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Alpha Bravo is an Aerialbot Autobot.

Whoa mama!

Alpha Bravo is the newest member of the Aerialbots, bringing some variety to the team in the form of his assault helicopter mode. However, this also leaves him the slowest member of the group, and the new recruit consequently feels like he has something to prove to his comrades. Alpha Bravo is equipped with tracker missiles, which can lock on to the very spark of a target. He typically forms the right leg of Superion.[1].


Alpha Bravo

In 2018, Alpha Bravo was captured in Iacon by Nightbird and held prisoner beneath the city. However, he was eventually rescued by a team led by Red Alert.


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Alpha Bravo (アルファブラボー Arufa Burabō)
  • Mandarin: Líng Yún (凌云, "Rising Cloud")


  1. According to trivia on the official Transformers cellphone app.
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