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Personal information
Real Name

Diana Bourne


Cobra Island


February 5, 1970



Military information
Service branch

Cobra Special Operations

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS



4 - Special operations


Cybernetic Weapons, XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle[1]

Organizational information




Without their Death, how can there be peace?

ARTEMIS is a highly skilled, highly motivated sniper that used to be able to sneak up on a deer from upwind and not get caught. However, now she is less stealthy, with all of her added metal parts. When she was a teenager, a GI Joe killed her father, a Cobra Peace Marcher, in a protest near Washington; she was drawn by revenge into the ranks of Cobra. She is Qualified in most small arms, and is highly skilled with her weapon of choice, the M-21 Sniper Rifle, the Steyr-Mannlicher SSG-PII, and most recently, the Swedish PSG-90. She also has cybernetic replacements of both arms and one of her eyes, due to her encounters with the G.I. Joe ninja teams. Built into her right arm is a .50 caliber sniper rifle. It is recoilless, and the arm is linked to her cybernetic eye. The same can be said of the .45 caliber pistol barrel in her left hand. Also built into the forearm of her left arm is a set of claws that retract into her arm when not in use. Her right eye has infrared and low-light capabilities, along with zooming capabilities, up to 8x normal sight.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

February 5, 1970: Diana Bourne (later to become Artemis) was born.

August 15, 1986: Her father is killed, and she is taken in by Father Cobra, who provides her with a safe place to finish her schooling. He attempts to purge her of her hate over the next few years, but fails. She is driven by revenge towards a life of petty crime, advancing towards more and more destructive purposes.

May 30, 1988: Diana, drawn by revenge, swears allegiance to Cobra, and joins Cobra officially, as a Viper. Joins Range Viper Training Program.

Diana clashes with her superiors, after being promoted to full Cobra Officer Standing, and given the name Artemis, over how violent the protests should be. Her idea of a good protest involves the death of police, government goons, and especially, any G.I. Joes sent against them. This has even lead her to argue with Father Cobra, publicly, before.

Diana is cornered by Ebony and Snake-Eyes, who savagely beat her, and cut on her with swords, leaving her for dead. She is found by Dr. Over Kill, who rebuilds her with Cybernetic parts. She laters finds another Cyberneticist who will install weapons, unbeknownst to Father Cobra or Dr. Over Kill, into her Cybernetic Systems.

MUX History:

In early 2011, Artemis initiated an attack on the Burpleson Air Force Base that provided an opportunity for Major Bludd and Snoop to escape that compound.

When the evil Autobots attacked Sherman Dam, Artemis was there. While defending fleeing dam workers, she managed to shoot out Hound's optic, causing him to flee.

OOC Notes

SG-Artemis is a TP ONLY Character


2010 (SG)


SG-Artemis was created and is played by The-Baroness


  1. US Army is about to shelve the M24 Sniper Rifle.

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