Ashtray is an evil Junkion from the Shattered Glass universe. For his good main-universe counterpart, see Ashtray.

Ashtray at work

Ashtray is a Junkion starship repair expert. He's addicted to reality television.

"Television is reality, and reality is less than television.""[1]


Pre-MUX History

MUX History


  • Ashtray was never named in any fiction; his name (and the names of many other Junkions) comes from character designer's notes, revealed in Transformers: The Complete Ark.
  • Ashtray is one of the movie's "extra" Junkions, whose designs were mostly a mix and match of each other's parts (fitting for a Junkion). In Ashtray's case, his chest, arms and legs are based on Junkyard's and therefore share similarities with Greasestain's, HAZMAT's and Wasteoid Gamma's.


  1. Videodrome (1983)
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