Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the Shattered Glass Autobot warship. For the TFUniverse version used as Autobot Headquarters, see the Ark.

The Ark is the Autobots' massive, heavily-armed attack craft.

Remember what Yahweh did after the original Ark was finished?


Shattered Glass

The Ark was constructed at the design and direction of Emperor Prime for the primary purpose of attacking Earth. Emperor Prime named the Ark after an Earth myth, because he enjoyed the idea of loading a chosen few onto a special vessel and then destroying all other life on the planet.

MUX History

The Ark was completed in 2010, and successfully launched before Cybertron entered the Plait Expanse. However, during its trip to Earth the Ark was boarded by Scourge, who attacked Prime on the bridge, causing the Ark to crash into Arizona Bay.

The Ark is currently being used as the Autobot base on Shattered Glass Earth.

Crew of the Ark

The following Autobots were on board the Ark when it crashed on Earth in 2010.

They joined the following Autobots already on Earth:

With the activation of the Stellar Spanner, the following Autobots joined those on Earth:

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