Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: An Unexpected Prank

Characters: Dust Devil, Spike

Location: Cybertron

Date: 2020 May 5

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Dust Devil is unexpectedly generous for his latest prank. 

As logged by Spikewitwicky

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

The first floor of the facility is a masterwork of elegant precision of movement; dozens of medical droids carrying tools and materials rushing in between medics and gurneys rapidly, Autobot medics moving from room to room while reading datapads or discussing matters in low, hushed tones, and automated medical equipment moving slowly from floor to floor make the entrance floor of the medical center seem like the production stage of a choreographed waltz. Two elevators on either side of the floor allow access to other areas of the facility, which include patient rooms, testing labs, and rehabilitation facilities. 

Spike Witwicky

Spike 's sleeping comfortably in his cot int he med bay. Sort of a strange practice, but he's learned he's had to do it now - in his bed are now his work boots, which he found out he had to keep them immediately close to him. Not saying why.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Still not sure why we're introducing Petrorabbits to all the cities. Hope we make sure the cranky ones end up in Tarn."

GAME: Spike PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.
GAME: Dust Devil PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Extreme difficulty.

Dust Devil is of course after said boots. He reaches out to exchange those boots with some of the leftover material from the doll arm made into a set of boots. Once successfully swiped he takes them and goes over to the Autoclave, changing some of the settings. Taking a moment, he pulls the laces out and makes a necklace that he puts over his head while going back to focusing on the boots. He then starts brushing some paste looking oil ALL over the boots. Making sure he gets them completely saturated. There's a satisfied smirk on his face. That's when he tosses them into the Autoclave and turns it on.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Oh if you hear that Spike shot someone....there's a good chance he slightly overreacted to something."

Spike really had a long night trying to help Scales. He comfortably lulls back to sleep, unbeknownst to Dust Devil's swapping out his boots, so he continues resting. He mumbles "can't...without Crosscut..."

<<Autobot>> Para-Droppable PITA Backblast says, "Uhh..."
<<Autobot>> Para-Droppable PITA Backblast says, "Do I want to know?"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil laughs, "I stole Spike's boots again. He's currently cuddled up to a fake set I replaced. These with. Just finished sticking this stuff on them and waiting for the second part of my plan to finish cooking. He's still dead asleep.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Wonder if we can install one of those bootknives you see in the luck he'd end up trippin on them."

<<Autobot>> Para-Droppable PITA Backblast audible facepalm

Spike continues to rest in a deep sleep, but the anxiety dream continues he mumbles "I'm so sorry....please don't fire me. Don't fire me, Crosscut..."

Dust Devil looks over at the mumbling and snickers. He then hears a **DING** and goes over to the autoclave. He takes the boots out for a moment and grins at the result and puts them back in. Again changing the settings a little.

Spike quietly goes back to slumbering. He stops mumbling and goes back to a comfortable sleep.

Dust Devil moves over and pokes at the little Carafe that will hold the near-boiled Caffeine seed mash. He goes back and forth and fills it, sticking the water into the machine. He then grabs the little can and makes a face, carefully using his handtools to manipulate the human-sized items. Sticking the dehydrated bean mash into the filter material he pokes the button on. Then it's over to Spike's little fridge. He stares at the choices available. Finally grabbing 2 of the reconstituted protein bars and throws them...He glances at the package again. Eyes the microwave and instead goes over to the other autoclave and changes settings before putting it in.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Does it matter which protein you put in a human? Oh nevermind.....what about the radiation....screw it...autoclave it is."

<OOC> Spike says, "Good lord, you are going all out with this one..."

Somehow the anxiety vanishes, the dream mysteriously 'vanishes' and Spike continues to rest comfortably. His body relaxes and he goes into another cycle of sleep. One that pretty much proves that he can sleep through anything. His tense expression eases into a relaxed, content expression.

    • BING!**
    • BING!**

GAME: Spike FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of Immense difficulty.

Dust Devil starts looking for Spike's container. And...can't find the container. He glares and starts rummaging around. At one point he picks up the cot with Spike in it and looks under it, trying to figure out WHERE it got put.

Spike 's eyes widen as he is lifted. "Shi - " His eyes wearily focus on Dust Devil "Dude...what the hell?!"

Dust Devil puts Spike down and frowns, "I couldn't find something. Sorry fer wakin you though I'm thinkin you normally wake up before this..." The bootlace necklace is still around Dust Devil's neck.

Spike rubs his eyes and mumbles "Well...I USUALLY get up around 5:15 in the morning, but the cycles here are kinda different..." He doesn't see the necklace...yet. He's too busy sniffing. He looks up, genuinely touched. "Did you...did you make me coffee?" He frowns and rubs the back of his neck. "How long was I asleep anyway?"

Spike looks genuinely touched Dust Devil would go through that process of making him coffee.

Dust Devil says, "Ummmm long enough for me ta get some stuff done..." He beams brightly, "Still can't find your coffee cup....wait...its in the radiation box isn't it...."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Uh oh He's awake."

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Spike looks at Dust Devil and freezes. "Uh...remember...I'm a human. I CAN'T have radiation? I mean, yes, for xrays, but not for much else."

Dust Devil rolls his optics, "The microwave...."

Spike frowns back. "Just say 'microwave' then, I'm guessing you DO have radiation boxes around." He shakes his head and looks up at Dust Devil.

GAME: Spike PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Spike 's eyes widen as he sees the necklace. His voice grows graver. "Dusty...where are my boots?!"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Uh oh....he noticed..."

Spike goes to his bed and looks to where his boots are SUPPOSED to be.

Dust Devil starts to back up. Where his boots were are...polystyrene boots. **BING!** He inches over to the Autoclave to go check on...something. He opens the one with the breakfast pockets in it. "Hey yer food is ready..."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil laughs, "I'm so glad that he doesn't have a gun on him...."

Spike shakes his head as he uncovers his bedding and sees the 'replacement' boots. He looks at Dust Devil. "! These are NOT my boots!" He looks up at Dust Devil. His feet are bare now. "Dusty...where ARE they!"

Spike says panicked "I can't hang around on Cyb'tron barefoot! I NEED my boots...if I don't have them, I'm basically confined to that exo-suit over there..." He points to his suit which he hasn't used in a day or so.

Dust Devil goes over to the other Autoclave. He quickly puts the resultant boots into a box. He makes a face. "Ummm....oooooo...well...Not sure if they're supposed ta look like this when they're done..." He carefully carries the box as far away from him as possible and places it on the cot before backing up. "Do you know you mumble in yer sleep?"
Dust Devil takes off the necklace and offers the boot laces to him from as far away as possible.

Spike quickly goes to the cot, ignoring the cold floor. He frowns up at Dust Devil "No I don't..." He looks at the box with a concerned look on his face. He rubs the back of his neck and tries to take the laces.

GAME: Spike PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Very High difficulty.

The Boots... Well the boots have been brushed clean, sealant has been put on all the seams and the leather itself has been treated with weatherproofing. The 'gentle cycle' of the autoclave has caused the treatment to be pulled into the leather.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "He's gonna have to replace the boots. They're easy enough to pull out but putting them back in...gah."

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Who are you talking to?"

Spike swipes at the laces and goes over to the box and throws open the cover. "Goddamnit, Dusty...I told you, these mean a lot to me, they're..." He then blinks as they are clean. The're clean. He narrows his eyes, yes, there's a sealant,'s seamless, not interfering with the original design. He studies the boot and blinks in disbelief. "They're...they're..." 

"They're beautiful!"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Oh just updatin Backblast on somethin I did earlier."

Dust Devil says, "I looked up on how yer supposed ta care fer the boots. And first thing it said was ya need ta break them in. And ya did that. So I figured I'd do the rest. The sealant on the seams isn't always done but its supposed ta help. And then the leather treatment. I did some tradin with Sunstreaker fer the waxed stuff. Then it was a matter of utilizin the autoclave ta just elevate the temps slightly so that it soaked in without gettin too runny."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "I figured Spike needed some of my special attention. I just gave everyone a heads up in case he decided ta shoot me first."

Spike shakes his head, smirking. "Dude...thank you! didn't have to do that!" He goes over and gives Dust Devil a quick bro-hug. He shakes his head. "This is like...this is like the best thing you've ever done for me, with the exception of trusting me to go with you to see Alpha Trion!"

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Likely justified. Carry On."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Ahahahah!"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Luckily he was sleepin and didn't get a chance ta negate my concerns."

Spike goes over and gets his 'breakfast' out. He blinks. It's...well...protein bars in a toaster setting. It's not exactly... appetizing. That would be more of a breakfast burrito. But you know what, it's ok. It's OK. He slowly reaches in and takes a bite.

"And this...good lord, what did I do to deserve this?""

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Sorry to bother you, Jazz. Let me know if you need me."

Dust Devil says, "Felt a little bad fer upsettin you so much about the boots before. And You've been doin so much fer ever'one around here. And not bein able ta go home right away because of everythin else. So...yeah."

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Any status updates for me Spike?"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Nothin important!"

Spike has some protein bars and some breakfast burritos. Some are good for reheating. Some are not. But he's not about to give Dust Devil grief for somethign so thoughtful. But...good lord...this is not a good combination. He manages to swallow the next bite and quickly reaches for the coffee to make the mix more palatable.

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Whenever you're ready to dispatch me, I'm ready. Not too sure if you wanted Scales as well."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "But soon, I'd like to get back home. I love it here, but right now, I think I'm needed with my family on Earth."

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "No. Scales has a different assignment. Fine then dude. I'll set up the meets."

(Radio) Spike transmits, "I'll do my best, Jazz." to Jazz.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil chuckles, "Least he's not got a reason to be runnin around barefooted in the medical bay still...."

Spike tries to smile through the protein bar. Thankfully, the OTHER thing that Dust Devil grabbed is much more palatable, a breakfast burrito. He gives a quizzical look at Dust Devil. "Did you...alter the setting for the microwave, this tastes awesome!"

Dust Devil says, "Didn't use the microwave...used the Autoclave...just screwed with the settings a little. Which...I better fix right now before one of the medheads shoot me."

(Radio) Jazz sends Spike a radio transmission, 'If things are going badly we will need a code word that you can use over the radio so that I know we need to come get you.'

Spike looks genuinely touched. "Dude...thank you!"

Spike shakes his head and grins. "How...long were you working on this?"

Dust Devil thinks about it, "Let's fell up....went back ta sleep...then I switched out the boots. I have a steady hand so I was able to get the sealin done quick. And then the wax is really good stuff. So it made it go a lot quicker. The autoclave just really sped the process.

Spike shakes his head, marveling at the workmanship. "In...credible." He looks at Dust Devil and nods. "I...I owe you. Big time for this...these look like a brand spankin' new pair of boots!"

Dust Devil grins, "I'm assumin a little better since yer boots are already broke in." He chuckles, "Just remember this next time I'm annoyin ya. Yer face though...that was awesome. Pretty sure ya mighta actually shot me if ya had a gun."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Are we still doing that flyover Tarn with the pamphlets? Oh wait, nevermind, wrong channel."

Spike shakes his head and and frowns slightly "Dude...I could never shoot you." He smirks " know...I had a really good reason. Like I HAD to."

Dust Devil chuckles, "I'm sure some of the bots would willingly shoot me for you..."

Spike pffts "Yeahright..." He shakes his head and gives a guarded look at Dust Devil. 

" looks like Jazz is sending me into Valvolux...I THINK it's Valvolux...alone...just like, a diplomatic mission - Scales isn't coming."

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Yes. Time and Date to be determined."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Still think the Megatron coloring sheet would be a hit."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "you're really board, arent you?"

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "To his credit, this was a really productive 'bored' today"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "I believe that."

Dust Devil tilts his head. "Wonder what yer gonna be doin....At least it's a good...well...starter place. Get mechs kinda used ta seein ya."

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

Spike shrugs and says casually after taking a shower. "Dunno...I mean, I've thought through it - mainly just trying to get to know them, but maybe just treat it as a 'human-centered' visit." He looks at Dust Devil "You know...maybe if they're worried about associating with the Autobots TOO much, maybe they'll be more receptive to just a human trying to find out about their environment."

Dust Devil nods, "I'll be at Valvolux if ya need me fer the most part. I'll listen ta the radio chatter.:

Spike nods. He looks at Dust Devil. "So...Jazz wanted me to come up with a 'code word' if things go bad." He nods to Dust Devil and says in all seriousness "So, if things are going bad, my code word is 'Billy Idol.'" He nods to Dust Devil "Sound good?"

Dust Devil rolls his optics, "Forgive me if I jump the gun and come runnin if I only hear Billy." He chuckles. "I better start makin my shoppin list."

Spike blinks at Dust Devil "What would you need for a shopping list? I mean, other than energon? I'm guessing this will be a fairly short trip - introduce myself, get some information that I can relay back to Earth...that sort of thing."

Dust Devil grins, "Need to make sure I've got my emergency kit stocked...just some wires, capacitors and resistors...Stuff ta fix my energon goodie box and myself."