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Arizona Bay is a location from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

What do you mean "Arizona doesn't have a bay?" Of course it does! Arizona Bay was formed in 1988 after a cataclysmic attack on the United States of America destroyed southern California. Now a whole lotta places are underwater, and the government's declared the whole area a quarantine zone. You can't even drive a ship through it, since all the undersea buildings are a navigation hazard. Didn't they ever teach you about World War III?

There's not supposed to be ocean there! What the smelt happened to California?

Cliffjumper, "Do Over"

Shattered Glass

MUX History

The Ark was completed in 2010, and successfully launched before Cybertron entered the Plait Expanse. However, during its trip to Earth the Ark was boarded by Scourge, who attacked Prime on the bridge, causing the Ark to crash into Arizona Bay.

The Ark is currently being used as the Autobot base on Shattered Glass Earth.


  • Arizona Bay is specifically a reference to the album of the same name by Bill Hicks.
  • On the MUX, the freshwater bay is fed by the Colorado River, which now dumps directly into the Pacific Ocean since Baja California is now an island off the coast of Mexico.
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