Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: An Accidental Date

Characters: Ghost, Starscream

Location: New Polyhex

Date: 5/11/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP 

Summary: Starscream tries to get info out of Ghost and 
somehow, accidentally asks her out on a date and has no 
idea how to respond. 

As logged by Starscream'

New Polyhex - Southwestern Cybertron

Tetra-Interceptor spirals down from above, the craft running 2 of 4 engines with a rumble heralding her approach to Polyhex proper. The spiral tightens in on itself, the craft performing a series of wing-over-wing manuvers spinning on her long axis before slowing even further into a stall. Nose up, she glides before transforming, stepping out of the air to stop atop one of the walls, silver optics peering about.

Starscream is, unsurprisingly, moving about New Polyhex, grumbling to himself as he looks about, trying to get an idea on the cities defences.. He doesn't really look like he's /trying/ though....Looks more inconvinced than anything. "Been two Days, the hell is that blasted Protoform?!" He'd sneer to himself, unaware anyone else was there to hear him as he paces about.

Ghost walks along the wall-top, stopping to look at a sensor node. WIngs flick and she pulls a small data-cable out, jacking into the device itself.

Starscream grumbles. "Why am I doing a grunts work?" He tacks on as he paces about, crossing his arms and rubbing his temples. "I'm /Second/ in command, why am I doing this?" He continues to whine before he stops and huffs, placing his hands on his hops, looking around once more. "Doesn't even look like much defense was put up anyway.."

Ghost sends a handshake signal to Darkmount, then completes the process of relinking this to the mainframe, taking it off of one network and adding it to another. "One down, many more to go.." She hops off the wall, hovering down while checking a list on a datapad. "Alright.. visual should be..." she strides ever closer to where Starscream is pacing, the operative pausing to check positioning before walking again.

Starscream's wings twitch upward as he heard Ghosts voice and glances behind ihm, raising a ridge, he quickly collects himself and folds his arms behind him. "Ah... Ghost, hello, what pry-tell brings you here?" he asks as he starts walking towards her.

Ghost has her hand reached up, a docking cable in the other, about to jack into what is very much obviously a security camera. She pauses, looking over her shoulder and lifts a brow, "Ahh.. Hello there." Calm as can be as she slots the cable in. "Side-job. Reconfiguring Polyhex security."

Starscream raises a ridge, considering Megatron had told Starscream to look over Polyhex's defenses right in front of her, his optics shutter into a squint, something smelled here and it wasn't him, for once. "Ah? Why is that? Helping our Lord in collecting information regarding New Polyhex's defenses should it need a, ah.. cyst, removed?" he asks as he paces behind her, trying to get an idea on what she is doing.

Ghost crooks lips into a half smile as she sends in the pre-auth to access. "Ahhh.. This request came in before our little tete-a-tete with /him/. Simple enough request, no odd flags that I saw." she pauses, sending in the new code requirements. "Some of the systems were showing as offline or were reporting errors. So, I was asked to review and insure that they were reporting to Darkmount's mainframe correctly."

"I.. Seee..." Starscream says as he brings a finger to his lip in thought. "So.. Wouldn't that make you, currently, the head of New Polyhex's defenses?" He asks. "Could you tell me about the cities defenses then? and considering you know why I ask, I wont bother playing coy on the subject."

Ghost lifts a brow as she disconnects, "I am but a.." amused smile, "Contractor who has been asked to perform a very specific task." She taps the camera so that it recesses back into the housing, "What I have access to is limited."

Starscream clicks his tongue at her, yes, he clicks his tongue. "I see." He lets out a huff as he glances about. "Well, does anything in your.. contract." He states, brushing some none-visible dirt off his chassis as he turns to face partly away from her. "State you cannot share what information you do know?" He asks. "Or where one may.. aquire, such information regarding the full extent of the cities deefnses."

Ghost lets out a rumble-hmm, accessing a file and then another to review before, "Per the agreement that I have, I am working with the monitoring structure alone, not the defenses at this part of the request." She taps a dusty finger to her chin, "Its Polyhex - they're working on updating the older items that I've seen, modernizing."

Starscream just lets out a long, drawn out sigh before he pinches his nose bridge. "This is idiotic." he states in clear frustration as he gets out his datapad. "How long is Deszaras going to leaving me standing around here?" He'd grumble to himself as he looks at his datapad, repeatedly pressing a button on the screen. He glances back at Ghost in thought as he grumbles. "...Well, if I'm to wait here, I might as well get acquainted with those around." He'd state, finally stopping his rapid tapping of the datapad. "...If I maybe so /bold/, Ghost, How do you feel about the current situation at hand?"

Ghost tucks her cable into her forearm, shifting so she can lean against the partial wall that camera is in. Arms fold over her front, wings creak slightly as she shifts them, "Did you send a message ahead of time requesting admittance?" she asks, amused. "I mean.. this is Polyhex, these are Deceptions are they not?" She waves off at some random mech working on a thing.

"Which one?" is her response, "There are so many."

"Yes, and that is what makes his /tardiness/ even more unacceptable and clearly blatant." Starscream stats as he glares at the datapad, before he glances back. "...Hmmm The whole situation regarding our lords... 'actions' the past number of months."

Ghost ahhs, "Considering I've only been returned to realspace for.. perhaps 2 months? My judgement may not have the soundest base in fact." She offers a sirk, "And Which Lord? The one here or /him/?"

Starscream once more raises that optic ridge as he glances around a moment. "Please, there is only but one lord among the Decepticons, and that is our Lord Megatron of course." he states as he brings a hand up to his chassis. "As I am aware there are a.. fair few who do not approve of his actions."

Ghost snort-chuffs air out of intakes before pushing off of the wall.. and fanning her wings out behind her in full display. A brow lifts, cocky smirk in place, arms refolding across her chest, "You tell me what you think I feel?"

Starscream eyes Ghost as she moves, keeping that ridge raised, taking notice of her appearance and wing display. "...Well, considering I must watch what I say, I will state that they are all.... detrimental."

Ghost tucks her wings back into 'standard' locking the panels out from her seeker-cant sequence. "We all must watch what we say, Starscream. Even here..." she waves a hand, "Not everything is controlled by whom we think it is."

"Indeed." he says, canting his helm slightly as he folds his arms behind himself. "Perhaps.. A private conversation at some point may be warranted then, no?" he asks as he gestures an open hand out.

Ghost tucks her head down slightly, peering out from under the ridge of her helm. "Why.. Commander Starscream..." she says lightly, paper-rasp of a voice amused, "Are you asking me out?"

Starscream looks.. minorly taken back, as he has to pause to give that actual thought. Should he work with that? Shouldn't he? Yes? No? It went well last time, right?? Ghost could tell he was a bit flustered at the thought and unsure how to respond. "I.. Erm.. Uh.." He'd clear his voice box and cough into a balled up first as he glances away in a bid to compose himself. "I-If you wish to interpret it as such."

Ghost's wings unlock and flick-flicker, optics that silvered hue. "It would be untoward for one of my rank to.... assume any such thing." she notes.

Starscream is officially uncomfortable, this has to be a joke, she's messing with him, 100 percent messing with him! Yeah, that's it! /No one/ would like him in that way! He's well aware of his stance among most, no one would look at him in that manner! Right? He clears his voice box once more, and starts to step around Ghost. "If it's such the desired private setting for which we may speak, then... perhaps arrangements can be made." He'd nod.

Ghost, at some point in the distant past, perhaps at the Vosian academy, may have entertained such thoughts in the vague sort of hey why's everyone staring at that mech, hmm, he does fly nice way. Now, well... it'd be anyones guess. "If anything, Commander.." she says tone very soft as she steps closer, raising a brow, "It would explain a brief abscence and be a useful cover.." closer again, "Were others to be watching us talk, here and now." Half smile creeping into place, peering at him again out from under the ridge of her helm. "This camera is visual only."

If Starscream's face indicated any emotion it would the physical representation of 'ABORT MISSION!'. However, he's not acting on it! He needs to appear in control and show no fear! Though he does wonder what in the name of Primus has he gotten himself into? "I.. See then, Well, I suppose I have ah.. arrangements to make, as long as your are quite fine with such."

Ghost gives a small nod of her head, expression that half smile, thoughtful and curious. "I do think that would be proper, yes?"

Starscream ahems. "Yes, I would think so." he says, nodding quickly... Thundercracker and Skywarp can never find out, they'll /never/ let him live down this situation, just like how everyone doesn't let him forget he called Megatron his best friend.

Ghost gives a wink before half turning, looking down at her datapad. "Do let me know when and where we are going, sir. I must admit.. I am curious."

"Yes, Ah... Right, just, Ahem." He'd cough into his fist once more and folded his arms behind him. "Yes, once I'm done taking care of the whole New polyhex orders I will.. start making plans and I will contact you when such are ready... Until then lieutenant." Starscream nods politely before facing away, and starting to walk, he brings a hand around and slaps it against his halm, grumbling.

Ghost ticks off this camera, then turns, watching Starscream walk off. Brow lifts, wings swish-and-swing before the operative makes her way towards her next stop.