Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Altihex Assault: Labs

Characters: Astrotrain, Backblast, Blast Off, Blockade, Cyclonus, Deathsaurus, Dust Devil, Fortress Maximus, Ghost, Glit, Goth, Jetstorm, Khamsin, Megatron, Mini-Con Air Defense Team, Nightbird, Nightshade, Runway, Snarl, Sonar, Starlock, Starscream, Typhoon, Valour

Location: East Altihex

Date: May 13, 2020

TP: Peace in Our Time TP

Summary: Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can seize the research in its labs. Deathsaurus chooses that moment to grandstand.

As logged by  Ghost

Log session starting at Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 5:34 PM ET

--- Lab team Splitoff ---

East Altihex - Northeastern Cybertron

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm making a firewall around this facility. Just testing some things thats all. Bots come my way I'll take any of them out. You know I can clear the battlefield. any battlefield at my will."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "That does depend on how well you execute the order I gave to use the utmost of your abilities in this assault. Commander Valour, I expect a full report on the combat effectiveness of all the troops that accompanied you, and I do mean all of them."

Deep Space Research Facility 39

Behind a gated and heavily guarded wall is a complex of buildings which appearing to have no doors or windows of any kind, and although are free standing, are so close together that from even a short distance seem to form a singular structure. The lab buildings are coated in a dark graphite imbued with numerous microscopic nanites that deflect any attempts to penetrate the ponderous structures with any sort of spectral or electromagnetic scans, leaving the interior of the structures a complete mystery. In front of the first building there is a large, rectangular, black metallic pad facing a scanner on the wall, a singular large, red eye viewing the world with unrelenting suspicion.


Valour flies in from the west, sailing over barricades as if they were not there. Once arriving before the labs, he lands and addresses the speakerbox. "I've come for your data," he says pleasantly. "I don't plan to ask again."

A voice comes over the lab speakerbox, loud enough for anyone in the area to hear. "Actually," the faceless voice says, "It is you who will be given one chance to depart. You will find we are not without defenses of our own." At that moment, the nanotech covering of the lab ripples and produces a ridiculous Generation 2-level of laser banks, kinetic weapon turrets, and missile pods. All of ones on this side of the building focus their tracking on Valour.

From nowhere, something continues to track Valour as he moves, approaching the facility at an angle. At one with the nothing that she harbors, the operative slows as she nears the facility. If Valour wants to walk up to the door, so be it, she has her own means to attempt to get through. Hello wall. Meet Phase variant Ghost.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Well. If my commander would tell me what to attack I will. I'm not in command of this attack and I will not be held prisoner in my own city."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Did I not just do so? Crush those that stand in the way of the swift completion of this assault."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus snarls lowly. "This was the plan all along. For this to be my assault on people I've allied with."

Nightbird pauses at the sight of the rippling walls and makes her way off to one side, her fingers stroking along the wall.. as her own nanobots swirl into the wally. And rather then try to overpower everything she works on ensuring none of the defenses can 'see' Valour or herself.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost rasps in a papery whisper, "Did they ever publicly ally with you or did they simply whisper promises in the dark they never intended to keep?"

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "...:coughs:"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "You know what that's a good question. Did /we/ ever publicly ally or were there simply whispered promises in the dark."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain's booming voice laughs. "Really got their attention now! Go do your sneaky nerdy stuff Valor."

Valour isn't afraid of the weapons, of course, but he does seem pleased when they suddenly start scanning around, unable to see him. "Gather the data," he says pleasantly. "I'll wait."

From nowhere, that something is readying herself to move 'through' the wall itself. The operative focuses, braces, then moves, resting a hand on the surface to test push into it before moving to follow.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "This would violate the contract. Is the contract violated, Megatron?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "You approached us. You have been given you a city and the resources that go with it; enough to realize your goals. You have been granted rank within the Empire."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "That seems all very public to me."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I thought it was you who approached me. but..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "the question remains. Is the contract violated."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "yes or no will suffice."

Nightbird moves along the wall, tweaking the targeting just a bit.. making all but those three marked as 'enemy' before she gets close to the door and rests her hand on the datapad to enter, taking her time and letting just a bit of security work to let those possibly defenders inside know she is coming as booming cackling laughter erupts from the speakers inside, "The witch.. the witch.. the witch is coming for you."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "You do still have your city, do you not?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I don't know. Was it ever mine? Or just a chain to hold me in place."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Was your loyalty actually mine? Or was it a manufactured to gain what you wanted?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I have held up my end of the contract. Hold up yours."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "And now you question my honor."

Valour stands brightly outside the door of the labs, smiling into the speakerbox. He does not look at all dissuaded by their rude rebuttal of his request. The lab itself is now bristling with weapons, none of which seem to detect Valour. They are continuously scanning for other targets, however....

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Loyalty and honor are separate qualities. There are many citizens of the Empire that posses them in differing quantities."

From nowhere, someone is slowly pushing herself through the wall, step by step, movements calculated as the operative is wary of the rippling nanotech coating the walls themselves. Keeping attention split between her phased walk and the weapons bristling about, she focuses. She can't do much without a hardline to access, so into the breech she pushes.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Honor is everything to a Destron."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "and this whole battle. Everything about it. Is dishonorable."

Valour continues to stand brightly outside the door. He knocks briskly and cocks his head. "Come out. I can wait here all cycle, you know." He seems to be enjoying himself.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "A swift strike. A decisive victory. The goal achieved and leaving the battlefield with as little energon spilled is dishonorable? I am not the one who alerted the Autobots or traitor to the assault. Those who betrayed their word and protracted what otherwise would have been such a battle and caused more suffering than necessary to see it finished. There is dishonor."

Nightbird simply.. waits. She has the code she needs to open the entrance but she waits to see what reaction to the sounds from the speakers draw.

Khamsin makes his way up the streets and towards the lab, bleeding from a shot that found a nice spot to strike in his back, just under the shoulder... but he's ignoring it as he moves towards Valor. "We still have unfinished business, Valour... if you think I'll just let the Decepticons claim what Altihex needs for its rebirth, you're mistaken." He spits some energon off to the side with a huff. "So...come on, then."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "What are you accusing me of."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Fine. I'll finish this battle."

(Radio) Megatron sends Ghost a radio transmission, 'Keep an eye on him. Only the guilty object so loudly.'

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "He's not in line of sight at this time." to Megatron.

From nowhere, someone continues the slow push of her not-self through the wall proper. There's a moments pause before the operative ponders the intelligence of others before she focuses, moving further into the material one step at a time.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "I hate to spoil the moment, but I'm not the only one hearing the yelling Titan inbound am I?"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "A what?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Ah. Maximus"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "He owes me an arm."

(Radio) Megatron sends Ghost a radio transmission, 'Do see that you return, and the wayward commander. There does need to be a... clearing of the air, as the humans would say.'

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Take both arms"

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "As interest"

Those inside have so far resisted Nightbird's bait to come outside. That does not mean her reprogramming is wasted, however, as the lab's defenses instead target Khamsin and open fire! Lasers, ballistic cannons, rockets and more fire at the Altihex leader, as those weapons intended to keep the lab safe are usurped for less heroic means.

>> Deep Space Research Facility 39 strikes Khamsin with Laser <Low>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I was just gonna take one and beat him with it. But I like your moxy"

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Valour looks over at Khamsin and nods. "Very well," he says, drawing his sword. << Call off the lab's attacks, >> he radios those he presumes reprogrammed them. << I will deal with this personally. >> Valour approaches Khamsin and looks down at him. "You are injured," he points out unnecessarily. "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to do this another time?" Valour offers graciously.

Blast Off arrives, after following Valour to see just what the mech is up to. I mean, he followed orders and shooed away the crowds, or tried to- that counts, right? But his keenest personal interest lies in the space research facilities - that was his bread and butter, as it were, so very long ago when he lived here in Altihex- where he was 'born', if you will. He simply wants to know what's going on here.

Of course, he's not going to actually ACT all interested. The aloof shuttle flies in and lands from a distance, finding more paint to 'admire'... but also hey, oh there's Khamsin and... ow, that looks unpleasant. Blast Off doesn't interfere- or attack. He simply watches for now. When he's not watching that *fascinating* paint dry, that is.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain starts to say something but his radio only picks up a massive *CRUNCH*

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Astrotrain?"

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain coughs. "I think I made him mad"

Nightbird turns in place and frowns at the new arrivals.. smirking a bit behind her mask as the lab defenses fire at the so called 'neutral'. She waits a bit long before she moves her hand over the pad at the entrance and finishes the last bit needed to open it up, the Ninjabot slipping inside the room, delaying the door long enough to give Valour a chance to follow if she so wishes just as the speakers inside go, in a crackling witch-voice, << Too late.. too late.. she is here, she is here. Ding dong Ding Dong, your all dead. >>

Khamsin is...blasted. Hard. Those turrets, after all, are probably meant for much larger things than mechs like himself, and he's sent back rather soundly as the laser strikes him. Still, he pushes himself up and, slumping heavily, just growls a bit. "What's this...can't even be bothered to fight one on one? Cowards... all of you." He smiles. "And Cybertron will know."

Khamsin coughs and pauses a moment, a brief radio call sent out before he sizes Valour up properly, retrieving his own blade. "I told Altihex I would keep you out. They trusted my word. I am oathbound to not retreat, especially from the likes of you." And, with that, he steps in to give a swing with his blade at the Decepticon, putting as much of his strength into it as he can manage given his state.

>> Khamsin misses Valour with Blade. <<

As Blast Off enters the area, the lab defenses detect a new target. Not knowing who or what anyone is, they follow only one program: shoot anything that moves that is not on their "friend" list. Unfortunately, Blast Off is no longer on that list. As perhaps the greatest insult of all, Blast Off is fired upon by perhaps the very lab in which he used to work - only Boff would know, but if so, it may make the pain all the worse.

>> Deep Space Research Facility 39 misses Blast Off with Laser <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Sounds like an... eventful evening in Altihex."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...You could say that- woah! *laser zaps can be heard*"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Its a party allright."

From nowhere, that someone pushes into the wall, past the thin nano layer and now moving with extreme prejudice to the chewy, caramel center of this tootsie pop. Goal: Find a control room, panel or other access port to begin her actual attack. Beneath her plating, datacables are coiled, newly plated ends and replaced filaments awaiting their initial use. With nary a sound nor ripple, she enters the building.

<<Decepticon>> Discretion has left this channel.

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "It does not go unappreciated. While you have the Autobots' attention we can forward the preparation of our ... surprises on the Overpass for the inevitable Autobot intervention here."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Sure it does. But I appreciate the support. Lets clear these Autobots out and then we'll see."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Ugh, my head feels like the bender that normally comes -after- the fight."

Meanwhile, within the labs, the human sized Mini-Con Air Defense Team guards the city's research data. One member paces the floor, right fist balled in rage. "I should be out there protecting the city, not cooling my jets in here," he fumes.

"Try to relax, Jetstorm," another says. "Burning yourself out early isn't going to help."

"Listen to Runway," a third insists. "He's right. We're the last line of defense!"

Valour effortlessly parries the blade and looks down at Khamsin with what might be pity. "You are brave, I'll give you that," Valour offers as a compliment. "I'll take no joy in killing you, but as I've said - you can't have the rabble revolting against us. It is chaos. Violence. You will find, in time, that peace will be brought not by another squabbling senate, but by absolute tyranny. Well, YOU won't," Valour allows. "Because you'll be dead." With that, Valour thrusts down with his own sword.

>> Valour strikes Khamsin with Blade. <<

The only kindness in this situation for the shuttle is that his shuttle-esque quick reflexes are still working - enough that he just happens to glance up *just* as those lasers take aim and.... oh frag, he knows that sound. Blast Off lunges to the side, evading the attack, rolling and leaping back to his feet. His armor plates bristle and he huffs at the building, "How... revolting a development!"

Blast Off edges back now, looking for a way in - to both get away from the lasers AND ...well hey, maybe he can satisfy some curiosity by actually getting IN these labs. Who better to know what's really going on in a space research facility than a space shuttle, correct? He starts trying to get in, though there's a pause as Valour speaks and attacks Khamsin... something seems to unsettle him slightly, but he shakes his head and continues on in- he hopes.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Look. Autobots. I give you an option. Retreat now. Or I start picking you off one by one. It's your choice."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Don't make me be unprofessional to you, Des."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Not... <click> my... <click> Home.. <click>"

Dust Devil has sped after his previous target but the damn thing is a space ship. He's weaved his way through streets and rubble in order to try and give some aid where it is needed. To himself he worries about those he left, but he knows he has to let them fight their fights. He soon finds it distressing that there is a severe lack of defenders.

So Dust Devil narrows his optics and powers up his weapons, leaping one of the final hurdles to see one con disappearing but Valour hitting Khamsin. Despite being fast he still has ground to cover. But that does allow for him to aim his turrets at Valour and fire at the con, hoping to hit him.

>> Dust Devil strikes Valour with Plasma <Medium>. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I have my job you guys have yours. My job is to threaten and take Altihex right so let's do this. Retreat or I will attack."

Khamsin can't avoid that much, and he grunts as that blade bites into his frame, adding to the damage already soaked up. He gives a soft growl and takes a good moment or two to steady his systems, grip tightening around his own blade to keep from dropping it.

"I told you...I am oathbound. You will not have Altihex. Even if I die...the movement started will carry on. Megatron lost Cybertron the moment he opted to step away from peace." Khamsin moves to drive his own blade home. the very least, tries. That's about as far as he can get at this point, a bit grateful as there's some help showing up. But he'll have to thank Dust Devil later.

>> Khamsin misses Valour with Sickle-Sword. <<

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Stop.. <click> Bending an knee..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "*deep growl*"

<> <<Underwood>> Not.. not <Click> their tool..

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You know, you'd definitely make a better leader than Megatron. Just sayin'."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Not.. not <Click> their tool.."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You've got experience of running an empire. He's got experience of simply failing to build one."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Desist"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You first."

<> <<Underwood>> No.. Can't.. can't.. not again..

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Megatron started with a planet full of life and burnt it to ashes. You started from nothing and became more than his equal in all ways."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "No.. Can't.. can't.. not again.."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Don't start this now"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Then when should I? When Cybertron's a burnt husk again?"

Nightbird keeps walking down the hallway, her hands flowing into blades she drags along the walls, the Ninjabot teleporting from shadow to shadow and letting the sparks from her swordtips show her passage as otherwise she remains hidden from most views as the speakers keep playing, "One two.. she's coming for you, three four.. Can't lock your doors.. five six.. grab your fighting sticks.. seven eight.. oops. Too late."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "When Big Joe's dead?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I just want to finish this."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Those at his feet are crushed beneath his heel. There is no interest in building a society of equals. None are his equal in his optics. All who try and look up risk his wrath when he thinks you are aspiring to be more than what he deems you!"

<> <Gardener> I want to get them out. And finish this. This is protohex all over again.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> There is no 'finishing this', Des, it's just... Megatron using you.

<<Broadband>> Goth coughs roughly. "Get a grip... Make.. Make a choice, stop letting.. others choose for you

<> <<Whirlwind>> At least they are safe right now where they are. How safe will they be when he lets you bring them out and now he can use them to manipulate you. What would you do to protect your family when his cannon is aimed at them.

<> <Gardener> NO THEY ARE NOT

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Be an emperor, not a pawn."

<> <Gardener> if I don't make an impression here. New Polyhex will be taken. The Destrons inside will be absorbed.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Are they safer now than they would be if Megatron's cannon is aimed at them?

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> They already have been, Des.

<> <Gardener> I wont let it happen. Not again.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> It already has, unless you stop it.

<> <Arbiter> That's all a matter of dodging..

<> <Gardener> They have not. I have made sure they have not.

The three members of the Air Defense Team look at each other as Nightbird makes her creepy, singsong approach. Bracing themselves for her arrival, they draw their swords in unison, igniting them within astroseconds of each other. "It sounds like one infiltrator so far," Runways says quietly.

"As it would be cowardly of us to all engage her at once - Jetstorm, I give you the honor of first contact."

"Thank you, Runway. I'll make short work of this bulk," Jetstorm says confidently, advancing slowly with sword ready towards the sound and the sparks of Nightbird's approach.

"Be careful," the third member of the team warns him anxiously.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Sure man, keep telling yourself that.

<> <Gardener> my soldiers are still mine.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> And you are his.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Therefore, so are they.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

<> <<Whirlwind>> I want to see you reunited with your people and family. I don't want to see them brought forward only for Megatron to cut them down because you angered him


<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Then prove it.

<> <Gardener> its not just the fortress. its the people already here.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Then remove the threat.

<> <Gardener> I cant leave them.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I'm not suggesting that. Remove the threat.

<> <Gardener> I'm trying primus knows i'm trying.

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "I am pleased to report that Sixshot and I have claimed Ibex spaceport."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Excellent"

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Good, good"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "so."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "are we done here?"

Floodlight flies in slowly, heading for the lab.

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "Ask Valour, Deathsaurus. He is in charge of your mission."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm asking any commander that will answer me and not just make vague threats at my people."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "you guys want me to lead, don't demote me."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Primus."

>> Deep Space Research Facility 39 misses Dust Devil with Laser <Low>. <<

>> Deep Space Research Facility 39 misses Floodlight with Laser <Low>. <<

<> <Gardener> its like. they demote me right?

<> <Gardener> but still expect me to lead.

<> <Gardener> I'm not doing it. Not this time.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Like it or not, he views you as *his* my dude.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> He's treating you like a tool.

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Have the rebels been quelled in central Altihex, Deathsaurus?"

<> <Gardener> I'm a commander whether or not I have the rank. I see that. they look to me but you know they shouldn't.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I don't care. I mean sure."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "For PRIMUS Sake, Deathsaurus, you're not a lieutenant. You're an XO, the longer this goes on, the more damage and death there will be. Do or do not."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "If you wish to remain my second in command, take and hold Central Altihex until my return."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "whatever. Let me clean this up."

From nowhere, something flows through the wall, beginning her hunt for a means to jack directly into the systems. She's looking for a place easily defensible, someplace where she can have some shielding as the full phase would have to drop for her to make contact with the physical, leaving her with only the veneer of shadows keeping her from view rather than the full effect. The operative begins the bleed-over process, naught but a wisp of electromagnetic shifting here.. some phase variances over there.. then she's once more on this plane of existence, shrouded by the nothing instead of being it.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "central altihex. you should really just surrender."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "...Heh, no.."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "don't make me make you."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Would you surrender your fortress? Why do you ask him to surrender his home?"

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Don't make me delve into the archives to /research/ more about you and yours, Goth."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Very well."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "...I have nothing to hide, a murder is a murderer"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "and that is what I am. Deathsaurus."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "You don't, but another may..."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Yeah. He might."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast laughs.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Let me do what has to be done."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast laughs "Has to be done, that's rich."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Stop me."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "In a fair fight, I would."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Just remember, Des."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "A slave obeys."


<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "So does a soldier."

<> <<Underwood>> ..I'm going to die regardless

Valour strikes Khamsin, but before he can follow-through, he is blasted backward by Dust Devil's plasma turrets. This does have the bonus effect of placing him out range for Khamsin's return attack, but for some reason Valour does not look appreciative. Glancing over in irritation, he says, "Do not interfere, Autobot. These matters do not concern you." To add emphasis to his words, Valour raises his arm cannons and fires a shot at Dust Devil.

>> Valour misses Dust Devil with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

<> <Gardener> Don't be a fool!

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "A soldier can refuse a stupid order."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Good soldiers follow orders."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Professional soldiers follow orders."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Some searching for you, both of you."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "'Nuremburg trials'"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Orders have limits, unless you're a slave."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I don't have time to...."

Blast Off gains entrance and has to stop a moment to simply stare and take it all in, as memories flood back to him. He remembers this place, he remembers... the good times. Back when things made more sense to him, back when he was a space shuttle, proud and respected and... useful. All sorts of emotions run through him.

Then, current reality hits like a distant (and likely real) laser blast. Blast Off blinks and makes his way forward, noting everything, looking for anything that might have useful information now. For the Decepticons... maybe. But more- for him. For space, for all shuttlekind.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Goth."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Forgive me."

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Would you forgive someone who tried to force you and your family out of their home? How DARE you ask that?

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Would you forgive someone who tried to force you and your family out of their home? How DARE you ask that?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Its the only way he'll survive this."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "So you're not even going to let him defend his home?"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Our game is off. Don't talk to me."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "AIn't the first time you turned on me when I didn't play your game."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm a threat. Take me out."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Okay."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "But before I do - the only times I've turned on you are when you've... played Megatron's game."

<> <Arbiter> Oh you absolute di'kut. Don't you dare...

Nightbird is not visible, at all, the Femme moving from dark area to dark area and letting the sparks dance along the walls as she makes her way to the security room as she lets the nanos she released search for anything of interest.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Ya think this Does not concern me? If you were to ACTUALLY use the information for the good of all Cybertronians it would be one thing! I've seen what can happen if the cons and bots worked together ta make a better Cybertron. I've seen noble Decepticon warriors fighting to protect their homes and a grateful Cybertron singing their praises. But this?! This is theft ta further genocide and subjugation of any who dare have a different opinion than Megatron. Information that you will steal and then destroy the life's work of those who could aid Cybertron so much more. They asked fer our help to protect. You don't see us attackin those cities held in decepticon control. But you also don't see the Decepticon cities producin anything but hate and more violence. Ya'll got ta make a change before we lose this second chance. Be a beacon of Cybertron yer path actually has a future! This ain't the way...and I'll do what I can ta prevent ya from continuin ta make these mistakes. Even if it means havin ta fight those I'd rather call friend and Ally."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "<disconnects>"

<> <Gardener> <Disconnects>

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Nice try, Kid, but Des can't handle hard truths like that."

Dust Devil says, "Ya think this Does not concern me? If you were to ACTUALLY use the information for the good of all Cybertronians it would be one thing! I've seen what can happen if the cons and bots worked together ta make a better Cybertron. I've seen noble Decepticon warriors fighting to protect their homes and a grateful Cybertron singing their praises. But this?! This is theft ta further genocide and subjugation of any who dare have a different opinion than Megatron. Information that you will steal and then destroy the life's work of those who could aid Cybertron so much more. They asked fer our help to protect. You don't see us attackin those cities held in decepticon control. But you also don't see the Decepticon cities producin anything but hate and more violence. Ya'll got ta make a change before we lose this second chance. Be a beacon of Cybertron yer path actually has a future! This ain't the way...and I'll do what I can ta prevent ya from continuin ta make these mistakes. Even if it means havin ta fight those I'd rather call friend and Ally." He moves again this time trying to get a better shot at Valour and hopefully give Khamsin room to manuever away from Valour, spinning, he heats up the plasma blades and tries to utilize them against Valour."

>> Dust Devil misses Valour with Plasma-Blades. <<

The three members of the Air Defense Team search through the halls, trying to find the source of the laughing and singing... instead finding... Blast Off? Jetstorm, in the lead, ogles in surprise. "Boff!" he exclaims. "What are you doing here?" After a moment, his visage changes. A note of suspicion edges into his voice. "Are you here to... are you with...?"

Behind him, Runway reaches out and grabs Jetstorm's arm. "Don't trust him, Jetstorm. He's one of them, now."

Sonar, a fellow shuttleformer, just shakes his head in sadness.

Khamsin pushes himself up after the support from Valour's blade is ripped free of his chassis, and he takes a moment to slash at Valour's ankles. If he can't quite get himself to his feet, he'll at least make the best of it. Even though Dust Devil's trying to get him room to move...he did make it clear he would do no such thing. Indeed, he's working on pushing himself up to his feet.

>> Khamsin strikes Valour with Trap. <<

>> Valour temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

<> <Gardener> <connects>

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "<connects>"

Floodlight dodges incoming fire from the lab, but then sees Valour under attack by both Dust Devil and Khamsin. Rude! Buzzing down to her commander's defense, Floodlight opens fire on Dust Devil. "If your cities would stop rebelling, there wouldn't BE violence like this!" she yells, towing the party line. "You cause this! Join the Decepticons and help us bring true peace to the galaxy!" she entreats Dust Devil, even as she shoots at him.

>> Floodlight strikes Dust Devil with Laser <Low>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain growls. "Kept them busy as long as could, but I'm about to fall apart thanks to that dinobum."

From just to the left of somewhere, someone makes her way deeper into the complex, pausing only once she's come upon a console. Anyone would do. From beneath her wings, panels open, primary datacables snaking outwards to begin docking, additional secondaries and even tertiaries snake outwards, digging into the console, fine filaments seeping into cracks to intertwine with the access unit, sliding into ports, locking the operative into the system as she begins her own assault on the data within. There is no handshake, no attempted login as the operative pulses a direct slicing subroutine through one primary, the other dropping through a decryption sequencer. The secondaries are loading in a third coded tool.. A lockout algorithm. Down she sinks into her archives, up they spin, opening and accessing her entire processing capacity.

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "What? Why's everybody runnin' away? I didn't hear a retreat."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back."

Valour turns to shoot at Dust Devil... and gets hamstrung by Khamsin. (It is almost as if Dusty has a skill at diverting people from their targets!) Valour falls to one knee as his steel connectors are severed, the unbearable pain pausing even this brave warrior. He powers down his optics, squeezes his fists in agony... and then slowly starts to rise again, putting all his weight on one leg and using his anti-gravs to compensate for the use loss of the other.

Blast Off stops short as he hears footsteps approaching, his ionic blaster in hand but not raised. He.. knows these mechs from long ago. AWKWARD. The shuttleformer stares at them a moment, looking from one to the other to the other. Jetstorm, Runway and... "Sonar!" A fellow shuttle! The other shuttle's sad look just tugs at the Combaticon's spark. "It's... I'm not..." He stops, blinking, then glances down at the Decepticon badge on his purple chest. Oh, right. "It's not... it's not *like* that. I'm still *me*, still a *shuttle*, still classy!" He implores, looking at the three- lingering at the other shuttle. "I just...I just wanted to see what was in here, what... if it's like I remembered."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "You go take a Dinobot to the face and then ask that.... Seriously though, we got the Chief where he wanted to go, but I ain't getting my afterburners scrapped over domestic disputes and Godzilla sized performance issues."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back for the other."

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Heh. Been, there, done that. Got him, Ultra Magnus, AND Valour to the face all in one scrap. Was fraggin' beautiful brawl."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back for the other one."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Back fer the other....slaggit what's goin on over there?"

Valour sends a radio transmission.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm getting them out of here before they die."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Darkmount...if they come. Initiate plan Bravo-Delta."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "I hope you are able to protect whoever from bein killed in your possession"

<<Broadband>> <<Darkmount>> Arbiter Confirm code

<<Broadband>> Astrotrain says, "What are you up to now? Plan C? E? Need a fricking bingo card by this point...."

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "Hang Tight!"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Arbiter! Aranar keldab Polyhex Enable source-lockdown dynamic-lockdown, Authorization tome'tayl be werda! Lock it down!"

Nightbird finally follows her path till she finds the 'defenders'... three midgets it seems with attitudes. Another flicker and she teleports down the hall and stands behind the <coughs> defenders and arches a opticridge at Blast Off in question before she flicks a hand and see's if it's possible to remove multiple heads in one swipe of a scythe as her hands and forearms flow forward into that form mid-swing.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Arbiter deny command and proceed with Bravo-Delta."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Don't you /DARE/"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm leaving."

>> Nightbird strikes Air Defense Team with Blade. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Proceed with plan alpha Delta. I'm not returning."

Nightbird suddenly appears with a slight whisper of sound.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Deathsaurus sounds like he's takin someone captive. I've lost contact with the bots that were in his area. Cons are in the lab stealin research"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "naa just pulling them out of altihex"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Don't damage my AI"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm not going to destroy your AI"

<<Decepticon>> <<Darkmount>> Arbiter Confirming authorizations. System lockdown commencing. Routing to secondary network.

Dust Devil isn't backing down, Khamsin has Valour somewhat incapacitated and dusty would have struck the mech but a flash of fire hits him and he's forced to face the new con. "Really? We weren't outnumbered enough?" He narrows his optics and tries to focus a blast on the mech.

>> Dust Devil strikes Floodlight with Plasma <Medium>. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "haven't heard anything from the other and that's concerning. Goth is out of the battle but in critical condition."

Sonar looks to the others, and then to Blast Off. "You're not with us anymore, Boff," he says, still using their old nickname for him. "You abandoned us, joined the Cons - and now you think you can just waltz in here, like we're old friends?"

Sonar shakes his head. "You should just go, Boff, before w-" Suddenly there is an alarm, and Sonar starts to turn... and Nightbird is there behind him. Before he or the others can act, Nightblade lashes out with her blade, and Sonar is nearly decapitated. He falls to the ground, and the others rush towards him as alarms clamor throughout the lab complex.

Khamsin spits to the side, a bit emboldened, perhaps, by the sensation of landing a proper strike on Valour and continues to try to work with Dust Devil to overpower the Decepticon. Well...overpower might be a bit far-fetched, but it's an effort all the same. And, with that, he's bringing his blades around to drive them towards Valour's frame to retaliate for the hole the Decepticon ripped into him earlier, giving a determined shout as he does so to fight through his own damage.

>> Khamsin strikes Valour with Khopesh. <<

<> <Gardener> slagslagslagslagslag.

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

Floodlight is shot by Dust Devil and gives a little squeak as it burns right through her thin armor. << I am here to accept and retransmit data, >> she broadbands to Decepticons in the area... especially sneaky ones she might not see. << I am being shot at and not receiving any transmissions, however, so please... hurry? Thank you. >> She hovers closer to the lab, trying to stay out of its direct fire as she returns shots at Dust Devil. She loads a rocket into one of her launch bays and lets it fly.

>> Floodlight misses Dust Devil with Rocket. <<

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

<Cloaking Disengaged>

<Stealth Mode Disengaged>.

Ghost's phase systems cycle down as she need her entire processing capacity to even attempt to pull this off. The white-clad femme slowly fades into view, a mass of datacables twisted between her and a console. Optics are dark, head bowed as she works and works again as swift as thought, tertiaries taking over the triggering of the lockout data-spike sequence, while secondaries spin in something she picked up all those weeks inside of Darkmount, a data 'cloak' Lets make things 'disappear'. Thanks Shockwave. One primary begins the drag of data backwards into her storage, encrypted files pulled as they stand, she'll crack coding after she has the copies. With frame faintly humming now, all nodes engaged, she's tense and peripherally alert, listening for movement to draw near.

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

Nightbird sends a radio transmission.

<> <Gardener> THANK PRIMUS ARGH.

<> <Arbiter> ...

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

GAME: Khamsin PASSES a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

Blast Off stares in horror as Nightbird suddenly appears and strikes Sonar down. No, no, NO! "No..." The Combaticon steps forward, optics going pale gray and bright. "Sonar!" He glares at Nightbird, letting out a huffff... but she's a Decepticon following orders and... supposedly, so is he. The Combaticon's fists clench. Nightbird will kill them. He has to think fast. "I've got this."

The shuttleformer lifts his weapon- and fires at the two standing survivors. The sniper's counting on his own knowledge to hit them exactly where they'll be hamstrung- but not killed. "Go get the data, it's likely up that hall and to the right." He points where the old data rooms used to be. "Possibly some upgrades and logs/missions, too." He hopes she'll just leave- and leave them alive.

Nightbird watches the other two 'defenders' approach but instead of attacking them she leans over and picks up the severed head which with a quick swish of her blade she finishes removing it. Straightening up she flicks her hand and sends it thumping into Blast Off's chest as if it was a souvenir for him, her gaze never leaving the other two almost as if daring them to attack. With that she turns and heads off the way indicated as the speakers pick up again, a very familiar voice from a old human show, "Your all going to die down here."

<> <Gardener> SLAAAAAAAG ok this isnt good.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "slagslagslagslagslag."

<<Broadband>> Astrotrain says, "It was Snarl that hit me, not Slag."

Dust Devil is torn as floodlight shoots the missile that he deftly avoids. Floodlight might be fighting...sortof...but Valour seems to be the one that is doing more damage. It's never good to be torn between targets. Dust Devil turns and glances at Khamsin but then attacks Floodlight again, hoping to drive the femme off. There's too many cons here still.

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "You.. di'kut... you.. panicked, didn't you? (tone flat, mechanical, distant)" to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Ghost a radio transmission, ' it's not repairing he's not waking up slagslagslagslagslagslag'

>> Dust Devil misses Floodlight with Ballistic <High>. <<

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Ghost a radio transmission, ' I can't get the other one out. I'm literally all that's keeping this one alive'

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "Go.. to Darkmount.. Lock it.. down. Medical drone.." to Deathsaurus.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "enjoyin yer win?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "he. needs. help. But keep on laughing."

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "Then.. catacombs." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Ghost a radio transmission, ' I can't move at all. i patched him into my own systems to keep him alive. If I try again I'll kill him.'

Jetstorm and Runway hit the ground as they are expertly targeted - taken down, but no permanent damage done. Sonar, however, is not so lucky. Undeterred by Blast Off's assurances and precision, Nightbird detaches Sonar's head and tosses it at Blast Off's chest. Sonar's body hits the floor, followed by the head if Blast Off doesn't catch it. Then the hall is quiet once more, aside from the lab's sirens....

Oh...there are the alarms. For a moment, Khamsin was briefly expecting them to have been silenced by some internal damage or another... He looks at Valour, then Floodlight... Something sparks, his vision going a bit blurry before refocusing proper as he coughs up energon and just stares at the liquid before gritting his teeth and glancing at Floodlight again, his ears flicking. "'re the one doing that... let's break you, then." He shakes his head to clear his vision again before pulling out a small, admittedly crude blaster and taking aim to fire.

>> Khamsin strikes Floodlight with Laser <High>. <<

Floodlight flits again like a hummingbird, avoiding Dust Devil's shot easily but increasing in agitation, nonetheless. << I am not receiving any data, >> she sends out. << What is wrong? >> She turns towards Dust Devil and starts powering up her floodlight to blind him... and then she's shot by Khamsin. << I'm damaged! I must retreat! I'm sorry, commander! >> Rotating in place, she snaps her floodlight back off and heads out of there, without the data she'd come to collect.

And yet, the alarms persist...

>> Floodlight retreats from the area, escaping all attackers. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus Sends out a medical distress signal "Neutral parties, anyone who will listen. Civilian critically wounded in warzone."

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

One round down, the lockout of all access save for this lone console in a hallway that's more Ghost than original parts at this time. Second round proceeding, Obfuscation (Again, Thank you Shockwave), files showing showing as deleted, damaged or having never been there. Ghost's systems are running hot, yet she perseveres with the madcap data-assault on the laboratories systems. The third stage is proceeding: the cloning of the files into her own storage nodes.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "They're probably dealin with all the other dead and dyin out here. You guys have been thorough in terrorizing innocents today"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "slag it autobot."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "if you're not going to offer assistance don't waste my time."

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Ghost a radio transmission, ' have you seen khamsin'

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "I'm Sorry, I can't just drop tryin ta protect the other neutrals from yer faction. How about gettin them ta stop and I'll be sure and get someone right with you."

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "Negative.. In.. datastreams." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Ghost a radio transmission, ' find someone who can get him to safety.'

Khamsin shot the little data analyst? Oh, now Valour's mad! "You uncouth brigand!" he announces loudly, sounding a little Boffish for the moment. "I should have your head for that." Too soon, Boff? In his rage, Valour simply lashes out with the hilt of his blade, trying to smash Khamsin in his pokey little face.

>> Valour strikes Khamsin with Smash. <<

GAME: Khamsin FAILS a COURAGE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Blast Off freezes, then jerks back as Nightbird severs poor Sonar's head. He *erks* as the head is thrown at him, catching it and then yelping as he flings it away in horror. The Combaticon's optics shine brightly, a little too brightly, and he stares at Nightbird, his trigger finger twitching momentarily. Oh how he'd like to...... But no. He's a Decepticon, she's a Decepticon (not to mention Megatron's 'pet', cough)... he simply watches her go. By now the aloof mask has returned. He does NOT look towards that... head, instead focusing on the hallways, the rooms, striding towards the two survivors and stopping near them. He doesn't look long at them, simply asking quietly, "The medkits? They're still in the Break room?"

Answer or no, Blast Off heads where he thinks a medkit is likely and will 'happen' to return and 'happen' to drop it next to the mechs. Then- he's off to numbly walk about a bit, might as well, doesn't really matter anyway, nothing does. Wander into rooms and see if he can find some data and steal it for he's a Decepticon and that's what they do, apparently. It's not like HE cares. Of course not!

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "There seems.. to be.. an issue.. with.. this system."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "There's a lot of issues with this system."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...Tell me about it."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "There are.. holes.. spaces.... missing data chains.. self-destructing defense?"

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "What's happening, Ghost? Did you get the data?"

Nightbird comes back, carrying a large computer looking.. thing.. in one hand and pauses as she looks down at the two Minis on the ground and waits a moment as she looks around for then when she see's he is no longer nearby she flicks her hand and forms a sword again, causing two more heads to roll a bit before she walks towards the exit and leaves, pausing long enough to pull her nanobots out of the outerwall and fades away as she reactivates all her stealth abilities.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Its.. It is.. eroding."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Get what you can and get out of there. Decepticons, prepare to withdraw."

Dust Devil catches Valour striking Khamsin again. Slaggit ta hell. He's got to at least protect Khamsin. Raising his turrets, he tries to focus on the Sword wielding con, "Leave him alone!" And with that he fires at Valour, trying to drive the con from the neutral. "Haven't yas done enough?!"

>> Dust Devil strikes Valour with Plasma <High>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "One.. more.. once."

Khamsin is trying... he really is. And as the data mech takes flight, he just sort of finds himself staring and lost a bit. Well, more than a bit... that blow from Valour he never saw coming, and it lays him out hard. He drops, rolling to the side and even though he's trying to push himself's just not working. He ends up just there, on the ground...but he's spent and there's nothing left in those tanks, it would seem.

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Nightbird sends a radio transmission.

>> Nightbird retreats from the area, leaving herself open to Khamsin, Blast Off, Ghost, Valour, and Dust Devil. <<

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

And her work here.. It is done. Smoke is wafting from the operative, paint -again- blistered from the heat her own systems are outputting with the multi-threaded assault against this laboratory. The laboratories systems are now triple-defended. Lockouts, access scrambled with that, a cloned series of files pulled, and gaping 'holes' should one get in again, seeming as if data was ripped asunder, no rhyme or reason. Emptiness. And now.. for the last. One more once. Ghost pulses a code into the console itself, setting it to overload. 3..2..1... And the operative is blown backwards into the wall behind her, datacables scorched and singed.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "!"

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Do you need assistance, Ghost?"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Unanticipated system ejection..."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "I'm coming to retrieve you. All other Decepticons, head back to base."

As Dust Devil's plasma burns through his armour, Valour looks down as Khamsin collapses and rolls to the side. "Yes," Valour says, sounding a little hollow. "I think we've done enough." He looks around, glancing towards the lab, hoping the infiltration team got something useful. "Decepticons, withdraw and head back to base." Valour flies up over the lab complex, weapons armed, but no longer attacking Dust Devil, Khamsin, or anyone else. Instead, he swoops into the lab complex itself, searching for something, or someone...

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Retreat as planned, Commander. I will follow."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off sounds rather distant. "Understood."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Understood as well. Heading back to base."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Got some help. Thank you cityspeaker."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "anyone know how the other one is?"

Dust Devil is rushing to Khamsin's side as the con shows his colors. Well...all the colors that are leaking out of him. He narrows his optics and fires at the cons, trying to convince them to continue their retreat and not linger.

Ghost emerges out of the lab as the last con out, datacables withdrawing into panels as she strides out, for a moment they wright about her, shaking off the burning from the explosion she was in. writhe

<> <<Whirlwind>> Depends on who yer talkin about .

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I should stop expecting straight answers on this frequency."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Depends on who yer talkin about ."

<> <Gardener> Khamsin.

<> <<Whirlwind>> Down I'm tryin ta protect

<> <Gardener> Slag. I have his mate safe. Got him a medic

<> <Gardener> how many cons are on you. radio me

<> <Arbiter> 2

<> <Gardener> He's going to survive this.

<> <Gardener> slag not a good number.

<> <Gardener> I've got the other one and the medic under the best protection there is.

<> <Gardener> Mine.

<> <Gardener> Had I made this decision earlier, they'd both be safe.

<> <Arbiter> Still going to stab you.

<> <Gardener> yeah yeah.

Dust Devil raises his turrets again and fires in Ghost's direction but appears to warning rather than full on attacking. "GO! Now!"

Khamsin has long since just gone quiet, his own systems in a sustainability and recovery mode to preserve what's there while he lays there. Blasted, battered, slashed... it was not a kind series of events that sees him there...but there he is indeed.

Ghost continues her walk out of the lab (As it has been 5 minutes since Nightbird set up explosives on the defenses, there a cool movie explosion behind her.) She doesn't seem to even flinch as Dust Devil fires in her direction, wings spanning to behind her to lock into a classic 'seeker' positioning. A shake of her head, panels finishing the lockdown procedure, she intones, "I don't seem to recall answering to you..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Valvolux do you copy?"

<<Broadband>> Illarion says, "Deathsaurus."

Dust Devil places himself pretty much over Khamsin. "No...ya don't answer ta me. But you'd be wise ta listen or are yas not done spreading yer hate around?!"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "could you contact me directly? I need a private conversation"

Ghost lifts a brow over an optic shaded silvered lavender. "I suggest that you move I have orders. And that one.." she nods at Khamsin, "Is an element necessary."

<> <<Whirlwind>> Nono Deathsaurus, they're goin after khamsin!

<> <Gardener> then destroy them. take no prisoners. I'd help but..i've got a mostly dead bat i'm getting to medical attention primus...

Dust Devil stands his ground, "I won't let you! Leave now!" He stands protectively and now focuses his turrets on Ghost, "Don't make me shoot you!"

<> <Arbiter> ...

<> <Gardener> or hold them off as best you can. What, Arbiter? I'm getting these two to safety.

<> <Gardener> One way or another they will survive the night.

<> <<Whirlwind>> It's the white femme con with the kaiju tattoo

Ghost stares at Dust Devil with a sort of 'over this slag' expression, including both brows raised, a deep ex-vented sigh from intakes and keeps walking closer, "Either shoot or shut up. He needs medical attention."

<> <Gardener> Wish I could joke about this.

Dust Devil says, "Then I'll get it fer him. I'm not lettin you take him prisoner!" Dust Devil isn't above fighting dirty if he needs to...which is just what he does when he transforms a hand and sends a spray of magnetized glitter in a blast of air at the femme's face. "Leave us ALONE!"

>> Dust Devil misses Ghost with Blinding <Low>. <<

<> <Arbiter> Call it off or it gets gutted, Gardener. The other needs medical and I'm far better able to carry

<> <Gardener> you have him?

<> <<Whirlwind>> I am protecting him!

<> <Gardener> I'm on my way. NOW.

Ghost's frame -blurrs- as she sidesteps and spins out of the way as Dust Devil aims something at her. Upon returning to facing him, she's pulled blades out from behind her back nestled between wings and spine. What start as short metal swords, left in reverse grip, right as standard pop-ignite, plasma racing out to complete a katana-length set. Her wings quiver, tips blurring as systems shift to engage combat routines. "I can /carry/ him to the kaiju, you glittery di'kut"

Dust Devil raises his arms and the turrets swept back design ignite with their own plasma supply he does a quick spin, offering to tag Ghost if she's too close or too slow to avoid his strike. "I will get him to a neutral or Autobot medic so that he doesn't end up brainwashed or imprisoned! I won't let you take his freedom!"

>> Dust Devil misses Ghost with Plasma-Blades. <<

Deathsaurus comes into the area, his flail thrown over his shoulder. He sees Ghost and Dust Devil at battle and approaches, walking like a stalking tiger, his wings glowing with streaks of energon. There's energon covering his hands to his elbows, his left side is ripped open, his body splattered with someone else's energon as well. His face is also streaked with energon and acid burns around the maw. He is in robot move, stalking forward like some sort of tiger. "You know why I'm here." he says walking into the carnage. "I'm here to collect Anubis."

Ghost side-step spins again, getting closer to Dust Devil, voice now sliding from that politely neutral tone to a low, rasping growl, "Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod?" Wings mantling over her shoulders, tips forward, panels spanning out. "I'm taking him to the frelling kaiju, you utreekov. Or is that lump of metal a few meters over your aft just there for show?" Her swords remain in hand, but she has yet to strike.

<< Are you looking for a smack in the face, mate? Idiot. >>

Dust Devil is...well he's rather at the point where fear is keeping his bravery at a fair riled state. His plating is somewhat flared and he snarls at Ghost, << Useless slag from the most useless of metals. >> Yes he knows ancient cybertronian. Not bad for a not even 1 vorn old mech. "I'm not gonna let him be captured! I will protect him and get him ta the medics!" he grabs for a cylinder and ignites it, again trying to strike at Ghost if she's in reach if he can. His agitation increasing with the appearance of Deathsaurus.

>> Dust Devil strikes Ghost with Light Sabre. <<

<> <Arbiter> I'd rather not gut you child...

<> <Gardener> I'm taking him. Do not attempt to stop me.

Deathsaurus moves forward looking at Dust Devil. "I'm taking Khamsin to his mate. Don't make me stop you." No attack but he will if people stop him.

Ghost fans a wing panel out as she spins a third time, the light-blade scoring into the ablative re-entry armoring. "I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. That one.." She nods to Khamsin, "Needs to go with.." Skipping back to look at Deathsaurus as he enters. Wings flick, the damaged panel rasping, "This mech. This kaiju. Not the one I serve. Please.." She twitches.. then drops to a knee, setting her blades on the ground, "Please let us take him to his mate."

<> <Gardener> Ghost.

<> <Gardener> What do I owe you.

<PM to Gardener> For what? This?

<PM from Gardener> yes.

<> <<Underwood>> <connects>

<> <<Underwood>> -.- .... .- -- ... .. -. / .-- .... . .-. . / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- ..--.. (KHAMSIN WHERE ARE YOU?)

<> <Gardener> save your strength, Goth.

<> <Gardener> we're going to bring him home.

Dust Devil's dark optics are nearly normal autobot bright with stress. Ghost's motions are familiar but conflicting with the current situation. He's out matched clearly. But He promised to protect and he's alone. At this point he's shaking and moves his hands to try and protect Khamsin's fallen form. A build up of energy crackles and hums but then there is a flash apparently from the young mech's forehead and pained cry and he's knocked to the ground from the accidental backwash of a failed forcefield.

<PM to Gardener> Nothing.

<> <<Underwood>> .. - / .. ... / -.. .- .-. -.- --..-- / .. / -.-. .- -. -. --- - / ... . . --..-- / . ...- . .-. -.-- - .... .. -. --. / .... ..- .-. - ... .-.-.- .-.-.- / .-- .... . .-. . / .. ... / -.- .... .- -- ... .. -. ..--..


Deathsaurus snarls. "I'm taking him to /Valvolux/ you low budget Hot Rod." he says. "You know. Valvolux. the city you're an ambassador of?" he then sees Dust Devil fall over. "Well. That's unexpected. We should take them both to Valvolux right?"

<> <Gardener> that's morse.

<> <<Underwood>> -.-- . ...

<> <Gardener> We're bringing him to you. stay still. you are very very badly injured. do you know where you are?

<> <<Underwood>> -. ---

<> <<Underwood>> .. / -.-. .- -. .----. - / --- .--. . -. / -- -.-- / --- .--. - .. -.-. ... .-.-.- .-.-.- / ... -.-- ... - . -- ... / .- .-. . / -. --- - / -.-. --- -- .. -. --. / ..- .--. / -... .- .-. . .-.. -.-- / .- -... .-.. . / - --- / -.. --- / - .... .. ... .-.-.-


Ghost scoops her blades up, tucking them back under her wings, locking them there. "You get the anubis, I'll carry the shiny." She says, voice a papery-rasp still. "Ambassador? We're taking you to Valvolux. Try not to stab me in the aft while I carry you." She pads closer, movement careful as she offers a hand.

Deathsaurus picks up Khamsin and nods "Yeah he's their ambassador or something." he says, carrying him carefully. "Illarion has given us permission to enter so long as we're not causing trouble."

<> <<Underwood>> -.-. .- -....- -.-. .- -. .----. - / -.- . . .--. / ..- .--. / ... -....- ... -.-- ... - . -- / -.-. .-. .- ... .... -....- -....-


<> <<Underwood>> <disconnects>

Dust Devil isn't putting up a fight. His lightsaber was nice enough to go out once Dusty lost his grip, It does end up magnetized to his foot at least. He keeps his hands covering his face.

<> <<Underwood>> <reconnects>

<> <<Underwood>> .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-


<> <<Underwood>> <disconnects>

Ghost bends and carefully scoops Dust Devil up bridal carry, internal engines making a low rumble 'white noise', "It'll be alright." she rasps, turning to Deathsaurus, "Let's get the anubis there before the other frets himself into a coma."

Deathsaurus nods "Do you want me to carry both of you? It should be quicker.

Dust Devil's overtaxed systems whine as he's picked up and then there's a pop and the smell of ozone. At least now they won't have to worry about him fighting.

Ghost lifts a brow, "I think the shiny just popped a circuit. If You take us, then we're all one giant target. Let's go, kaiju 2."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Allright, Kaiju whisperer. See you there."

<<<Travel to Valvolux>>>

Valvolux Medical Center - Valvolux

<PM to Gardener> Ugh. Shinies.

<PM from Gardener> Autobots.

<PM from Gardener> suppose I need to run

<PM to Gardener> I can't stay here either.

Deathsaurus brings Khamsin in and places him next to Goth. "They're safe." He turns and heads for the door once he's sure they are.

<PM from Gardener> I know. Ghost. I owe you everything.

Ghost pads in with Dust Devil of all creatures, drops him onto a slab then snapturns, following Deathsaurus out.

<PM to Gardener> So where're we going?

<PM from Gardener> we?

<PM from Gardener> I guess You'd be going back to tarn

<PM to Gardener> We.

<PM from Gardener> Or Polyhex. Leozak's gonna have a fit..

<PM from Gardener> you intend on following me?

Ghost looks over at Deathsaurus as they walk on out of Valvolux.

Deathsaurus continues to walk. "You're going to track me wherever I go aren't you?" he sounds exhausted.

Ghost smiles, "Pretty much.." The operative replies, "Someone doesn't think the phrasing of their orders out very well sometimes." She shrugs.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "And what orders are those?" he asks, wings held low. "I honestly don't know where I'm going. North. South? I cant exactly get to my ship now."

Ghost's smile turns into a smirk, "Keep an eye on you." She looks upwards, "Why don't we visit the watcher upstairs, hmm?"

Deathsaurus looks up "The watcher?" he asks.

Ghost cocks her head as she walks, "He likes to watch the stars."

Deathsaurus pauses "He's a loyalist." he says flatly.

Ghost's lips crook, "Is he?"

Deathsaurus smiles. "Perhaps not. Well. if it won't get me recycled by him or another.." he says. "It's not a bad idea to visit with other Kaiju."

Ghost shrugs again, "He is what he is. And he likes the stars. And daisies. And I seem to remember Banshee offering you hospitality the last time there were words."

Deathsaurus nods "Then that is where we will go. I owe you all. Considerably. I do want to ask you another favor."

<PM from Gardener> and also give you some codes.

Ghost's wings flick behind her, "I reserve the right of refusal, you know."

<PM to Gardener> Codes?

<PM from Gardener> for my flagship, the thunder wing and my warworld at polyhex

Deathsaurus nods "I know. The other Destrons. They will know what happened. The Decepticons may come for them. Make sure they do not follow me into the abyss. Because when I return from it. I will have their fellows with me."

<PM to Gardener> Give them to Leozak, not me.

<PM from Gardener> He has them.

<PM to Gardener> Then why give them to me?

<PM from Gardener> A sign of trust.

Ghost gives a shake of her head, "Your Leozak is going to use a great many words to express his opinion of all of.." wave of a hand, "This." She looks ahead as they walk, "I'll try not to stab him." Smirk.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "I don't know who he will be more angry at. Me or Megatron. But he'll know what he wants the others to do."

<PM to Gardener> I am uncomfortable with that. I do occasionally have to work with Soundwave. That is a security issue potential

<PM from Gardener> understood. we will keep it between us then

<PM to Gardener> Thank you.

<PM from Gardener> I do not want to put you in that position

<PM to Gardener> I'm trying to avoid being in such positions. Always have. But if you need it stored for an emergency.. I can deep-store it.

Ghost murmurs, "Wont be in active thoughts that way. Hard to hack a hacker."

<PM from Gardener> we can talk about it if it comes to that. how are your injuries?

<PM to Gardener> I'm fine. Nothing at all on the level of riding a titans cascade failure.

Deathsaurus nods "Not impossible though. Are you damaged after the fight? You should probably rest. We should probably both get to the skies.

<PM from Gardener> good

Ghost looks up, "lets fly."