Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Altihex Assault

Characters: Astrotrain, Backblast, Blast Off, Blockade, Cyclonus, Deathsaurus, Dust Devil, Fortress Maximus, Ghost, Glit, Goth, Khamsin, Megatron, Nightbird, Nightshade, Snarl, Starlock, Starscream, Typhoon, Valour

Location: East Altihex

Date: May 13, 2020

TP: Peace in Our Time TP

Summary: Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can sieze the research in its labs. Deathsaurus chooses that moment to grandstand.

As logged by  Blockade

Log session starting at 19:05:44 on Wednesday, 13 May 2020.

Valour hovers down from above over Altihex. His normally shiny armor is covered in radiative dust, but it does not seem to affect his attitude. "Citizens of Altihex," he announces. "For a time, we have benevolently overlooked your resistance to accept the Decepticons' lawful governance of Cybertron, which includes your city-state. We have even offered trade agreements with your fair city, although these come with a price - your immediate surrender to just Decepticon rule.

"Tonight, we have come to rightfully claim what is due to us as Cybertron's protectors - the space research your labs have been hoarding against the good of Cybertron. With this data, we will be better able to defend our home and yours from external threats. We are giving you one chance to turn over this information willingly, or else we will otherwise be obliged to take it by force. We have no wish to harm the people of Altihex," Valour claims, "But we will response to violent resistance in kind." 

"Blast Off, get the civilians back for their own safety. Astrotrain, take Blockage and patrol the streets for Autobot or local interference. Deahtsaurus, likewise patrol the skies. I am heading to the lab to make my request in person." Valour rises higher over the labs before travelling east towards the private spaceport. His arm cannons are ready, but he holds his attack, giving the people of Altihex time to consider his request.

Altihex ready as it could hope to be. Courtesy support from Valvolux, those who normally reside within the city and wished for shelter are out, and safe, while the rest worked diligently to hastily build some semblance of defensive structure. Hastily errected fortifications meant to delay and slow down an assault, a nice portion of which are made of some rather solid blocks and fixtures augmented by heaps of debris pushed into place to bolster them. 

And at the forefront is Khamsin, his blades drawn, casually tapping the flat of one against his leg as he just waits patiently, remarkably calm considering what's coming... As Valour speaks, though, he just smiles slightly. "The labs belong to the people of Altihex." He motions behind him. "And...clearly, their will is to defy your needs, Valour... and as that is there will, it is mine. You will not have this. I will give chance to leave the city, and after that I will not hold anything back, and I will not hesitate to break you."

Deathsaurus enters with the others in his dragon mode. He takes to the sky "Theres no need for violence, Altihexians." he says in his deep outer rim accent. "Give us your labs and we will consider it a donation to the empire."

Truth be told, Nightshade's been here for a short time -- though 'here' is a relative term. She's maintained station in her altmode, currently cloaked, anywhere from ten to fifteen kilometers out. But now that the attack has begun, one would expect she'd join in, at least to add to the show of force.

But no, Nightshade isn't like that. She has more... elusive prey in mind.

Snarl has taken up a 'defensive position' in one of the "streets" otherwise bereft of defensive structures. He is, in fact in a rather wide, flat space near the edge of Altihex, watching and waiting for the Decepticons get close enough to smash.

Blast Off flies in in shuttle mode, his engines rumbling as he does so- and Valour's orders simply gain yet *more* rumbling. "<< Wait, you want *me* to deal with the riffraff? What am I supposed to do with them? Not that this makes any sense *anyway*, I *must* register my protest in this matter! Astrotrain, back me up here, as a fellow shuttle, surely you agree that this is simply a waste of good resources in a rare, classy, /proper/ setting and we should not risk destroying all this research in a fit of fisticuffs and bawdiness! >>" HUFF. 

Still, orders are orders and the shuttle does soar towards the front of the crowds, wing lasers mounted and ready... except not really. Seems he hasn't bothered turning them on yet. The Combaticon pitches down and lands on a high and lofty spot above them, transforming, holding his ionic blaster but again not actually pointing it at anyone. "Now, now, I have been told to get all you street urchins out of here, so shoo!" He frowns under his faceplate and glances back towards the main troops. "NOT that this is a well considered course of action in the *first* place..." He sighs and waves his hands to shoo at the crowds- and Khamsin- ...but again, makes no move to, you know, get closer or shoot or anything. "Shoo now! Shoo!"

The shuttle uprights as the wings and stabilizer fin fall away and the engine cylinders fall forward. The top half of the shuttle breaks apart to reveal Blast Off.

Valour pauses on his way east, to look down at Khamsin with a smile. "I would expect nothing less." Raising his voice, he announces, "Decepticons - make an example of this rabble-rouser. If he will bring war to his city, allow him to be its first victim." With that, Valour continues east, making a beeline for the mysterious walled labs that allow no one to enter. No one, that is, until now, if Valour has his way.

>> Valour retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Nightbird, Nightshade, Blast Off, Ghost, Dust Devil, Typhoon, Astrotrain, Deathsaurus, Snarl, Goth, Khamsin, and Backblast. <<

Typhoon has answered the call to protect Altihex. It is only fair, since she has asked others for help finding and saving Springer. She drives up to the gates, transforming behind a makeshift barricade and drawing her whirlwind gun. Astrotrain and Blockade, huh? They sound tough! Typhoon frowns and screws up her courage. What would Springer do? Not hide behind a barricade, that's for sure. Setting her expression, Ty starts scanning for targets.

Dust Devil isn't particularly thrilled about where this has gone. He did his part, sharing the news and trying to get others to help. He was here to get Spike back to base but..well Valour did the party invitations. So he's watching and waiting while his friends get ready. He takes a moment to drink some energon and check his systems while the real leaders of this shindig figure out what the dance is going to be.

Amidst the sounds of other craft flying into the area, what's one more? A thin veil of nothing shrouds the Tetra-interceptor as it flies, engines a low rumble spreading out from some point in the sky. As Valour gives his missive, the craft transforms perhaps visible as a translucent afterimage briefly before the operatives full system phase engage, shunting her into a different state of being entirely. Not a standard cloak nor invisibility system, she's well and truly out of sync, so to speak, perhaps an electromagnetic disturbance at best. Silently running, one with the nothing, the operative follows Valour as he moves.

With a rapid series of panels unfolding, some seeming to simply dissolve, Ghost reforms into a tall, sleek femme.

Ghost fades into the shadows without a sound.

Nightbird has been in the area for awhile, having been scouting around a bit but as the proper time approaches she moves quickly towards the lab entrance as well, her passage leaving little disturbance to show she had been in that area.

The Decepticons are descending upon Altihex and the infamous large grey shuttle is amongst them. Astrotrain has been itching for a good old fashion throwdown, and it looks like the locals are going to be foolishly defiant. Excellent! But first he's got his transport duty to perform. "You got it, chief." The shuttle breaks away from the formation, tilting a bit to skim past the taller buildings and towards the urban terrain below. "You're gonna want to hold onto something in there buddy!"

Parts click and shuffle in a flurry of movement that only takes split-seconds. Then metal screechs and sparks fly as spinning wheels hit the cybertronian pavement, whistle blasting loudly as in moments Astrotrain is instead roaring along in locomotive mode, sending any civilians dumb enough to not clear out yet scrambling for cover. "Time to put the ENGINE in SIEGE ENGINE! Grahahaha!"

A deep train whistle echoes through the air as parts quickly shift and shape Astrotrain into his locomotive form. CHOO CHOO MUTHA*WHISTLE*

Blockade swings out the back of Astrotrain with all the grace of a boulder. He rolls a bit and staggers back up to his feet, taking a moment to shake out his joints. "A'ight, who wants to get shot first?" the big guy shouts, pulling out his blaster. On his back, his turret whines with the sound of happily excited tachyon particles.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Aren't you a sniper, Blast Off? You shouldn't -have- to take enough shots for it to be a waste."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Tsk! Come now, this whole thing is a waste! Surely you, as a fellow refined, civilized shuttle, agree! This could lead to the destruction of invaluable and rare space research!"

Goth is cloaked, flying over head as he eyes the oncoming group, a frown forming on his face, he radios below. "<<As expected I'm picking up hidden signatures, It will take a moment to point them all out one at a time, watch your backs and your back specifically, mi amor.>>" Goth radios down to their side below as he looks over the field, his internal scouter bringing up multiple targets. 

Goth's ear twitches as he receives a radio form Khamsin and nods, turning to try and aim his trajectory to catch up with the seeker, taking a deep vent, from high above, a loud 'whistle' is heard as Goth dives downward, soon appearing an a cloud of black pixels, Goth lets out a loud, high pitched sonic wave.

>> Goth attacks Valour, Astrotrain, Blockade, and Deathsaurus with Muddling Sonar, striking

Deathsaurus, Valour, and Blockade. <<

It's hard to tell how long Backblast has been here. Certainly long enough to build himself a blinded nest under an overhang on one of the rooftops, and no doubt lay a couple of 'surprises' nearby for anyone coming to investigate. 

To all but the most detailed examination, it looks like a deep patch of shadow. It is, in fact, a meticulously-crafted camo-net, under which the Autobot afthole/sniper is crouched, scanning the Decepticon lines with Kingslayer's scope as he works on picking his target.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I have a smart idea and Im going to do it because I entirely dedicated to this."

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "A warrior's value is in actions, not words."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Less talk, more action."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Blast Off, if anything is excessively broken, it's because the Autobots were the ones crazy enough to send a Dinobot."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "you got it"

Khamsin watches as Valour starts to walk off, leaving the peons to handle the mess...and is immediately on the radio to Goth about it before he glances at the various mechs present...and his gaze settles on Des. There's a soft sigh... "Well, I suppose one is leaving." He looks away from the big Decepticon mech and keeps his optics tracking Valour... "What's this, then? Come to stir up a mess and can't even properly lead it?" He chuckles softly before looking back at the assembled Cons. "So...who's it going to be, then...or shall I just go after your fearless leader?" He winks.

Deathsaurus starts to circle the science center. His wings glow as he gahters energy and then he starts to fly in a circle, breathing a nice ring of fire surrounding the area. "Now hte ground bots cant get in to stop us and no one there can leave. That better?" He asks. Course it also keeps ground cons out but thats not his problem is it?

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off sighs

As he hears that whistle the Stegosaurus starts a slow walk that turns into something like a thundering, groundshaking jog. The Dinobot eating up the space between himself and the oncoming train; fully intent on blocking it's path with his body.

>> Snarl misses Astrotrain with Smash. <<

Deathsaurus is flying around any shielding outside the science area. He starts to glow, powering up for something "Oh no. Chaos." he says flatly. He starts to breathe fire, attempting to make a wide wall around the location. "There we go."

Twelve kilometers distant, Nightshade transforms into robot mode, anti-gravs coming to life with a barely audible whisper of sound -- no sound at all, for those in the thick of the action at Altihex proper. And as she does, she takes slow, careful aim with her ifle, letting her targeting sensor suite sync with her modular weapons system. "Sniper," she says quietly, the rifle transforming in her hands into the sniper rifle she favors above all others, and sights in. A small smile appears as she spies her preferred target, and takes her time to prepare for the shot.

There's a shimmer as her cloaking device deactivates and she appears, though at the distance she is from the city, it would be a miracle if anyone saw her. Admittedly, though, she does hope one individual in particular is watching. It would be amusing to no end to see the look on his face...

An intake, then an exhale, as Nightshade's world zeroes in on her chosen target of... Khamsin. The trigger is squeezed, and by the time the potential sound of the weapon firing could be heard, the fired shot has long since made the journey. But to what end? Let's find out!

Nightshade suddenly appears with a slight whisper of sound.

With a frenetic twisting, contorting and shifting of parts, Nightshade transforms into her robot mode.

>> Nightshade misses Khamsin with C-20-Assault <Medium>. <<

Nobody shoos. At all. Alas. Blast Off sighs, shoulders drooping slightly, and shrugs. "Well, I *tried*~." The rabblerousers simply will not listen, what can one do? The shuttleformer tilts his head with a sigh, again not actually making any move to... you know, attack or anything. Nope, he's still perched up above. He finds a patch of paint on the roof that seems *quite* interesting and takes a moment to examine it.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "so.."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Did Valour just leave all his troops to die for him?"

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "Are you saying you're going to be killed by the Autobots there?"

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "I'm hearing double..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Im not talking about me. Im talking about..the others."

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "Cyclonus, I'm scheduling you for some routine maintenance to ensure your transmission software and communications suite is functioning properly."

Valour drops a few cybermeters as he gets hit by... something from Goth, but he does not allow that or Khamsin's challenge from distracting him from his primary goal - the acquisition of the lab's data. He continues east, flying over barricades as if they were not there. Once arriving before the labs, he lands and addresses the speakerbox. "I've come for your data," he says pleasantly. "I don't plan to ask again."

Typhoon braces herself, sizing up the incoming Decepticons as they roar into the city. "Oh, well," she says. "Guess it's time to catch a train." Slinging her Whirlwind Gun over her back, she suddenly sprints from cover, running right towards the charging Astrotrain. At the last moment, she veers off to slam her weight into a chunk of barricade, trying to send it down just enough in Astrotrain's path to derail his momentum and send him smashing into something painful.

>> Typhoon strikes Astrotrain with Bash. <<

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "This reminds me a lot of my first battle in Praxus. Command leaving the troops to die while sitting back and taking bets at them facing possible insurmountable odds."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Decepticons. Do you accept this from your leaders?"

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Deathsaurus, you will cease this chatter immediately. If you have a problem with my orders, you are to bring them to my attention personally. AFTER the mission."

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Don't gotta make it more complicated than it is. We got guns. We got targets. We slag the hell outta 'em."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "is it that easy. look around you."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Deathsaurus. This is my last warning."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Do I scare you Valour? Am I perhaps right? Do we fight blindly. Or do we rise up."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "After the mission, Deathsaurus, we will have words."

From nowhere, something having the ability to move through walls, isn't much slowed down by flames, which are much more insubstantial. The Operative continues after Valour, flanking wide around the Commander as he moves towards the labs in the east. She's moving swiftly and silently, focused on her mission.

The above was Ghost.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Well, if they are such a threat, Deathsaurus, do as you were ordered to and crush those who stand in the way of a swift victory, and thus spare those also under your charge the possibility of injury."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain happily ignores the domestic squabbling. "Hey Blockade, think you can hit the broadside of a Dinobot?"

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Hey, I'm pretty sure the one that showed up screaming was sayin' "Please, Blockade, shoot me fulla holes!""

Nightbird is doing what her Master had ordered and follows along quickly, making her way into the lab after Valour's passage inside after pausing long enough to verify the positions of others as well as the marked target but only for a moment before disappearing inside.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Im not in charge of nothing am I."

The steaming locomotive has less delicate electronics to be exposed to disruption so the sonic wave just kinda washes over the Triplechanger with little effect. So Astrotrain is fully aware of the other big and loud thing charging towards him. Braking mechanisms squeal as he locks the wheels on one side and the locomotive leers in that direction to avoid the rampaging stego. "Sorry, I only run things over on -my- terms." Then Typhoon flings a barricade at him. It smashes on inpact with the locomotive's bulk, nothing big on its own, but some of the shrapnel clatters down into the wheel and drive rods and doesn't sound very pleasant at all. For a second it looks like the damage is going to be bad as the train bucks up and forward!

Until it becomes evident that it's Astrotrain transforming. Feet slam onto the ground, skidding forward with the momentum to carry Astrotrain close enough to take a heavy swing at the Weatherbot. "This train is gonna catch you!"

Parts shift around quickly, and within seconds a gray and purple robot stands in the place of his previous form. His wings are wide and cast a menacing shadow, the Decepticon isignias upon them proudly displaying his alliance.

>> Astrotrain strikes Typhoon with Roundhouse. <<

Blockade looks up at the revealed Goth and grins. "Looks like we have a volunteer!" If the noisy attack even slowed down the big guy, he doesn't show it. Then again, he's not very fast in the first place. The artillery mech plants his feet and aims his blaster up at Goth.

>> Blockade misses Goth with Blaster <High>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Im making a firewall around this facility. Just testing some things thats all. Bots come my way I'll take any of them out. You know I can clear the battlefield. any battlefield at my will."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "That does depend on how well you execute the order I gave to use the utmost of your abilities in this assualt. Cammander Valour, I expect a full report on the combat effectiveness of all the troops that accompanied you, and I do mean all of them."

Fire.. There's a moment of hesitation from Goth as fear forms a hot rock in his tanks, only able to remember how /painful/ it was the last time... and every other time before, He has to shake his helm hard to break himself out of it as he hears the shot fired at Khamsin.. His scouter zooms in to lock on Nightshade, before he transmits her position to the others below. 

His ears twitch as he hears the whistle of an incoming shot and quickly fives once more, the whistle of wind breaking against his wings coming in loud.// Goth's taken note of the 'contrary' stance Blast Off has taken, something he'll need to thank his friend for later.. For now the Vampire is going to do what he does best, as his scouter zooms in on an exposed energon line, his fangs taking on a bright red glow as his goes hurdling at his target.

>> Goth strikes Blockade with Vampiric Bite. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Well. If my commander would tell me what to attack I will. Im not in command of this attack and I will not be held prisoner in my own city."

Backblast first swings his sights over Astrotrain, before moving his attention to Blockade. Deathsaurus isn't, at the moment at least, doing anything *too* aggressive and... okay, it looks like Astrotrain is the primary threat. Even as he swings his punch in on Typhoon, BB's rifle barks. 

The round is, surprisingly, slow enough to see. It's a silver dart, thick bodied with a needle tip and, incongruously, a little neon pink tuft on the back.

>> Backblast strikes Astrotrain with Tranquilizer <Low>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Did I not just do so? Crush those that stand in the way of the swift completion of this assault."

The dart's contents... actually feel kind of pleasant. Astrotrain will feel coolness spread from the impact site, followed by a strange, sort of floaty sensation. The world seems to move much faster all of a sudden, and the world is suddenly rendered in bright, primary hues.

Khamsin watches Valour, his eyes narrowing before something flashes across his vision and causes him to jump a bit. He looks at where the rogue shot went nearby before grunting and sending a quick call to Goth... followed by another, and with those done, he just takes off to move after the Decepticon aerial commander, carefully using his own foot-rockets to skirt over Des' tribute to Johnny Cash. No words... just stalking.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Backblast suddenly fades into sight without a sound.

>> Khamsin retreats from the area, leaving itself open to Backblast, Nightshade, Blast Off, Dust

Devil, Typhoon, Astrotrain, Deathsaurus, Snarl, Blockade, Goth, and Fortress Maximus. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus snarls lowly. "This was the plan all along. For this to be my assault on people I've allied with."

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost rasps in a papery whisper, "Did they ever publically ally with you or did they simply whisper promises in the dark they never intended to keep?"

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "...:coughs."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "You know what thats a good question. Did /we/ ever publically ally or were there simply whispered promises in the dark."

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain's booming voice laughs. "Really got their attention now! Go do your sneaky nerdy stuff Valor."

Deathsaurus has stopped his attack for the moment. He flies back to where the battle is making his presence known. But hes not attakcing anyone right now. No. Hes eyeing everyone on the field as if making a decision. (NO attack this round)

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Nightshade frowns to herself. She missed. Some variation must not have been calculated properly. And so she moves closer, coming in a few kilometers and changing the angle of attack to keep track of Khamsin. Close enough now to be in sight of the city proper. Switching to an energy setting, she takes aim again, firing off another shot at Khamsin; this one much more visible, being an energy attack.

>> Nightshade strikes Khamsin with Pulse-Laser <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "This would violate the contract. Is the contract violated, Megatron?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "You approached us. You have been given you a city and the resources that go with it; enough to realize your goals. You have been granted rank within the Empire."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "That seems all very public to me."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I thought it was you who approached me. but..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "the question remains. Is the contract violated."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "yes or no will suffice."

Dust Devil glares as he sees Blast off looking high and mighty. Dust Devil at least tries to make sure that the poor decepticon doesn't feel left out.

>> Dust Devil strikes Blast Off with Electro-Blaster <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "You do still have your city, do you nor?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I don't know. Was it ever mine? Or just a chain to hold me in place."

Snarl growls turns in place, swinging that tail, and it's thagomizer' towards the boasting Decepticon.

>> Snarl misses Astrotrain with Tail-Swipe. <<

Blast Off frowns under the faceplate again, now crossing his arms as he listens to radio chatter. The Combaticon has made his displeasure known, now he simply goes for... aloof mode. Yes, this is all below him anyway. He looks a bit bored, pulling away from the /fascinating/ paint drying to glare down at the stalls below. "Well, I will say that if anything in this place has to go, it ought to be that *stall*. Look how *tacky* those colors are! The sheer gaudiness is a crime against all optics!" He *tsks*, shakes his head, then watches as fights break out. 

 He also watches as Valour sneaks off towards the labs where the valuable equipment is... the space labs like the ones HE worked from once, long long ago. The frown deepens. He glances around at the mayhem, but it's all beneath him now. With another *tsk* he jumps into the air- and lands straight into Dust Devil's blast. "Gah!!" The Combaticon huffs loudly, indignantly, glaring down at the Autobot below. "Cretin! You're lucky I have better things to do!" 

 ...Like go find out what Valour -and what looks like several others- are doing in those space labs. He *huffs* again at Dust Devil, then leaps into the air once more to fly to the labs.

Typhoon erks as she is roundhoused right off her feet and into a building, doing almost as much damage to it as it did to her. Ty slumps to the ground a moment before climbing to her feet and taking a moment to steady herself, looking around at the chaos. << Did anyone get the number o' that train that hit me? >> she broadbands jokily.

Away from the noise and confusion another small Decepticon scoutcraft flits in behind the Decepticon attack force, also heading towards the space labs. The little craft buzzes up and over like a bumblebee, trying to avoid attacks and attention as it heads to assist Valour.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Was your loyatly actually mine? Or was it a manfactured to gain what you wanted?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I have held up my end of the contract. Hold up yours."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "And now you quesiton my honor."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Deathsaurus.. Dont.."

An enormous cityscape figure slowly emerges on the area. Seeing the battle area, he tries to draw as many Decepticons in his area as he can. A voice booms "Decepticons...your occupancy of this area ends Leave, or face the power of...FORTRESS...MAXIMUS!"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Loyalty and honor are separate qualities. There are many citizens of the Empire that posses them is differing quantities."

The dart thunks somewhere behind Astrotrain's shoulder. The brute is too busy giving Typhoon a whallop and trying to sidestep the Dinobutt to notice at first. The tail slams into one of the barricades. But Astrotrain has to stop and hold his helm for a moment from the movement as the dart's contents start to sip into his systems. "Whoa." Blinks his optics a few times. "This usually doesn't happen until after and I'm slogged off my aft at the victory party..." As if that wasn't enough, there's a rumble as Fortress Maximus brings his almighty brickness into the fray. Shakes a fist at the towering Titan. "Hey, keep it down! My processor's already overclocking! ... where was I..."

Oh, right, Snarl was accousting him. Despite the wooziness Astrotrain pulls out his rifle, points at the flare of colors that should be Snarl, and fires a few times. "Time to leave this Dinobot's dino-butt dino-sore!" Pause. "And Slugfest is a cuter stego, too!"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Honor is everything to a Destron."

>> Astrotrain strikes Snarl with Electric-Blaster <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "and this whole battle. Everything about it. Is dishonorable."

Blockade is bitten! On that little part of his neck that isn't covered up by the massive shoulder pauldrons! "Hey! Not that kinda mech!" He lurches to the side and does a sloppy chest-slam against the nearest building to try to smoosh his attacker.

>> Blockade misses Goth with Slam. <<

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "A swift strike. A decisive victory. The goal achieved and leaving the battlefield with as little energon spilled is dishonorable? I am not the one who alerted the Autbots or traitor to the assault. Those who betrayed their word and protracted what otherwise would have been such a battle and caused more suffering than necessary to see it finished. There is dishonor."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "What are you accusing me of."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Fine. I'll finish this battle."

Goth sinks his fangs in and does what beasts like him do best, rip-and-tear! He forces his helm back as he syphons off energon from Blockade. "Please, Vortex has said every dirty thing possible in regards to this." He'd snarl through his fangs. Goth pugs his leg out to stop the smashing, but his optics narrow as Khamsin is hit this time. "Khamsin!" Goth cries in his panic, letting go of Blockade, he still has Khamsin's vitals on screen for a moment, before his lover gets too far way... He has to stay and Aid their allies though... He trusts Khamsin, the cons though? Not so much, it pains him, but he will do what he can to aid those where he was... clutching tightly to the crystalin how many Cons have gone off to the east he wonders? 

Goth snarls and looks down at who he has his claws in.. and in a moment of Crazy.. Goth leaps off, and transforms into his rarely seen defenseless Robot-mode! ...Or one would think as he quickly pulls a ball like drone from his sub-space, pressing a button as spider like legs eject from the glass orb full of glowing toxic green liquid, and he lobs it at Blockade.

With a few quick motions, Goth transforms into his rarely seen Robot-mode!

>> Goth strikes Blockade with Injector Drones <High>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "I hate to spoil the moment, but I'm not the only one hearing the yelling Titan inbound am I?"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "A what?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Ah. Maximus"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "He owes me an arm."

Backblast has a moment to feel smug as he watches Astrotrain under the effects of this new particular cocktail, before there's a bright flash across his vision. "Bollocks..." he mutters, tracing the shot back towards its shooter. Stylish... she's good. He works the bolt of his rifle, pausing a moment to select a round from his shell-store and slot it into the breech. "I see you..." he mutters. This full-power shot kicks up dust from around his little sniper's nest, if the big arrowhead of fire coming from the muzzlebrake didn't already highlight his position well enough - especially to his target, Nightshade, who will also hear the telltale supersonic crack-hiss-bang of a big sniper weapon being fired at you.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Take both arms"

>> Backblast misses Nightshade with 90mm Hi-Ex <Low>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "As interest"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I was just gonna take one and beat him with it. But I like your moxy"

Deathsaurus sees Fortress Maximus arriving and smiles. "Maximus.." he approaches, his mace coming to his hand. All posturing and pretneidng not to fight gone. "You.. owe me an arm. And a second. For interest."

Maybe it's some ingrained sixth sense that has Nightshade still moving when Backblast takes his shot. Maybe it's just her being just smart enough to remain a moving target, rather than the stationary target she originally presented several kilometers back. Or maybe it's the fact and she saw the flash of incoming fire before the shot could hit her. Who knows? But she lets gravity resume it's hold as she comes in, anti-gravs cutting off and allowing the shot to pass unobstructed by such trivial things as her cranial unit before kicking them back on again. "RPG," she mutters, the weapon in hand reconfiguring to a more compact bullpup-design... grenade launcher? How many modes does her modular weapons system have, anyway? Even as she hits a nearby roof and finds cover to make use of, she's firing a low-yield rocket-propelled grenade at the nest she was initially shot from.

>> Nightshade misses Backblast with C-20-RPG <Low>. <<

The Dinobot barely even seems to notice the electrivity dancing over his armor "Me Snarl say that tickle! Me Snarl tickle back!" Snarl tromps closer and lifts up on his back legs as he drives forward in an attempt to catch his opponet beneath part of his bulk.

>> Snarl strikes Astrotrain with Crush. <<

"Hey!" Typhoon yells. "You leave Snarl alone!" Typhoon jumps from the wall of the building she helped ruin. She skids across more debris and pulls out dual pistols, firing both at Astrotrain while she runs like some robot Lara Croft.

>> Typhoon misses Astrotrain with Pistol <Low>. <<

The small Decepticon craft continues to fly through the combat zone, bobbing and weaving and trying to remain unseen as it heads towards the labs to assist Valour and his unseen team.

>> Floodlight retreats from the area, leaving herself open to Deathsaurus, and Nightshade. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain starts to say something but his radio only picks up a massive *CRUNCH*

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Astrotrain?"

Fortress Maximus brings up his energy sword at Deathsaurus' taunt. He gives a cold smile at Deathsaurus, currently, the only foe he has fought at least once. "So be it, but first you'll have to hit me..." With that, he swings his sword toward Deathsaurus' chest.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain coughs. "I think I made him mad"

>> Fortress Maximus misses Deathsaurus with Sword. <<

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Ahh... heh."

Astrotrain turns his head as Typhoon shouts something. "And what are you going to do to make m--" *CRUNCH* The mocking taunt is cut off by Snarl slamming into him while his attention was turned. Astrotrain may be a big chunk of mech but even he's not imprevious to rampaging Dinobots, as he's crushed with the force of the blow and sent crashing through the front window of some building. "Ugh.. looks like I'm the one that got dino-sore..." He sticks his head out of the broken window, only for pistol fire to knock some of the remaining glass loose from the frame as it barely misses him as he ducks his head back in with a yelp.

A few moments later there's more crashing and crunching as he blasts out of the building once more in train mode, taking most of the store front down with him as he barrels at the dinosaur. "And here I was playing nice! Now it's time for a train wreck!"

A deep train whistle echoes through the air as parts quickly shift and shape Astrotrain into his locomotive form. CHOO CHOO MUTHA*WHISTLE*

>> Astrotrain strikes Snarl with Ram2. <<

Blockade coughs as poison clouds his frame. Thankfully, his visor keeps his optics in the clear. "Man, that's rougher than a double shot of Unlucky Seeker. A'ight, you've earned the big gun." The humming turret over his shoulder tips down to aim at Goth. "Open wide, sucker."

>> Blockade strikes Goth with Tachyon Shot <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Sounds like an... eventful evening in Altihex."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...You could say that- woah! *laser zaps can be heard*"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Its a party allright."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "It does not go unappreciated. While you have the Autobots' attention we can forward the preperation of our ... surprises on the Overpass for the inevitable Autobot intervention here."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Sure it does. But I appreciate the support. Lets clear these AAutobots out and then we'll see."

Goth takes the shot, a nice hole blasted in his shoulder, he's in pain, he cries out due too it, covering it with his hand in a bid to try and stop the leaking... He's not as wounded as others but the stress, not knowing how Kham is, people his friend trying to kill him.. it's getting to be too much, it reminds him to much of last time this happened, only there are not rocks falling down that could possibly crush him if his mate is.... he can feel black ichor starting to leak from his optics. 

Instinctively he transforms back to his bat mode, and green optics go to red as red sparks dance along Goth's frame, the hole sealing it self in a jagged and mutilated fashion, Goth bears his fangs, but it's not them he attacks with, instead he uses his whole frame in a bid to slam Blockade away from him, having completely forgotten about the acid the drone had injected.

With a few quick motions, Goth transforms into a large vampire bat.

>> Goth strikes Blockade with Acid. <<

>> Goth strikes Blockade with Slam. <<

Backblast watches Nightshade aiming a rocket-launcher at him. Well... "Bugger!".

Thankfully for him, she's not the only one who can move fast. There's the sound of a transformation cog and front of the sniper's nest opens up and a six-wheeled scoutcar bursts out of it and rolls off the roof, before flying like a thrown rock. He transforms again while falling, grabbing hold of a ruined casino sign to slow his fall, although he doesn't manage to stop entirely, before dropping to the ground in a three-point crouch, his other hand holding Kingslayer clear of the ground. He starts looking around for his target. "I see how it is."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Maximus, you couldn't hit the broadside of Trypticon." he transforms. "Just get out of here, you're outmatched." as he does so, that mace heads right for the titan.

>> Deathsaurus misses Fortress Maximus with Energon Flail. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "Ugh, my head feels like the bender that normally comes -after- the fight."

There's silence for a few moments as Backblast makes it out of his nest before part of it went all a-splody. Nightshade, for her part, is running the odds -- along with the help of her enhanced sensor suite. It's not just for targeting, after all, and hearing the sounds of his landing he makes as he transforms... a small smile appears on her face. Yeah, a low-yield incendiary ought to do it. A red grenade appears in hand, looking fairly close to a certain sci-fi thermal detonator. She turns around, activating the grenade's timer, pops up and throws it, then bolts for the next nearest cover. Sniper duel just became cat-amd-mouse. But who's who?

>> Nightshade strikes Backblast with Hellfire <Low>. <<

Typhoon shoots at Astrotrain and then gasps as he rams Snarl. "You leave him alone!" she repeats, running to the Dinobot's side and firing a few more potshots at the triplechanger to try to keep him at bay.

>> Typhoon misses Astrotrain with Pistol <Medium>. <<

Astrotrain slams hard into the stego-bot. It might not do the most damage to that metal hulk but the locomotive has the strength and bulk of it's own to shove Snarl out of his way at least. The wheel assemblies previously damaged by the blockade bits are protesting loudly though as the locomotive backs away as the femme comes running. It's not helping his addled senses any and probably not a good idea to stay in this mode for very long. The entire locomotive teeters as he reverse-turns hard to avoid to gunshots and disappears between two buildings.

And as Astrotrain pulls one of his favorite tricks to leave the enemy guessing, comes roaring around the other side of the building in shuttle mode once more. As he does the gun deploys from under his front fuselage and opens fire, peppering the street below with a barrage of ionized energy bolts. "I ain't done with you yet either, missy!"

After a quick shifting around of parts, Astrotrain's previous mode is now gone, replaced by a large space shuttle. The engines roar, ready to take off into the sky.

>> Astrotrain strikes Typhoon with Ionic-Displacer <Medium>. <<

Blockade gets singed and battered backwards and scowls. That.. actually really hurts. Acid -burns-, even more than laser fire. "Frag this," he grumbles, taking out one of his bigger guns now that there's space for shooting again.

>> Blockade strikes Goth with Heavy Laser <Medium>. <<

Goth takes another nasty shot that seeps energon, it seals quickly like the last wound but.. arguably its not any better, if anything, it's leaking worse, somehow.. Tactics are not in Goth's mind at the moment, anything he's going off pure desperation and instinct at the moment, he shifts to all fours and charges at Blockade in a bid to Headbutt him!

>> Goth strikes Blockade with Acid. <<

>> Goth misses Blockade with Smash. <<

Backblast growls as he hears the grenade hit the ground near him, watching it roll with a slightly resigned expression before it goes off. He's washed with fire and sprints clear, plotting back the grenade to its point of origin based on how it bounced and rolled.

He does some maths of his own and then looks at the possible options for where Nightblade could be. He runs some odds of his own, pulling a shell from his magazine and loading it into Kingslayer. 

He sights on a piece of cover and takes a shot - hoping Nightshade is behind that particular piece of cover, and not a different one.

The round punches through before exploding on the other side. Backblast has seen that episode of Red Dwarf, and he knows the trick to winning it.

Don't be the mouse.

>> Backblast strikes Nightshade with 90mm Gun <Low>. <<

Deathsaurus stalks around the field like the big nasty he is. "Look. Autobots. I can give you an option." He says. "Retreat now. Or I start picking you off one by one. Its your choice." He says, hanging back for now.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Look. Autobots. I give you an option. Retreat now. Or I start picking you off one by one. It's your choice."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Don't make me be unprofessional to you, Des."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Not... <click> my... <click> Home.. <click>"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I have my job you guys have yours. My job is to threaten and take Altihex right so lets do this. Retreat or I will attack."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Stop.. <click> Bending an knee..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "*deep growl*"

<> <<Underwood>> Not.. not <Click> their tool..

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You know, you'd definitely make a better leader than Megatron. Just sayin'."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Not.. not <Click> their tool.."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You've got experience of running an empire. He's got experience of simply failing to build one."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Desist"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "You first."

<> <<Underwood>> No.. Can't.. can't.. not again..

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Megatron started with a planet full of life and burnt it to ashes. You started from nothing and became more than his equal in all ways."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "No.. Can't.. can't.. not again.."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Dont start this now"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Then when should I? When Cybertron's a burnt husk again?"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "When Big Joe's dead?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I just want to finish this."


That's Nightshade's reaction when the shot hits home, in spite of the fact that she'd thought her cover was better than it apparently was. Armor-piercing rounds -- note for future reference to requisition those. Wincing at the damage to her left shoulder -- thankfully not her favored arm, though she's almost as good using it as she is her preferred right -- she considers options before deciding to take advantage of what she does have that Backblast doesn't -- aerial maneuverability.

She runs out, taking to the air, while her rifle reconfigures itself again. This time, there's no grenade -- just a sickly green glow of plasma as she clears the sightline to see where he is. Quickly, she fires a shot off before maneuvering for cover once more.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Those at his feet are crushed beneath his heel. There is no interest in building a society of equals. None are his equal in his optics. All who try and look up risk his wrath when he thinks you are aspiring to be more than what he deems you!"

<> <Gardener> I want to get them out. And finish this. This is protohex all over again.

>> Nightshade strikes Backblast with Plasma <Medium>. <<

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> There is no 'finishing this', Des, it's just... Megatron using you.

<<Broadband>> Goth coughs roughly. "Get a grip... Make.. Make a choice, stop letting.. others choose for you

<> <<Whirlwind>> At least they are safe right now where they are. How safe will they be when he lets you bring them out and now he can use them to manipulate you. What would you do to protect your family when his cannon is aimed at them.

<> <Gardener> NO THEY ARE NOT

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Be an emperor, not a pawn."

<> <Gardener> if I dont make an impression here. New Polyhex will be taken. THe Destrons inside will be absorbed.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Are they safer now than they would be if Megatron's cannon is aimed at them?

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> They already have been, Des.

<> <Gardener> I wont let it happen. Not again.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> It already has, unless you stop it.

<> <Arbiter> Thats all a matter of dodging..

<> <Gardener> They have not. I have made sure they have not.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Sure man, keep telling yourself that.

<> <Gardener> my soldiers are still mine.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> And you are his.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Therefore, so are they.

<> <<Whirlwind>> I want tos ee you reunited with your people and family. I don't want to see them brought forward only for Megatron to cut them down because you angered him


<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Then prove it.

<> <Gardener> its not just hte fortress. its the people already here.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Then remove the threat.

<> <Gardener> I cant leave them.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I'm not suggesting that. Remove the threat.

<> <Gardener> Im trying primus knows im trying.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Typhoon looks shocked as she shoots at Astrotrain and he comes back... in shuttle mode? "What's even happenin' right now?" she shakes her head, dazed and confused by the constant mode changing. If he is airborne, though, he is vulnerable. Holstering her pistols, she pulls her massive Whirlwind Gun blunderbuss off her back. IF she can hit him, she will blow those fancy heat shield tiles right off his belly.

>> Typhoon strikes Astrotrain with Whirlwind-Gun <Medium>. <<

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "I am pleased to report that Sixshot and I have claimed Ibex spaceport."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Excellent"

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Good, good"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "so."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "are we done here?"

<<Decepticon>> Cyclonus says, "Ask Valour, Deathsaurus. He is in charge of your mission."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Im asking any commander that will answer me and not just make vague threats at my people."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "you guys want me to lead, dont demote me."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Primus."

<> <Gardener> its like. they demote me right?

<> <Gardener> but still expect me to lead.

<> <Gardener> Im not doing it. Not this time.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Like it or not, he views you as *his* my dude.

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> He's treating you like a tool.

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "Have the rebels been quelled in central Altihex, Deathsaurus?"

<> <Gardener> Im a commander wether or not I have the rank. I see that. they look to me but you know they shouldnt.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I dont care. I mean sure."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "For PRIMUS Sake, Deathsaurus, you're not a lieutenant. You're an XO, the longer this goes on, the more damage and death there will be. Do or do not."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "If you wish to remain my second in command, take and hold Central Altihex until my return."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "whatever. Let me clean thsi up."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "central altihex. you should really just surrender."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "...Heh, no.."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "dont make me make you."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Would you surrender your fortress? Why do you ask him to surrender his home?"

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Don't make me delve into the archives to /research/ more about you and yours, Goth."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Very well."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "...I have nothing to hide, a murder is a murderer"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "and that is what I am. Deathsaurus."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "You don't, but another may..."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Yeah. He might."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast laughs.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Let me do what has to be done."

The powerful windblast hits the shuttle at an angle from below, rattling loose more than just heat shielding. Considering he got sat on by a Dinobot not really a surprise. Thrusters flare erratically as Astrotrain has to struggle to keep himself from stalling out. "Oh frag and a half." With a wobble he banks and rolls, then dives back towards Typhoon. "I'm gonna make a crater with your name on it!" He transforms again, this time aiming to plant his large feet right on top of the femme.

Parts shift around quickly, and within seconds a gray and purple robot stands in the place of his previous form. His wings are wide and cast a menacing shadow, the Decepticon isignias upon them proudly displaying his alliance.

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast laughs "Has to be done, that's rich."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Stop me."

>> Astrotrain misses Typhoon with Smash. <<

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "In a fair fight, I would."

Blockade erghs. "Man, that slag burns!" He scowls at Goth. "And you're still up? I'm gonna need a bigger gun." He tweaks the setting on the heavy blaster, overcharging it so it vaporizes the air between himself and Goth.

>> Blockade strikes Goth with Plasma <Medium>. <<

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Just remember, Des."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "A slave obeys."


<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "So does a soldier."

<> <<Underwood>> ..I'm going to die regardless

<> <Gardener> DOnt be a fool!

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "A soldier can refuse a stupid order."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Good soldiers follow orders."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Professional soldiers follow orders."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Some searching for you, both of you."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "'Nuremburg trials'"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Orders have limits, unless you're a slave."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I dont have time to...."

GAME: Deathsaurus PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Deathsaurus holds his head for a moment, shaking it to clear it. Something has him a mess right now. He approaches the combatants and shoots at the Autobots. Not aiming at someone in particular, just close enought o maybe startle them into a retrea.t "Get. Out. Of here."

Red sparks dance a cross Goth's frame as he struggles to focus on fighting, and speaking, as he tries to get through to Deathsaurus, there's the sound of servos cracking, wires snapping, nothing was healing how it should, he'd chuff out angrily. "Stop.. letting.. others.. choose.. for you, Do... Do what /you/ won't... Stop panicking, and being paralyzed.. by indecision, like a /sparkling/" Goth vents heavily, loud wheezing emanating from his vents, he turns away from blockade in a dangerous move, and takes in another deep vent, letting out a familiar high frequency screech.

>> Goth misses Deathsaurus with Stun Sonar <Medium>. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Goth."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Forgive me."

<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Would you forgive someone who tried to force you and your family out of their home? How DARE you ask that?

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Would you forgive someone who tried to force you and your family out of their home? How DARE you ask that?"

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Its the only way he'll survive this."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "So you're not even going to let him defend his home?"

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Our game is off. Don't talk to me."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "AInt the first time you turned on me when I didnt play your game."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Im a threat. Take me out."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Okay."

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "But before I do - the only times I've turned on you are when you've... played Megatron's game."

<> <Arbiter> Oh you absolute di'kut. Don't you dare...

"Damn." is Backblast's response, too, as that plasma strikes home, burning quite a chunk off him. 

Okay. No more Mr. Nice Afthole. He tracks Nighthshade - or at least, tries to - as she zips into cover again. But she's fast, and he's not quite fast enough to track exactly which of the options he's got. He frowns, listening to the radio before... rolling onto his back to aim up at the approaching Kaiju, ignoring Nightshade to fire on Deathsaurus.

>> Backblast misses Deathsaurus with APFSDS <Medium>. <<

Deathsaurus lifts a wing, as Backblast's attack goes wide. " He lowers to the ground, transforming in a quick , almost too quick for someone his side's motion. He opens his mouth, attempting to bite down on the poor bat. <<Slag this>> he radios out to the group.

>> Deathsaurus strikes Goth with Bite. <<

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Ya think this Does not concern me? If you were to ACTUALLY use the information for the good of all Cybertronians it would be one thing! I've seen what can happen if the cons and bots worked together ta make a better Cybertron. I've seen noble Decepticon warriors fighting to protect their homes and a grateful Cybertron singing their praises. But this?! This is theft ta further genocide and subjugation of any who dare have a different opinion than Megatron. Information that you will steal and then destroy the life's work of those who could aid Cybertron so much more. They asked fer our help to protect. You don't see us attackin those cities held in decepticon control. But you also don't see the Decepticon cities producin anything but hate and more violence. Ya'll got ta make a change before we lose this second chance. Be a beacon of Cybertron yer path actually has a future! This ain't the way...and I'll do what I can ta prevent ya from continuin ta make these mistakes. Even if it means havin ta fight those I'd rather call friend and Ally."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "<disconnects>"

<> <Gardener> <Disconnects>

<<Broadband>> 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Nice try, Kid, but Des can't handle hard truths like that."

And suddenly, Nightshade is all alone again, as Backblast decides to try and tango with Deathsaurus instead. Sad femme sniper is sad. Or not. She does, however, take the opportunity to move again, this time keeping the cover between herself and Backblast so that he can't track her so easily. She kicks in anti-gravs as she clears the rooftop, dropping down on the far side of the building from Backblast, and decides to practice a little guerilla warfare, moving to find a new vantage point.

Typhoon LEAPS away, barely keeping from getting crushed by Astrotrain. She is well out of her league, but luckily enough the Dinobot softened him up for her. Still, for now, she focuses on staying alive. "A li'l help o'ver here maught be nice!" she calls to the others, running for cover. She fires a few pistol shots behind her, hoping it will at least make Astrotrain duck for cover instead of crushing her.

>> Typhoon strikes Astrotrain with Pistol <Low>. <<

<> <Gardener> <connects

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "<connects>"

"Huh?" Astrotrain lifts one of his large feet as if actually trying to check if the femme was smushed under him or not. He's still a little addled from whatever that dart juiced him with, and reflexively holds up an arm when there's gunfire. Followed by a yowl as the shots sink in deep because that's where a chunk of armor feel off when he got dino-crushed. That seems to finally get through how thrashed he's actually gotten and been too out of sorts to realize. All the bickering back and forth within his own faction isn't helping much, either. "Slaggin' fraggin' to the rusting hell with this! You hexnuts can settle your own domestic issues." He transforms again, this time rocking off skyward.

After a quick shifting around of parts, Astrotrain's previous mode is now gone, replaced by a large space shuttle. The engines roar, ready to take off into the sky.

>> Astrotrain retreats from the area, escaping all attackers. <<

Blockade shakes the overheating blaster with one hand and steps back a bit as Deathsaurus takes a bite out of his target. Might be kinda hard to hit Goth without shooting Deathsaurus, too. Normally, Blockade wouldn't care. But tonight, he's thinkin' he wants to stay away from whatever weirdo power struggles they're gettin' into among Command these days. Instead, he transforms to tank mode to fall back on what he's good at. << Hey, Astrotrain. You still kickin', there? >> he calls out, taking aim at the femme shooting at his ride. << Hey! >> Well, looks like he's going to walk back to Tarn. Frag. At least he can still shoot Autobots.

Blockade collapses forward, his curved armor pieces locking together into the platform of his hover tank mode while the turret expands, ready to deliver more firepower.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

>> Blockade misses Typhoon with Machine Gun <Medium>. <<

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain growls. "Kept them busy as long as could, but I'm about to fall apart thanks to that dinobum."

Goth is caught and lets out another loud cry of pain, but he's.. still awake some how, Des could feel where his teeth punctured, the metal twisting, regorming, and heating up and becoming jagged and ugly like a scar as it heals around his teeth, a large mound of energon splashes onto the ground, still.. Goth's awake, somehow, unlike with Sky Lynx, he vents out heavily, trying to pull himself free, He's weak at the moment, frame trembling and threatening to offline at a given moment, he'd cough out roughly, spitting up energon and lets out a growl. 

"Can't.. Lose me home.. again.. not again.. can't lose.. My mate again." Goth heaves out as his elongated claw ignites with a greenish light and he lashes at Deathsaurus.

>> Goth strikes Deathsaurus with Acid Slash. <<

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Backblast cusses softly as she shot misses, rolling upright. "Fuck it." He mutters, slinging Kingslayer onto his back and instead drawing his khukri. He ignites the blade, before leaping up onto the Kaiju's back and starting to hack and slash wildly with the blade. "Pick on someone who's as big an arsehole as you are!" he snarls, trying to carve lumps out of Des' hide with the wickedly curved blade.

>> Backblast misses Deathsaurus with Energon Khukri. <<

Deathsaurus is holding down his bite, trying to keep Goth in his mouth. His wings spread and he looks to the west, moving his head a bit , wincing as he keeps his hold, even as energon comes from an open jaw wound. He just holds onto his target as best he can and attempts to fly out of there., avoiding the second attack, maw still clamped around the poor neutral.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

>> Deathsaurus retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Goth, and Astrotrain. <<

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "What? Why's everybody runnin' away? I didn't hear a retreat."

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back."

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Nightshade finds a suitable position to get a new angle, but what she sees... no, she's not seeing what she thinks she's seeing. She's not seeing--

"Slag," she mutters under her breath. Does she continue this back-and-forth with Backblast? Keep up the attack? Growling under her breath, she moves again, this time heading for the rooftop and transforming into her VTOL-capable altmode... apparently to follow Deathsaurus from a bit of a distance.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

With a frenetic twisting, contorting and shifting of parts, Nightshade transforms into a VTOL -capable tactical strike fighter.

>> Nightshade retreats from the area, leaving herself open to Deathsaurus, Goth, and Astrotrain. <<

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Major Astrotrain says, "You go take a Dinobot to the face and then ask that.... Seriously though, we got the Chief where he wanted to go, but I ain't getting my afterburners scrapped over domenstic disputes and Godzilla sized performance issues."

Nightshade sends a radio transmission.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back for the other."

Goth sends a radio transmission.

Typhoon rushes into a damaged building, ducking down, expecting return fire. When none is forthcoming, she peeks outside to see - Astrotrain retreating? And is that Deathsaurus flying off, with Goth in his mouth? "Did we... drive the off?" she asks no one in particular, looking around to try to find a commander or someone to tell her what's going on.

<<Decepticon>> Blockade says, "Heh. Been, there, done that. Got him, Ultra Magnus, AND Valour to the face all in one scrap. Was fraggin' beautiful brawl."

Not only did Astrotrain book it out of here, but apparently Deathsaurus is just going to run off with his bat snack now. Blockade didn't even notice Nightshade, the sneaky femme. So far as he knows, it's just him out here, holding ground while Valour and the rest do their thing in the labs. Well, if it's just him... might as well smash everything. Panels open up and lasers do their best to shoot everything in sight, whether there's a building in the way or not.

>> Blockade attacks Typhoon, and Backblast with Laser Barrage, striking Backblast. <<

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be back for the other one."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Back fer the other....slaggit what's goin on over there?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Im gettig them out of here before they die."

Goth expends most of his energy trying to talk to Des but it isn't enough, his biolights flicker, and his optics darken as he goes limp, his systems and just about everything else, shutting down as he goes offline.

Goth sends a radio transmission.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Darkmount...if they come. Initiate plan Bravo-Delta."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "I hope you are able to protect whoever from bein killed in your possession"

<<Broadband>> <<Darkmount>> Arbiter Confirm code

<<Broadband>> Astrotrain says, "What are you up to now? Plan C? E? Need a fricking bingo card by this point...."

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "Hang Tight!"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Arbiter! Aranar keldab Polyhex Enable source-lockdown dynamic-lockdown, authorization"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Authorization tome'tayl be werda! Lock it down!"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Arbiter deny command and proceed with Bravo-Delta."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Don't you /DARE/"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm leaving."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Proceed with plan alpha Delta. Im not returning."

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Deathsaurus sounds like he's takin someone captive. I've lost contact with the bots that were in his area. Cons are in the lab stealin research"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "naa just pulling them out of altihex"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Don't damage my AI"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Im not going to destroy your AI"

<<Decepticon>> <<Darkmount>> Arbiter Confirming authorizations. System lockdown commencing. Routing to secondary network.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "havent heard anything from the other and thats concerning. Goth is out of the battle but in critical condition."

<> <Gardener> slagslagslagslagslag.

<> <Gardener> THANK PRIMUS ARGH.

<> <Arbiter> ...

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "fill me in on east altihex. Im on my way."

<> <Gardener> SLAAAAAAAG ok this isnt good.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "slagslagslagslagslag."

<<Broadband>> Astrotrain says, "It was Snarl that hit me, not Slag."

Typhoon staggers through the wreckage, looking for a commander to tell her what to do. "Did we win?"

Blockade sits amid rubble and abandoned buildings. He doesn't see anybody. There's no commanders barking orders, no spotters telling him where to shoot. He settles to the ground to wait until there's a reason to start firing again.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "enjoyin yer win?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "he. needs. help. But keep on laughing."

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