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For in-depth, hard-hitting news coverage no matter where you are in the Positive Polarity universes, you always look FIRST to Around Cybertron. Your hosts are there for you with breaking news from the front lines. Whether it's Decepticon malcontents or plush lizards, they bring you the news you need, when you need it.

In the Negative Polarity universes, however, your hosts bring you the news that your Autobot overlords want you to have, when they want you to have it, via the ABN (Autobot Broadcast Network). And you'd better be watching, if ya knows what's good for ya.


After the destruction of the Baird Beaming Tower in 2017, Cassiopeia approached Bishop about taking over as lead anchor on Around Cybertron. She then moved its studio to Nexis in Triax.

News Crew

Shattered Glass

Rook's news crew includes his boss Countdown, journalist Punch, camerabot Sprocket, and co-anchor Andromeda.


    • Cassiopeia has "PRESS" written on both her helmet and the side of her "newstank" altmode.

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