Personal information
Real Name

Albert M. Pine


Minidoka, Idaho





Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Mountain Trooper

Secondary MOS

Finance Clerk


1 - E-5 - Sergeant



Organizational information

GI Joe


Tiger Force

"Anybody can jump out of an airplane. That's just giving into gravity. What I do is an attempt to defy gravity."

Alpine thrives on challenges. Every obstacle presents itself as a barrier he must overcome. In the flat Snake River Plain where he grew up, the mountains surrounding the area represented such barriers. Barriers that made him feel trapped. To this end, he took up mountain climbing whenever he can, even if it has to be recreational. When that wasn't enough, he joined the army, graduated from Fort Benning's Ranger School and ended up with the G.I. Joe Team. Now, he has one of the toughest assignments. Climbing up towards enemy positions while getting shot at.

He's also an excellent accountant.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

As an accountant for a large publishing firm, Alpine took up mountain climbing prior to his enlistment and assignment to the G.I. Joe team in 1986. Prior to joining the Joe team, Alpine graduated Ranger School at Fort Benning. Alpine often uses humor to lighten people's mood, but is a serious soldier when he has to be.

On Alpine's first mission as a member of G.I. Joe he was part of a team sent to Cobra Island to rescue Ripcord, a Joe who had parachuted onto the island days before. The operation also doubled as a recon mission. On that mission, Alpine showed his climbing skill when he and the other Joes scaled the volcano on the island. Shortly after that mission, Alpine was part of the Joes' invasion of the Cobra-controlled town of Springfield. After returning from Springfield, Alpine and several other Joes attempted to re-capture Zartan, a Cobra agent who had escaped G.I. Joe headquarters with the help of his siblings and the Dreadnoks. The team was caught off guard by the Thunder Machine, the Dreadnoks' assault vehicle, and Zartan escaped.

Alpine was part of a mission to find a World War II German bomber discovered imbedded in a glacier in Greenland. The plane carried a lethal gas and it was Alpine and Airtight's job to board the plane and neutralize the gas. The mission was successful despite interference from Cobra and the precarious position of the plane. On that mission, Alpine used his knowledge of the German language to read the plane's flight logs. After the Joe team disbanded in 1994, Alpine returned to accounting. He rejoined, when the team was reinstated.

MUX History:

Alpine is a Reserve member of the Team.

OOC Notes

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Alpine is available for application. In the meantime he's temped by Bzero.



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