hammer in. Where one would hit, the other would dodge. Trying to with his brother bury Shockwave in blows from every angle!

>> Sideswipe misses Shockwave with Bash. <<

Sludge brings himself up, a slow, laborious effort for the dinobot as he shrugs off detritus and debris, sluffing dirt and scrap from chassis as Sunstreaker goes streaking away with lasers and redirected fury. He had resolved to steady himself. Sludge had to think, that'd take a minute. A solid, Primus-blessed minute. Y'know who isn't going to give him a minute to get all of his capacitors lit up?


The Cyclopian Over-Seer was shining that yellow light of science on Sludge and struck. The blow rang like a tolling of a bell, a peal of sound and Sludge's head snapped aside, energon splattering, that looks like a dental fixture that just sailed away as the big mech staggered back, three steps given between himself and Shockwave.

In the distance, Banshee slammed against her instrument. Here, the Twins make their presence known. Red and Yellow coming in, harbingers of mischeif and violence! Behind them, Sludge drags a fist across a split lip, energon smeard vibrant across his usually dour features.


Now, he's smiling, wide, angry, eager.


A wordless bellow and the Dinobot comes in, fists raised high like terrible hammers and brought down towards Shockwave's head and shoulder, trying to drive him to the ground like a rail spike!

>> Sludge misses Shockwave with Smash. <<

Optimus Prime had sarted to recieve reports back on his Autobots when things.. fizzeled. that odd crackle-statick of transmissions going awry. He turns, watching as his autobots one after another move to engage Shockwave. Even as Valour falls, the Autobot leader does not tak eup arms again just yet, instead voicing, "Shockwave! This is no longer logical to follow thorugh with! Your fellows have fallen, the bodies of your own lie scattered. Valour himself failed. Retreat. Now." And he hefts his rifle up once more, taking careful aim, yet not firing, "Consider this a last warning."

Ironhide meanwhile is busy digging out rubble to free a trapped patrol, and cussing under his breath the entire time. "Sassafragging Deceptibums up to no good they can all just go interface with their motherboards." The triade stops when some rubble breaks apart and a hand pushes through. "There y'all are." Ironhide grabs the hand and helps pull one mech free, while two more climb out shortly after. "Sorry to take you away from the fighting sir, but we could only hold up that wall for the others to get clear." With a snort Ironhide slaps him on the shoulder. "Sorry nuttin', ya did your duty, that's all that matters."

>> Shockwave strikes Sludge with Crush. <<

Clearly, Valour should have listened. Instead, he falls, fuel spilling from multiple injuries to energize the ground.

Shockwave is rocked again slightly as Sunbreaker lands a blow as he sidesteps Starlock's sweeping strike. Somehow he still gives off the feeling of being almost utterly bored as he keeps stepping, his movements precise and measured as he steps here and there in slow-looking motions which agian bring him in close to Sludge as the Dinobot charges in to strike at him again.

Shockwave reaches up and slaps at the Dinobot's hands, knocking them far enough to the side he can step in and use the Dinobot's momentum against him.. some quick motions and the Decepticon leans down to the side just a bit and wraps his arms around the Dinobot's chest and lifts him up, "Simplicity is a strenght and a weaknes... simply flailing is a weakness. Simply CRUSHING is a strenght." And with that Shockwave again shows his own ample strenght as he tightens his arms around the Autobot and //squeezes// then ends it by slamming the Dinobot down against the ground, a good bit of shaking easily felt at the impact.

And then Sludge is being hurled over to the side by Shockwave. And Sideswipe is going to charge on in. "Hey, one Optic! How about we make it no optic! And you like things sweet an dpredictable!" So then Sideswipe is going to charge on in at Shockwave, going ot leap through the air.. In an attempted fly by, and going for a precision strike if possible. Going to launch himself with a swing over of his pile driver, trying to hit the bigger Shockwaev right between the optic in a blow aimed at the center of hsi symmetrical face!

>> Sideswipe strikes Shockwave with Punch. <<

Sunstreaker seems to be in a full-on blind rage, hurling punches with little regard for anything else. He probably wouldn't too care much if he accidentally struck an ally, but thankfully his focus is absorbed completely by beating anything purple in his sight.

>> Sunstreaker strikes Shockwave with Punch. <<

And Another miss! That burns, specially as Sludge takes the price for it, Starlock rolls and slides on her knees as she stows away her blades, she does notice the energon on the ground though around Shockwave.. and quickly reaches over to it, sending a pulse through the spark-defibrillators on her palms in a big to electrify said energon! She's oddly quite though, given her focused on the fight to keep Shockwave form killing someone.

>> Starlock strikes Shockwave with Plasma Storm <High>. <<

Sludge 's arms are sent wide, the downward force so thuroughly redirected leave the Dinobot overbalanced and well vulnerable for the quick in-step of the Decepticon. There is a moment of confusion as Shockwave Embraces the Dinobot. The fury and battle-frenzy drain from Sludge's features, jaw hung slack, optics vacant of malice but filled with so many questions. Was this a new tact, an attempt to sway Sludge over to their side with the power of FRIENDSH-

With the simple brutality of a compactor, Shockwave begins to squeeze and makes his intentions bluntly clear. Metal balks and crumples, shreaking as it shears from the force. Sludge grapples, trying to wrench himself free but even his titanic strength is starting to falter. Fluids viscous and vital seep from his mouth as the Dinobot gives a strained, pained growl before he is so unceremoniously cast aside, the hulking brute landing hard and gracelessly.

He is slow to rise, painfully so... He claws at the ground, an arm folded over a battered middle. A tiny voice is telling him things are bad. He rarely listens to it.

Crumpling to the ground, Sludge twists and writhes, armored cowling snapping closed around him as a long, serpentine neck snaps into place.

"Shock-wave... want Crush?" snarls the Dinobot as he gets four, trunk-like legs beneath him,

"Sludge.... CRUSH!"

Heedless of the proximity of friend or foe, Sludge rises up onto his hind limbs.

He comes down with terrible force and fury. Cybertron bucks and buckles with the force, a terrible shock radiating through the ground, shattering and churning the earth in a mighty quake!

Sludge transforms into his Brontosaurus mode.

>> Sludge attacks Sludge, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Shockwave with Earthquake, striking Sludge. <<

Grimlock stares down at Valour's body once it falls in silence. Whatever else he could say about the Decepticon, he tried to finish what he started, and the Dinobot will say no ill word against the strength of will Valour displayed. He sheathes his weapon and turns away, looking toward the rest of the battle. This is when he sees Shockwave manhandling Sludge which absolutely topples the calm balance he had just achieved.

"SHOCKWAVE!" Grimlock roars, drawing his rifle and aiming, "Get away from him, or me tear you apart too!" Then he opens fire, because Grimlock is nothing if not brutally honest about his intentions.

>> Grimlock strikes Shockwave with Laser <Low>. <<

Optimus Prime had asked for the Decepticons to retreat. several times. He can see that they have made their choice to push on despite the heavy damage they've taken. rifle in hand, he starts the walk towards Shockwave and his possee of partygoers, readying himself to wade in and put an end to this.

Shockwave is rocked one way then the other as multiple hits crater and dent his armor, lasers and blows landing all over the Less-Then-Friendly-Purple-Cyclops. He tilts his head at Grimlock's comment, "Intersting. It is capable of speech... I never expected it to collect enough thoughts to string words together."

As Shockwave stands there, his gunhand twitchs a bit to the side as Sludge reminds him he is still there with what he thought was a light massage to his feet. A brief flare of energy and a red throbbing pulse of energy flies towards the Dinobot, again aiming for the previous wound all while he locks optic to optics with Grimloc, not looking away as he does so.

>> Shockwave strikes Sludge with Microwave Cannon <High>. << <OOC> Shockwave mutters darkly

And then Shockwave is going to blast at Sludge and throw him to the side, and Sideswipe, "Take on someone your own size you logical freak!" And he's going to slam up over with the underisde of his rifle butt, going to try and slam it up and over in that one big fat optic to try and take a chunk of it out!

As Sideswipe goes for the rifle butt to the optic, Sunstreaker keeps his aim a little lower, maintaining a steady rhythm of punches to Shockwave's chest. He almost looks like he's getting all of his frustration out by using the Decepticon as a punching bag. Literally.

>> Sunstreaker misses Shockwave with Bash. <<

Starlock vents out as that works, still she eyes Sludge's vitals and.. That draws a frown from her, nope, nope, NEED to get blinky off the dinobot.. So she quickly runs to get in front of Shockwave and flicks on her space-duty headlights!

>> Starlock strikes Shockwave with Headlights <High>. <<

Grimlock lowers his rifle a bit when Shockwave insults him. Well, that was a little unexpected. "Me can do a lot more than speak, Shockwave. Me show you--" Then Shockwave shoots Sludge, REALLY shoots Sludge, while not breaking eye contact. He rears up and vents sharply, his grip tightening dangerously on his weapon. "What is it... With you Decepticons..."

Grimlock stows the rifle and punches the ground, hard. "And trying..." He twists around, his body reconfiguring, "...To MAKE ME ANGRY!"

Grimlock raises his arms and begins to fold up as he leans back, rising up into his fearsome Dinobot mode. With a roar after assuming his dinosaur form, Grimlock rushes at Shockwave and tries to swing his tail into him.

>> Grimlock strikes Shockwave with Bash. <<

Sludge rose and Sludge fell, feet like seismic hammers against the earth. What should have radiated outwards in a terrible shock was instead very local, the flesh of Cybertron yielding beneath him, a sink hole all but swallowing the Dinobot, a shock and dismayed, "Graaaah?!" bellowed as he sank down into the newly minted crater. He struggled, thrashing this way and that, his tail whipping, legs struggling but no purchase could be found nor made that would allow him to escape his predicament!

Thus, our heroic and Adorable Dinobot is largely ignorant. He is also largely ignorant of Shockwave's intentions. The world goes red. The world is pain.

Sludge Screams.

Electricity arcs off of the Sauropod's hull, the metal bubbles and bulges, smoke seeps from rents as circuits fry and yield. His optics shatter, glass erupting outwards to reveal the naked assemblies as metal begins to peel and lough off in puddles of molten slag.

The light abates, the long neck of the Dinobot falls, head crashing against Cybertron's battered flesh... Nothing More. Sludge is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Shockwave notices none of the blows from the Sucker Brothers, his focus on finishing off the mostly dismantled Dinobot, "Perhaps his Spark will do for research.." But before he can try to reach down and rip out said Spark a midget of a Bot runs infront and tries to flash him.. in the not good way.

Shockwave would blink but he has no optical cover for his one optic so instead he looks down at Starlock, "Ah. Starlock. I believe Megatron wanted to speak with you.."

A moment passes and any dizzness from the attack fades.. yet before Shockwave can do anything Grimlock charges in and bashes at him with his tail, stagging him a bit but even then he moves with it, his arms wrapping raound the Dinobot's tail and /flinging/ him a good distance away... but even as Shox keeps turning he flips into the air an transforms, hovering there in his gun-form... with that deep deadly glow of a over-charged primed attack glowing at his guntip. A flicker and the /air/ arond him seems to shake as a massive beam flies free and strikes at the Dinobot as he reacts to being flung. "Dangerous... yet simple minded. Standard Dinobot sterotype... as their 'leader' you should act in a higher fashion." Another flips lands him near Valour's body and his gunhand continues to glow quietly with a built-up charge. "I was simply waitin for something, Prime.. since it will now occur shortly I will withdrawl once Valour's form is recovered by the Destrons."

Shockwave leaps into the air, his legs and arms fusing together as a silver cannon barrel appears from subspace and locks into place to form a flying space gun.

>> Shockwave strikes Grimlock with ShoxCannon <High>. <<

Grimlock is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

(RADIO) Shockwave counters all jamming fields in the area. All radios are now free and clear of static.

Optimus Prime nears and watches as Shockwave gives a demonstration of -why- the cyclopian decepticon is a force in his own right. He holds a hand up as Shockwave states that he will depart. "Autobots, hold.. Shockwave, you can depart with Valour now. I find myself with a distinct lack of concern over -who- carries him out, Destron or Decepticon. I advise you leave with im. -now-. Or the ejection will be forced."

Grimlock is thrown through the air, which is a turn that he expected even less than being insulted by Shockwave. He prepares himself to land, to rush back at the cyclops and deliver some well-deserved retribution for the damage sustained to his comrade, but that chance never comes. Without even a chance for a witty retort, he takes the full brunt of Shockwave's fury. Blasted to the ground, he crashes unceremoniously and lays in a heap. Somehow, he struggles to stand, though all he manages is to lift his head and raspily snarl, "Shock...wave..."

Then his eyes dim and he gives in to his obliterated body, collapsing in a defiant heap. When he's functional again, he is probably going to remember this Shockwave.

Starlock gives Shockwave a cold glare. "If he wants to 'talk' to me.. he knows how to contact me, otherwise.. He can 'talk' to me in the afterspark." She snarls as she's quick to stabilize the Dinobots, given Optimus's command to yield.

Sideswipe is yelling, "You FREAK!" Then he's about to charge in at Shockwave once more, seemingly heedless of how useless it has been as Shockwave drops two of his friends. His raw rage -nearly- matches his brother's as he would only be held bak by Optimus' order and hissing.

"Why are you letting him /GO/?" His rage nearly boils over as he has his missile launcher out and aimed.. But is not pulling the trigger at Shockwave.

Shockwave is... unimpressed by the Femme's glare. He has seen worse backed up by far more serious firepower. "I have already stated the intention of my actions, Optimus Prime. When he is recovered we will be gone.

Esmeral glides in on wings made of nighmares and the things that creep under beds. Oh who are we kidding she is -magnifiscent! the kaiju performs a low loop, slowly circling down, responding to a call for... a pick up. Great wings fleck and beat, stirring the air itself as she makes to land with all of the delicacy of a humminbird.. that spans over a hundred feet in length. A toss of her head, quad optics glinting, she rumbles, "someone asked for a medvac?"

Optimus Prime stands his ground, rifle in hand. watching Shockwave even as Starlock moves into medic mode. "We are better than they are, Sideswipe. They are tretreating. We defend." he stiffens as another form comes in, brows raiding before, "But we aren't stupid. If they push, we push back. harder."

Starlock chuffs out at Shockwave and ignores him as she goes to work, stabilizing the two dinobots quickly as she can, keeping herself between them, and Shockwave.. despite being much much smaller then all three of them.

Sideswipe would have his weapon up and aimed over at Shockwave, even as the Destrons are permitted to take away Valour and whatever other Deceptcion casualties there are. His hand would clench tightly on the grip of his rifle, the metal starting to flatten as he would obey orders. But keep his weapon up and aimed.

"Yes, Sir." Sideswipe resists the urge to swing up the barrel again, as if afraid that he couldn't stop himself from pulling the trigger.

And whatever -that- memory hits Sideswipe does go off like a trigger as he crushes the barrel of his weapon. Which renders it non-operational.

Deathsaurus flies in tandem with Esmeral, looping around her. "Alright, Autobots let us take our injured and we won't finish the job. You got lucky. This time."

Esmeral tilts her head, watching the Autobots, peering at the damage as she tick-taps closer to Shockwave and, "ooooh.. this is a -mess- This one? Valour? He's so smal for one with such words."

Sideswipe would slowly put away his damaged laser rifle, maneuvering around in front of the Dinobots being stabilized by Starlock, and putting himself in front of the Dinobots and the Destrons.

Starlock gives Des a side look but continues in her efforts to tend to those wounded, she's dirty, but largely, unharmed.