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Ambulon is a Decepticon turned Autobot.


Ambulon was part of a Decepticon combiner experiment. This experiment is responsible for his current alt-mode... a leg. Years later he joined the Autobots as a Medic and is stationed at the William 'Sparkplug' Witwicky Repair and Maintenance Center.

I Have the World's worst alt mode: I turn into a leg. Ambulon: from the verb "to ambulate," meaning "to walkabout." It's a stupid name...
... But all the best names are taken.

—Ratchet and Ambulon.


MUX Continuity

Ambulon is stationed at Iacon with his fellow medics First Aid and Fixit.

When Chromia and Windblade were ambushed and Windblade attacked, Ambulon and Signal Flare ventured out to recover Chromia's unconscious body.

When Sprite was released from Nightbird's captivity, she wound up in Ambulon's care.

In 2019, Ambulon was reassigned to Delphi to assist Pharma's research.



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