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ARACHNAE is a single-minded Decepticon medical officer with dreams of research glory. She served Shockwave during his command of Cybertron while the Nemesis and crew were out of reach. As a twin-hubbed rotary craft, she can fly wounded out of battle areas to repair facilities, where she sometimes makes unauthorized alterations to them. In root frame, she is an unassuming slim shape usually bent over some project or fallen comrade, composed and quiet with hints of a more predatory nature in movement and carriage. There have been rumors of additional extra-sensory equipment due to her ability to perceive minute details about a person, and use that knowledge to her benefit, sometimes to the detriment of the wounded. Unfortunately, her insatiable curiosity leads her awry and can get her into predicament after predicament, which led to her being one of the ones 'chosen' to be stored in deep cryo to conserve power. After the reformatting of Polyhex, she was sighted in the Crypts and returned to service. She is often seen with small, personally created drone units of various designs that follow her about.

What has been made, can be made better.



The light plays across dark tyrian purple armoring fraught with a spider-webbed series of cracks and cracklings as broken as a desert mudflat after a vorn of no water. There is a visor that covers her optics, fine lines radiating from the edges inwards, capturing and shifting what light is reflected in oilslick rainbows, sickly and shadow-filled. From beneath it, emerald green optics stare out, studyingly, calculating, a calculating gaze hyper-focused into thin slits of dimly simmering cruelty. Below her visor, obscuring any expression is an angled mask, scarred with marrs and clawed strokes like hatch marks commemorating victories or failures. From her shoulders to the tips of her feet, she is as gently curved as a mechanoid can be, poised on the edge of violence, slinking and sinuous. From her back a dual-set of rotor hubs sit, the 6 blades twitch-clicking with vibrations and absent movements. Faded and nearly invisible against that dark, dark plating strike-square in the middle of her chest is the Decepticon emblem, the edges worn, gouges criss-crossing, tracing the outline in hatches and hashes. When this femme moves, it is with a vastly predatory style, contained with a cracked and eroded veneer of control as if at any given moment the contained violence will be unleashed.


Pre-MUX History

Arachnae was but one of many scientists, doctors, and medics serving under Shockwave during 'The Lost Years' and the empire well before that. She joined the Decepticons because of the capacity and ability to pursue her research with fewer restrictions, the fledgling Empire's needs for betterment of its members a call to her drive to make things 'better'. She's Kup levels of old, but due to work on herself, appears far, far more youthful. A more than competent doctor, her true skills lie in augmenting others through various projects. She is happiest in a lab, fiddling with various experiments but also truly enjoys making her fellows function to the best of their ability. Sometimes this is through simple repairs and maintenance, always keen on preventing unneeded discomfort when working as a doctor and taking absolute pride in her work. Sometimes this is performing augmentations, requested or otherwise, to eek out higher performance and efficiency from those that serve the Empire. She cares about her patients, only wanting the very best for them.

When the dark times arrived, she was one of the last assigned to Cold Storage, housed underneath and in Polyhex. Records indicate that she was placed there due to 'unauthorized alterations on active units' and a tactical decision due to the needs to maintain the Empire's stability such as it was. However the truth may be worse: She was considered to be one of Shockwave's scientists.

When Polyhex fell to the first reformatting in 2015, the cryo-storage facilities were damaged, partially pulled into the city's rebuild, triggering emergency release of units that were 'viable' per the last gasps of the monitoring systems. She was released and reeling from the system shock as well as damaged from the alien energies, with viewing the city and it's alien, unicronian landscape, she retreated underground, knowing that her 'awakening' was i no way authorized. Remaining underneath the city, pooling resources she could scavenge from crypt and cryo alike, she carved out a place of her own to work on research, building and sending drones to the upper levels of the planet to observe and report back.

When the second reformat came across in 2019, she was caught again in the barest edges of it while scouring cryo for things to use to supply herself. Damaged again, confused, and with reports of strange new mechanisms sporting a non-Decepticon emblem flooding the city, she retreated further into the crypts, shoring up her holdings through the use of parts and materials gleaned from the dead.

Reports indicated that she was never re-activated and remains to this cycle, status still listed as 'Cryo-Unit 11766, location Polyhex - evaluation pending for return to service'. As she is now, she's been discovered in the crypts, her predations on the dead brought to light. With some effort and care, she can be returned to service, a little more predatory in carriage, a little more experienced in drone design and control.

MUX History

In 2020, Arachnae was reinstated as a Decepticon and assigned to work under Shockwave's division. Her actions were authorized after the fact and Shockwave granted her appropriate rank, access to facilities, and authorizations as he saw fit.



  • July 29 - "Ill Omen Crypt Keeping" - SCiEnCE! has determined that a trip to the crypts deep below Polyhex is needed to continue the effort to return Omen to capacity in her original or another full frame.
  • Aug 22 - "Frozen Find" - Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help.
  • Aug 31 - "This is SCienCE" - Shockwave summons Arachnae to his lab to discuss Science.
  • Sept 10 - "Lab Intrusion" - One curious cat slips into a scientists lab.
  • Sept 19 - "Shipment Interrupted" - An Autobot hauler is intercepted at the North Pole blockade style. A random assortment of helpers arrive.

Sep 13 - Medical Research Report

'Con emblem inset over the medical divisions graphic. Fades to a new (old) face. Arachnae's masked and visored features tick at the screen a moment before she begins a verbal report.

"Initial investigation into the two Seeker-frames who had exhibited poor choices with their decision to attempt to take an unscheduled Space-Bridge ride indicated elevated temperatures and disorientation to the point of frank incoherency. Deep scans were initiated along with a wide array of laboratory tests. Initial results were disappointing until the comparisons between cortical regions from a past visit and the current scans.

She half turns and waves a hand, 'pulling' a projected screen into view. "Actively occurring damage was indicated here (point) here (point), and here (point) in the behavioral cortex regions for both patients." She pokes the projected screen before continuing, "An atomic scan of cortical samples was initiated and the results indicate that there is a nanovirus active in both of their systems. Full and -strict- quarantine procedures must be maintained at this point. Including a full no-contact with any samples taken. If I could request a report indicating whom they may have come into contact with prior to the Spacebridge incident, it would be appreciated for vector checking and spot testing. Do report any odd behaviors and if you are feeling unwell, do not hesitate to report to medical. Your care and well being is a top concern.

Thank you,

Arachnae Out.


  • Sept 19 - "Of Projects and Interests" - A second meeting between Decepticon rotary craft while flying the winds over the Southpole nets an agreement to pursue a cooperative venture.
  • Sept 20 - "A Gravimetric Anomaly" - Running into 3 of the combaticons, Arachnae lends some medical aid to Blast Off due to his run in with a 'gravimetric anomaly'. In the end, there's a debate on if it's a date, or a professional meeting.

Sep 30 - Hydrax Report

>>**Decepticon Spinny**<<

Arachnae's masked and visored face pops into view sporting cracks and debris. She swipes a cleaning cloth across her helm then delivers a general glare.

As /Commander/ Astrotrain has failed to report, allow me. Whatever Autobot was lurking around Hydrax? Well he got away. Apparently the 151st's attempts to cordon and locate were not successful if the 4 Autobots that somehow -SNUCK- up on our position are any indication. How on Cybertron something that large snuck up on them.. Pah.. Needless to say that particular quarry has escaped." She pauses then adds, dryly, "I am happy to report that the medical team in the area is quite sufficient and organized in providing routine care to our front lines. My duty rotation there is ended, best of luck to the next one assigned there, the weather is abysmal."

>>>***Decepticon Spinny***<<<

  • Oct 4 - "Better Care Through Sedation" - Arachnae repairs Starscream after his Manganese Mountain experience.
  • Oct 5 - "Seekers and Shuttles" - Arachnae makes sure Starscream has no lingering effects from the surprise sedative given when she went to repair him. And then gets to talking shuttles and forms with Blast Off.
  • Oct 6 - "Deal With The Doctor" - Swindle finds himself making a deal with Arachnae after the good Doctor watches him rummage about helping himself. Sometimes, there are questions you really shouldn't ask.
  • Oct 6 - "Sixshot Needs A Hand" - A Phase Sixer walks into medical needing some specialized handling. And then we have Swindle, Blast Off, and Vortex having an entirely different moment.
  • Oct 13 - "Spark in a Box" - After some broadband banter, Swindle comes looking for Vortex and finds him talking to Arachnae about something that had been left at the door to her lab. Congratulations, it's a spark.

Oct 14 - Regarding the Old Threat

>>>***Decepticon Spinny***<<<

Arachnae's face shows up after the usual Imperial logo flashes up. She's narrow optic staring at the screen.

"So, apparently Optimus Prime send a planet-wide message about a virus. Well, how about -that-, it seems they know what has been affecting our soldiers too. I'd gotten to the virus part but apparently they have more free time. I'd like to request /anything/ and -everything- we have on this.. Dweller Virus. We have what the intel division supplied but we need everything form before made available. If there isn't anything available, we may need to send someone to work with their team to put this infection down properly this time. Thank you."

She starts to turn away then, "Whoever dropped a spark in a box off at my lab... It still lives. And I will find out who it was. If scanning won't net me a known signature match, well there's always making it a new body."

>>>***Decepticon Spinny***<<<

  • Oct 14 - "Kai The Mystery Spark" - Kai Spark who are you! Or What.. Swindle lets himself into Arachnae's lab to check on the spark-in-a-box that had been left there. Arachnae works more to discover who or what the spark now called 'Kai' is.
  • Oct 17 - "The Mystery of Kai" - Shockwave visits Arachnae in her lab. The two discuss 'Kai' and Arachnae learns even more about her project now turned challenge.
  • Oct 21 - "Cleared for Duty " - Several of Con Intel's officers report in to be tested for the Dweller virus.
  • Oct 23 - "Snark the Doctor " - Arachnae calls Starscream out on his not coming in for the checkup. He comes in. Some snark between the two before he is cleared.
  • Oct 24 - "Spilled Beans Averted " - Combaticon chatter in medical. Blast off almost spills the beans on their condition to Arachnae, who has not been informed of any problem with the team.
  • Nov 4 - "Not Entirely Incapable" - Shockwave visits Arachnae in her lab to have a brief discussion and pass along another piece of the Kai puzzle.

Nov 05 - Dweller Cure

- 'Con Spinny-

Arachnae's visored and masked face set against the backdrop of her laboratory. "Deathsaurus delivered the cure from the Autobots to me in my lab as well as the instructions on how to replicate the antivirus. Copies and a master-vial have been sent to all Decepticon medical facilities to focus on production and delivery. All are to be vaccinated, whether or not there are symptoms as a preventative. If you have a problem with this, talk to Shockwave about it. I'm certain he'll appreciate a logical discussion on why someone should be excluded. A master vial and replication instructions have also been given to Deathsaurus for production and deployment to his own denizens and teams. Now, if you decide to avoid this particular med bay party, I will put in a request for Scourge to send his sweeps after you. I'm certain they'd enjoy a little catch, rough up, and release."

-'Con Spinny-

  • Nov 8 - "Pick Locks Get Spiders " - Pick the labs door lock, get spiders. Swindle learns the hard way.
  • Nov 10 - "Arachnae Meets Scourge" - Arachnae meets Scourge, noting he's been in medical quite a while. She comments that she should be charging him rent.
  • Nov 11 - "Crash and Bleed " - Arachnae invites Vortex to her lab for a checkup on his continued lack of feels to stims and other things. He crashes and the Combaticons issues are exposed.
  • Nov 12 - "Of Combaticons and Counterpunch " - 'Nae spends more time with the Combaticons . Counterpunch come through with VERY important Intel.
  • Nov 13 - "Go Ahead and Insult Arachnae " - Blast Off realizes that if Arachnae got her data from Counterpunch, then CoC must -know- about the Combaticons situation. In a moment of concern and stress, he insults the Doctor. Really Blast Off, really?

Nov 12 - Medical Report

-Decepticon Emblem spins before fading into the Imperial and then Cybertronian emblem for Medical-

A pause and then the screen fades into showing Arachnae's head and shoulders, behind her appears to be a lab chock full of things that beep and chirp and scuttle about. Visor is glinting with streaks of Primus knows what across it as well as across her mask and her rotor hubs have a flicker of electrical charge crackling across. Someone may be in a fine mood.

"Medical report, Unit: Vortex. ( pausing to poke at a screen off cam ) Unit has reported several times that there was a lack of sensation or experience when partaking in some of the finer substances our empire allows, to include Kaff and the usual stims and mellowing agents some of ours use for medical reasons. In visiting my lab, he went into a systemic systems fault failure after he had requested that I take a look to see what could possibly be of concern. He coded and was stabilized.

An emergency systems flush has been performed and he's being slowly refueled with medical grade. As well as having numerous damages that appear to be both new and older taken care of. The initial analysis is not that he's managed to stop reacting to what most of us consider normal levels of consumables. The issue is his systems WILL NOT register anything OFF of baseline. Meaning he could easily bleed out aaaand it'd just be like.. Tuesday to his frame and core. He wasn't even feeling the need to refuel which is why he went crit on me having a mug of Kaff.

(She STARES at the camera) So.. listen clearly. And do listen well. I very much understand the need to keep -things- under wraps for the security and safety of the Empire. Believe me, I am /well/ versed in such. But I officially have 3 members of a 5 member combiner team in my lab under a lock-down with two admitting to suffering from effects of some tampering apparently performed on them by some jumped up, *hammer-handed*, Autobot filth? And they have been like this for -months-? And Everyone was OK with this?! ( If anything her voice gets quieter the angrier she gets )

( waving a hand covered in energon and other suspect fluids at something off screen ) This team is far too important to simply let meander about in a state of less than -perfection-. To all of those in medical who have had any of these come across your tables for repairs.. (optics narrow ) I will be reviewing your reports. You are under evaluation. If you don't think I can, just wait and see.

I am keeping these three close to me and will be running a full comparative analysis on their systems against what I have -access- to in the records. Something is -broken- and it will be fixed. They -will- be made better. If anyone just /runs across/ any further information on what in Primus' name happened to them, do feel free to let me in on it.

Arachnae Out.

-screen goes black-


Sep 24 - Medical Report: Ravage

>*Decepticon Spinny then Arachnae!*<

Good day. I've Ravage here in Tarn Medical. And looking at the initial results as well as the work currently in progress, he will be here for some time longer. Commander Soundwave is allowing me to assist in the work to.. well frankly, it is almost a full sub-system rebuild. Apparently -something- happened to the both of them however Ravage took the brunt of it. I've cleared Soundwave from his own damage and low fuel levels and released him back to duty.

As For Ravage, due to the nature of his specifications, which are under a security lock, you hacks, there are some systems which, frankly, may have me in and out of my lab hand-building at Soundwave's direction and discretion. As to the how or why, that information I don't have, however whatever it was was enough to carbonize several systems outright along with multiple cascade failures as if he simply blew all capacitors in chain.

Arachnae Out

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