Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the main Transformers Universe version of Aria. For her Shattered Glass counterpart, see Aria (SG).
Like sand through the hourglass, all my children, both the young and the restless, realize they have one life to live and so the world turns for the bold and the beautiful.

ARIA is a domestic goddess. There is nothing she can't make beautiful. Melodrama is her middle name, and she fashions her life after her favorite shows, soap operas. It's difficult to know which aspect of Aria's personality one will meet next. Although she is generally sweet and outgoing, her desire to fill her life with romance and intrigue can cause her to do some pretty outrageous things, up to and including claiming to be pregnant with Megatron's baby. It's not that Aria lies -- she would never even consider it -- but she genuinely believes that soaps are nothing more than dramatizations of real life. An accomplished pilot and weapons designer, Aria can be extremely competent when she needs to be, all the while keeping up her preferred sense of style.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Aria was one of the first Junkions to encounter Earth, before official contact between Autobots and Junkions.

MUX History:

Aria was once First Mate of the V'Ger. She served under Benin-Jeri. Her location is currently unknown, but it is possible she has been captured and experimented on by Nemesis.

OOC Notes



Aria was created and played by Dyliana.

Shattered Glass

Aria is the classic faux-ugly geek girl from the movies. The one just waiting for a makeover so she doesn't have to be shy and ugly anymore.

No style, oddly clumsy, shy, but with a beautiful deep soul.

The SG version of Aria is chubbier, sweet, still able to put anything together, but without the confidence or unthemely sexuality.