Located in San Francisco, the ARASHIKAGE MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY was originally owned and operated by Tommy Arashikage, a.k.a. Storm Shadow. The academy was opened after Storm Shadow spent several months living in Snake-Eyes' cabin in the High Sierras. Besides the continued training of Billy, Storm Shadow instructed other students as well. The academy was abandoned by Storm Shadow after Zartan and a band of Red Ninjas attacked it, looking for Storm Shadow. The address for the academy was 4498 Zoe Avenue and the phone number was 555-5277.

The Arashikage Martial Arts Academy was then re-opened in New York City's Spanish Harlem by Dojo on the site of the Soft Master's restaurant where Dojo had been trained many years before. There it existed until it was shut down in 2014 after Cobra Commander had Tomax and Xamot buy out the property and shut it down.

In 2016 the Arashikage Martial Arts Academy was re-opened in San Francisco as a secret West Coast base for G.I. Joe.

New York Arashikage Martial Arts Academy Staff

San Francisco Arashikage Martial Arts Academy Staff

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