Armor (attribute)

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Level General Human Scale
0 Totally Fragile Totally Fragile
1 Organic Average Human
2 Kevlar (G.I. Joe/Cobra) Kevlar, Unarmored Vehicles (Cars, Trucks)
3 Average Transformer Lightly Armored Vehicles (Hum-vees, Jets)
4 Armoured/Reinforced TF Armored Vehicles (APCs, Tanks)
5 Heavily Armored TF (Division commanders) Heavily Armored Vehicles (Newer MBTs)
6 Weatherbot Armor Immense Armored Vehicles (Battleships, Carriers)
7 Dinobot Armor Fortified Structures (Bunkers, Forward bases)
8 Gestalt/Guardian Hardened Fortress
9 Metroplex/Trypticon No Equivalent
10 Unicron and other insanely tough types No Equivalent
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