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Looks are always deceiving.

A generous and loyal Autobot to her friends, ARCEE is also a merciless, lethal warrior to her enemies. Arcee's intelligence, quick wit, and coolness under fire make her invaluable to the Autobot cause. The Decepticons sometimes underrate her because they believe she is beneath their consideration. It is an attitude that Arcee exploits with deadly efficiency. Arcee is friendly with the larger Autobot warriors, although if one were to only listen to the verbal pot-shots they take at each other, one would think that they were the bitterest of enemies. But catch one of the Decepticons making a disparaging remark about her friends, or worse, threatening them in Arcee's presence, and the offender will more often than not find themselves verbally sliced to ribbons before they know it.

In robot mode, Arcee carries a heavy laser pistol, an electrical disperser and an electro-saber, all of which she uses with incredible proficiency. In convertible mode she is blazingly fast, extremely maneuverable, and makes use of wheel-mounted blades and a hood-mounted laser turret. Her excessive time spend in Haven has made her tense and unhappily as she yearns for the surface world.


Quintesson World

In the Quintesson World universe, Prowl announced that Haven was running low on energon and would need to stage a raid for energy in the near future.  Arcee volunteered for the operation.

Later, Arcee, Boff & Punch began their journey toward the surface. Punch informed them that he was going to disarm the security circuitry that would alert the Quintessons to their presence once they reached topside. To do that, he shimmied into a pipe and disappeared into an entire gridwork of underwater power conduits and such. Arcee & Boff went inside to try and locate him, but so far they haven't been able to. They discussed just moving on with the mission, since there's a chance that Punch just did what he had to do and exited into the water.


11 million years ago

  • "A safe Haven" - It turns out times are changing. Prowl calls for people to help do something the rebels haven't done before.


Arcee is currently temped by Doomflower.


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