Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Assault on Altihex: To Save Them

Characters: Starlock, Typhoon, Air Defense Mini-Con Team

Location: Altihex

Date: 5/13/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Starlock with the help of Typhoon, does what she can to save 
the Altihex Air Defense Mini-Con Team.

As logged by Starlock

East Altihex - Northeastern Cybertron

Starlock comes flying into the area and quickly descends down from the sky above, transforming into her robot mode, this is where Dust Devil's single was.. She was looking around quickly, medical bag and subspace supplies in tow, she quickly starts looking for the injured, or her faction mates as she quickly moves through the mess that was Altihex.

Altihex emergency vehicles have arrived, and first responders are pulling dead and injured out of the demolished labs. Intrepid Autobot reporter Rook is on the scene, giving a live report. Typhoo stumbles in from central Altihex, looking injured and stunned. Spotting Starlock, she wanders over. "Hey, wha's goan on?" she asks. "Things've quieted down over yonder. I think most of the Coans left." She glances back as if expecting her assertion to be countered by another sudden attack.

Starlock nods at Typhoon in greeting. "Responded to Dust Devil's request for backup, don't see him yet." She says looking around with knited ridges, she starts checking the dead as well, looking for life signatures. "till then, working to help as medical personnel." at that note she quickly reaches into her sub space and draws out an old, tattered short blue cape that only goes around one shoulder. She ties it in place revealing a simple white cybertornian medical emblem, marking her as 'general' medical personal.

"I got a lotta search an' rescya experience from natural disasters," Typhoon says solemnly. "It's mostly helpin' humans, but I'll bet some of the skills transfer, at least." She has no flag to designate her a neutral... she is here as an Autobot to do some good, and if someone doesn't like it, they can take it up with Stormwind.

Starlock smiles. "Works for me." She'd say as she started to make her way to the labs as she moved along to help those needed, keeping her medical readout panel up on her left arm, as she looked for any life signs. "Just don't over do it if you're injured!" Starlock calls back to Typhoon.

Typhoon looks around in a bit of a daze. "I'm fahn," she insists. "Ah got clocked pretty hard by Astrotrain, but I hit 'im with my Whirlwind Gun and he had ta retreat!" Typhoon does not mention that a Dinobot softened him up first. "Should be try the lab? Maht be people trapped inside."

"My Thoughts Exactly." Starlock chirps, before she pauses and turns around, noting Typhoons speech, and does a quick patch job to help the other femme, before quickly jogging back for the labs.

Typhoon grins after the quick checkup. "Thanks! Feelin' better already!" She follows Starlock past the security cordons and starts scanning for life forms, using the advances sensors built into her forearms. "These are usual calibrated fer organic life forms, but I think I can alter 'em for Cybertronians."

"Should be easy enough to do, similar electric frequency detection." Starlock explains as she carefully slips into the labs, looking around, if it was dark, she would flick on her four chassis lights.

The exterior of the labs are burning, but the inside is not actually as bad. As Khamsin had given early warning about the attack, most of the scientists had fled to saver venues... But the facility's defenders were not so lucky. Three of them lay in one of the main hallways, beheaded, stabbed, and left for dead. Ty covers her mouth when she sees them. "It's like the Fallen's attack on Iacoan all over ag'in," she says quietly.

Starlock knits her ridges and nods to Typhoon in agreement, it was... But this was the typical life of a medic, seeing the most gruesome things war had to offer... Starlock makes her way over to one of the nearest defenders and kneels down, looking them over, looking for any sort of spark signal.

GAME: Air Defense Team PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Air Defense Team PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Air Defense Team PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

All three have faint spark signals in their cores, but they are fading fast. The two with jet kibble also have superficial injuries that look bad but are not life-threatening... the one with shuttle kibble has the faintest signal, and his head is the farthest from his body.

Starlock's body goes rigid a moment and her finials flare outwar but quickly she starts moving. "Shit, shit, shit, shit." Starlock repeats, getting over to the shuttle first. "Typhoon have you passed basic first aid?" She asks, as she pulls a strange, small container from her subspace, taking the lid off, and started getting her tools out. "Been sometime since I had to do this.." She'd mutter.

"Yeah, some, though jes' the basics," Ty says with a frown. "Blizzard's th' real medic of our team!

"Can you work to stabilize the other two till i can get to them? I need to extract this one's spark to save 'em." Starlock calls as she gets out a hand torch, and starts working to open up the shuttles chassis.

Ty looks a little panicked, but nods. "OK. OK. I can do this." She goes to the closest injured defender and looks him over, trying to decide what to do first with someone beheaded, shot, and stabbed.

Starlock glances over noticing Ty as she starts cutting into the chassis. "Stop what energon leaks you can to start with, that will alone prolong their sparks form going out." She explains.

GAME: Starlock PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Ty nods, and starts staving off what she can, although most of them have lost all or most of their energon already.

Starlock lets out a victorious noise as she gets through the chassis's armor and starts working into the tniernals moving away parts to get to the core casing, or spark casing, depending on whom you ask, or what year you were trained as a medic, with a free hand she turns on the small little spark containment device. "Other innermost energon around their sparks will yet of leaked out if it the casing wasn't pierced, that is ones most potent energy source due to its location, tell me if you see any wounds like that immediately.. once you stopped the bleeding, cartilize what wires you can to stop the spark form sending energy that way." She continues to explain as she works.

Ty nods and gets to work. She makes a face as she reaches into decapitated bodies to crimp fuel lines and tie off bleeds. She is not going to try cauterizing anything, though; images of setting remain fuel on fire dance in her mind.

Ty thinks (incorrectly) she has helped save the first guy. She moves onto the second. With him she has more success, learning from her clumsy experience with the first guy and doing a little better to stabilize the other.

GAME: Starlock FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Starlock prays as she struggles to get the spark out, working as fast and quickly as she can, extending her medical grade fingers, but their too weak to properly pull out the spark at the moment, making her curse. "Come ooon.." she mutters but not luck, she curses and does her base to get temporary life support up for him, whistling loudly to get the other medics attention. "OI! GOT ONE TRYING TO DIE ON US BACK HERE!" She calls as she starts to move to the second Ty had been working on.

GAME: Starlock PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Ty starts to panic again. "What do I do? Need ta transform inta shuttle mode and I'll load 'em up? I cain't help much with 'em here!" she wails in despair.

"If you can get them to a nearby hospital for IMMEDIATE spark extraction, I'd be grateful." Starlock says to Typhoon as she starts looking over the second, bringing over the little spark support pod with her as she works to stablize them.

GAME: Starlock PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Typhoon nods quickly. "I can! My cargo area is fitted out to transport human survivors of natural disasters, an' these guys ain't much bigger'n that!" She quickly transforms down into her off-road Land Rover mode, popping open her back hatch so Starlock can load up the damaged defenders.

Starlock starts quickly moving to get the one she'd worked on into the cargo hold, followed by the others.. course there a lot bigger then she was, but she was.. strong, for a mini-bot, all things considered, helps when you're lifting people bigger then you are! once they where loaded, Starlock would go inside with them and continue to attempt to stabilize them.

Typhoon rushes them to a hospital, where they spend the next several cycles in intensive care. They have been beheaded, shot, and stabbed...but they're alive.