Transformers Universe MUX

(Arcee appears, filing her report from the Iacon Command Center)

"I have some supplemental information in regards to Silent Grill that I'd like to share. Before I do that, I'd like to comment to Cuffs' concerns. The cult has taken up residence within a titan who is trapped beneath the ground. The location of this base is within jurisdiction of Helex. As Crosscut has previously mentioned, that polity's governance is well aware of the situation, and they are granting a cease-fire with the expectation that we'll route out the cult." (Arcee folds her arms across her chestplate.) "I'm pretty sure they just want to walk right in there and claim the titan for themselves, although with any luck we might be able to liberate him from that predicament altogether. Which brings me to my next point..."

"Imager, I know there's a lot of terrible things down there, and...look, if there's a way to get the job done at least in part from the surface, with the subspace field generators, then that's what counts. Ideally, this part will take place AFTER we've routed out the cult somehow, so we don't have to deal with attackers at the same time. I just feel very strongly that the Triumvarate is wanting to lay claim to the titan once we tend to the 'dirty work', and it isn't their place to do so. It isn't right."

"Elita, I promised some supplemental information at the top of this report, and here it is. I encountered one of the Sweeps recently. As you can see, I'm still in one piece, and I think there's a reason he wasn't in the mood to fight. I'm not going to go so far as to say we can count on the Sweeps to help...BUT...they seem particularly motivated to route out cult activity that doesn't live up to their standards. It bothers them that 'unpure' types, such as Galvatron cultists, could conceivably be down in those depths, 'corrupting' their devotion to Unicron. How would Dal Matia's group react to the Sweeps? I'm not really sure, to be honest. But at least so far as this one Sweep is concerned, obtaining more information on the cult takes priority over tracking and terminating. So perhaps we can exploit this situation. If you want more information on the Sweep situation, you know where to find me. Arcee out."