Andromeda is an evil Autobot reporter from the "Shattered Glass" universe. She's also sometimes known as Romy.
There's a coup against Optimus Prime?! Everybody with me! I want video of their corpses!

—Andromeda, "Around Cybertron"

ANDROMEDA is one of the news anchors for ABN, and can be seen filling in for Rook (with whom she shares a very unfriendly rivalry) on Around Cybertron whenever he's not available. She's just as fond of bloodthirsty ambulance-chasing as the rest of the ABN news crew.

In robot mode, she carries an engine-blaster for defense, as well as several different types of audio-visual recording and broadcasting equipment. In race car mode, she can speed to scenes of destruction at velocities close to the likes of Blurr and Crasher. She’s recently been made head of Autobot propaganda and the news department at ABN, a position that makes her a target for assassination from every other news reporter on Cybertron.


Andromeda filled in for Rook while he was "on vacation" after accidentally angering Optimus Prime in a not-flattering-enough news report. She was going to interview Mirage, former bank robber-turned-Ratchet-experiment, but then she heard the news that there was a coup being attempted against Optimus Prime. She ran off to cover the story, leaving Mirage feeling abandoned, and Rook free to take his beloved newsdesk back from her.

MUX History:

Andromeda was one of the reporters who regularly basked in the glow of luminescent Jetfire. However, since Emperor Prime and Jetfire left on the Ark, Andromeda has focused on cementing her role as head of Autobot propaganda (and, ideally, the Autobots themselves), as well as occasional news coverage of the Junkion invasion.

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Logs /Posts

2010 (SG)


  • April 4 - "Ceasefire" - Andromeda reports in the ceasefire between the Autobots and Decepticons


Andromeda is available for temping for the Shattered Glass TP.


Altmode, perfect to get Andromeda to the scene of late-breaking news


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