The Arashikage Clan is ninja clan based in Japan, although it has members all over the world. Its most famous members are Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes. The clan and its members have played a major part in the ongoing battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra.



The clan has many members, on the sides of both GI Joe and Cobra, and some are neutral in the conflict. A partial list follows.

G.I. Joe
  • Hard Master
  • Iron Master
  • Soft Master
  • Blind Master


There are three here who wear the hexagram of our ninja clan on their right arms. They are the unbroken lines.

There are three here who do not wear the hexagram. They are the broken lines.

We six, together, complete the circle. All forces are in balance and harmony.

The Young Master, G.I. Joe #66

On the MUX, the Red Ninja have organized themselves as THE new Arashikage clan, considering their American offshoots to be traitors and imposters. They have resumed performing assassinations for the highest bidder. They no longer seem to be directly involved with Billy, Storm Shadow, Zartan, or any members of Ninja Force, although they do still occasionally perform contracts for Cobra.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the Arashikage are more of a traditional ninja clan -- the kind of people who kill victims in their sleep.

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