Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: All Sorts of Problems

Characters: Brawn, Cerebros, Dust Devil, Scales, Sideswipe, Trespass, Twin Twist, Typhoon, Calyhex, Dawnfire, Firestar, Hot Rod, Omen, Starlock

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: August 31, 2020

TP: Space Cthulhu TP

Summary: The Medical Center is starting to fill up again.

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 14:55:51 on Monday, 31 August 2020.

Iacon Medical Center


Typhoon is in medical under guard. The Weatherbot looks somehow both pale and feverish as she lies on her medical berth, hooked up to a line of energon. She's been here since she stole the Lancer Two and crashed it in the Ibex Forest, full of commandeered energon. No one has quite figured out what's wrong with her, or if it has anything to do with the fact that Hurricane, Mesocyclone, and Stormwind are also missing as well.

Scales hadn't been back to medical for more than a good, hard nap after the brief scouting trip to Hydrax Plateau, but as soon as she read Firestar's medical report, she headed in to see for herself what was up. It all sounds far too familiar after Springer's long stay earlier in the year.

Typhoon is conscious, but weak. As Scales heads in, Ty looks over and gives the tiny medic a smile. "Hey, Scales," she says softly. "How are ya doin' today? Wha's been goin' on?" Typhoon sits up on her medical berth, trying to swing her feet over the edge.

Cerebros walks in. It's time for his yearly tune-up. And given Cerebros' relative 'newness' - he still has a thing or five to learn about patience. He responds to his notification that he's due for a tune-up, but doesn't exactly wait in line. He walks in and heads right to Scales. "Greetings, I was alerted I needed my annual examination."

Scales hops up next to Typhoon. "Hey," she says. "Eh, there's been a lot of scraps over in the Manganese Mountains for some reason, an' I went out snoopin' with some other sneaky types for a bit." She pauses, looking over at Cerebros as the mech announces himself. "You can take a number," she says with just a bit of humor. "First come, first served. Though I guess with that criteria I probably ought to be looking over Ratchet again."

Cerebros flinches slightly at Scales' abruptness. "But..." But he's Cerebros. He looks around, waving a passing greeting at Typhoon. "Where...where is the number dispenser?"

GAME: Typhoon PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty.

Typhoon hops off her medical berth and grabs her energon feed. "Is Ratchet's GroundBridge workin'? Got places ta go," she says vaguely, starting to move in the direction of Ratchet's lab, dragging her energon feed behind her. Her optics are glassy and her tan skin has a feverish red tint again.

Scales reaches out to try to grab Typhoon, not that the tiny dragon could actually -stop- the Weatherbot. "Hey, no... you're not going anywhere," she objects. "You're sick." She looks over to Cerebros for some assistance.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros looks at Scales and nods in acknowledgement. He gets up and gently...but maybe with a tad display of force...squeezes Typhoon's elbow and 'leads' Typhoon back.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

Typhoon looks back at Ratchet's lab while Cerebros and Scales led her back to bed. "Nooo," she says weakly. "I have to meet him... bring him energon." She shakes her head vaguely. "He's comin'. He needs energon." She pulls a bit at Cerebros's grasp, but not strong enough to break his grip. Instead, she winds up sitting again in the middle of her assigned medical berth.

Scales nudges Typhoon. "Hey. Ty. You hearing me?" She peers up at Typhoon's face with optics worried purple.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Very High difficulty.

Cerebros tilts his head and peers at Typhoon. "TYPHOON?! CAN YOU HEAR SCALES?!"

Typhoon's optics blink on and off rapidly, and then blue-shift back to their normal sea-color after looking a little purple as well. "Hey, Scales," she says with a smile. "You're so dang cute. Why don't we have more cute li'l dragons like you? Tell Wheeljack - less long-guns, more dra-gons!" She jumps, then as Cerebros tries the talk-louder approach, and seems to snap out of her daze. "I'm raught here, Cerebros," she says crossly. "Ya don' hafta shout!"

Cerebros flinches and says sheepishly "Fine...sorry."

Scales whews. "You were actin' funny there, Ty," and that's leaving out her apparently forgetting she'd already said hi to Scales a few minutes ago. "Here, I hear you're havin' a bad time. Lie down an' I'll look things over."

Typhoon nods vaguely and smiles again. "OK!" she says brightly, and lays down on her back, staring up at the ceiling. "Are you sure I'm not OK? I feel fine."

Cerebros looks at Typhoon as she's lying down. "You were incoherent just a few moments ago."

Scales nods. "An' you don't look all that good right now." She quietly reaches over to a lower cabinet to retrieve some restraints just in case, then settles in for a good look at Typhoon. It doesn't take long before she makes a worried noise. "Hey, Cerebros? You know where the coolant spray is?"

Typhoon frowns. "Really? I don't remember bein' incoherent. I'm mostly just pa'rful tahred." She looks over as Scales mentions coolant spray. "Wha's that fer? I feel cold enough already."

Cerebros nods. "Yes I do." He pauses and looks over at Scales. " moment."

GAME: Cerebros PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Cerebros finds the coolant spray and delivers it to Scales.

Typhoon lays on her medical bed, looking feverish and tired.

Scales nods to Cerebros, "Thanks." She blinks her optics to infrared and looks for the warmest spots. "You might -feel- chilly, but that's because your body's tryin' to heat up to dangerous levels. So first, we're gonna cool you off a bit to avoid that, an' then I'll check over your internal thermostat." She suits action to word, opening panels and puffing small amounts of coolant on the hottest portions of Ty's frame.

Cerebros looks over at Typhoon with concern as well. With deep concern. With intense concern. He then looks over at Scales. "Then after this, you'll get to me, correct?"

Scales' actions have immediate effect, cooling down Ty's internals and making her a little more coherent. Ty's skin cools down to its more usual sandy-tan.

Scales concentrates fiercely on her work, but does nod without looking around. "You're next on my list, Cerebros. Promise."

Dust Devil walks in with a datapad in his hands. He seems to be completely focused on it but is expertly maneuvering around the medical bay heading towards Typhoon. Of course when he walks past Cerebros, he might feel a tingling sensation since dusty is using his forcefield loosely to not have to watch where he's walking.

Cerebros shudders slightly and looks around. Maybe he does need medical assistance.

Typhoon lays back down and resumes staring at the ceiling. "Was I tryin' to get to the Land Bridge?" she asks in confusion. "That's not even workin' yet, is it?"

Scales nods. "Yeah, it's locked up right now, too." She hmms. "Your thermostat's okay... but it looks like you're tryin' to turn yourself into pure energon from the way your system is tryin' to soak it up." The little medic takes a moment to sit back and mull that over. "Okay, it's definitely not the same issue as what Springer had," she confirms. "But the symptoms are similar- you've got plenty of energon available, but your body's storin' it instead of usin' it. Like a big battery."

Cerebros looks at Scales. "Could it be the same...underlying condition, but just a different reaction, based on Springer's systems as opposed to Typhoon?"

Dust Devil frowns a little as he hears Typhoon's words. "Do you know who investigated the crashsite and the bearings of the shuttle?" He rubs his chin and stares at Ty and Scales for a second before looking at the datapad and adding some information. He backs up and leans against the berth that has poor Cerebros on it.

Typhoon scratches her cheek in thought. "I wonder why that is," she muses. "Is somefin' broken? Some regulator or somefin'? I feel so tahred." She looks at the energon drop going into her arm. Her optics are less glassy, but still not 100%. She looks alarmed, however, as Cerebros's questioning. "That don' mean that scary lady got 'holda me, too, did she?" Ty gasps, trying to sit up again. 

Reports indicate Red Alert investigating Ty's shuttle crash, and Imager examined the energon Ty stole.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Scales puts her paws up. "Prob'ly not. Like I said, it's not quite the same thing. If you want me to make sure, though, I can check your core."

Cerebros looks at Dust Devil and moves away from the berth since Dust Devil needs it. He looks at Typhoon. "No, I was just speculating you were exposed to a similar toxic agent that affected Springer, but it may have been in a different way. You may not even know HOW you contracted this."

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Very High difficulty.

Cerebros frowns thorugh his faceplate and clinches his fist, but tries to not make his frustrations evident to Typhoon and Scales. A core scan? That could take several minutes, if not hours. And he wants to be scanned now!

"Uh, does that hurt?" Typhoon asks nervously. She sits up and swings her legs back over the side of the bed again. Will those restraints be necessary? Maybe. Though aren't those usually associated with Springer's OTHER girlfriend? "I mean, if it's necessary," Ty continues, trying to buck up and face the medical fear.

Scales shakes her head. "No, it doesn't hurt just to look it over. I promise, no fiddling, just looking." She holds up one paw solemnly. "But you gotta stay -here-. If you can't hold still, we're gonna hafta strap you down for it."

Cerebros looks at Typhoon and says flatly "Be brave...for Scales. She's trying to help you."

Dust Devil grins evilly as he glances at Cerebros. He looks at Scales, "Hey Scales...Mind if I practice my medical skills on Cerebros ta help you out? What's he need done?"

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros shakes his head and says "That's all right, Dust Devil, I'll wait" he says forcefully.

Scales looks over, optics widening a bit. "Uh.. well, he's just here for a check-up. I know you can run a basic scan." She tilts her head. "But y'know, there might be an issue with patient confidentiality if you do it."

Dust Devil grins, "oh just a scan? I scan Cerebros all the time. How do you think I practice? And I can go over and fix scrapes and even help with repaint if ya need it."

Cerebros looks at Dust Devil and says forcefully "No...My coat is just fine the way it is. I just received a new coat two lunar cycles ago. I'm not in need of another one."

Typhoon nods gravely and lays back down. "OK. Thank you, Scales." She holds very very still.

Dust Devil says, "Then whatcha needin then? I assure ya I DO have some skills. Otherwise I wouldn't be able ta drag myself home so often."

Scales nods to Typhoon and hops over to get the tools she needs. "Be right back. Dust Devil, don't you do anything to Cerebros without his permission!" It doesn't take long for Scales to snag the precision scanner for cores.

Cerebros nods and leans in close to Dust Devil and whispers "It's probably just best not to upset Scales. Let's just stick with protocol and have Scales scan me when she has time."

Typhoon stares tensely at the ceiling.

Dust Devil hmmmphs, "I just figured I'd help Scales out by helpin you out so she has less on her plate. But I'm sure she can squeeze you in between scanning Typhoon, inputtin her findings into the computer, relaying her results to Perceptor and Wheeljack and then checking on Ratchet, comparing the data between the pair and trying to send off those findings while also managing to fuel herself and make sure her own health isn't lacking....let alone if there are any emergencies that pop up. Meanwhile I could refrain from asking more questions while I work on my part of the investigation that was given ta me by Firestar and I guess I can do without yer help since I was gonna see if you would be able ta aid me in helpin try and figure what's goin on. But....if you wanna wait for Scales and not let me show that I can compentently do some medical based things...that's fine. I can go see what else I can do and find someone else to help me try and help our friends."

Scales takes her time, Cerebros' impatience notwithstanding. She wants to get this right and make sure nothing's overlooked. But it seems there's nothing there to find. After some long minutes of scans and intense study, the little dragon huffs a thwarted puff. "Whatever's wrong, it's not there. Next thing to try would be to take a couple energon samples to analyze."

Cerebros 's optics widen after hearing the flood of explanation. "Wait...wait...wait..." He looks over at Scales, then at Dust Devil. "You've ... done check ups before? Remember, I'm unique. I'm not ordinary like Typhoon given my...unique circumstances." He looks over at Typhoon. "That's not a slight at you. I'm sure you do a wonderful job with your assigned tasks."

Typhoon scowls. "Hey! I'm a Weatherbot. I can fly an' ever'thin'!" At least Cerebros's faint praise distracted her from her ailment.

Dust Devil says, "Hey! Without Ty, f-5 wouldn't have a leg ta stand on!" He glances over, "You are a leg right? Or was that the arm....""

Scales gets pulled out of her concentration to look over at Cerebros. "Are you tryin' to imply you need Spike an' FortMax here for your check-up?"

Cerebros says defensively to Typhoon, then Dust Devil, then...Scales. ", you don't understand! I didn't's more...commonplace of an Autobot. But that she's VERY accomplished for her limitations!" He then looks at Scales and says meekly. ", there's no reason why Fortress Maximus or Spike has to be here."

<OOC> Typhoon says, ""

Typhoon scowls. "I'm a leg," she says defensively.

Cerebros nods and says encouraging "And you're a great leg at that!"

Scales nods. "So there's no reason you hafta act all weird about bein' part of somebody's head," she tells Cerebros before getting some sampling tools.

Typhoon scowls, and crosses her arms across her Land-Rover-hood chest.

Cerebros looks over at Scales. "I am not...acting...weird..." He looks at Typhoon with concern. "Oh...sorry...we should finish your procedure."

Dust Devil stares at Cerebros and then shakes his head. "Ty and the weatherbots have been around for over 20 years. In that time their limited fashion...have managed to save more lives than I believe even Optimus. They go to these little annoying things called natural disasters and help the humans who are trapped in their houses or their vehicles. So while most other bots are fighting cons, these guys fight cons and the elements to do their job and do it well. Some of them have more sophisticated equipment in them than in you or I. might want to remember that before you look down on someone fer being common. Otherwise...I might have to worry how you feel about Optimus prime....or even Alpha Trion. Both of them were considered rather less than others at points."

Typhoon's optics widen at Dust Devil's little speech. She turns and looks at him in surprise.

Typhoon sends a radio transmission.

Cerebros frowns through his faceplate and rubs his forehead, stammering slightly. "I was not saying...Typhoon and the Weatherbots were ordinary. I was just voicing legitimate concerns because I was unique. But...apparently...I still need to be skilled on matters of effective communication."

Scales gets set up to take some samples. "Okay, just a basic energon sample, and then a frame sample, too. Gonna look for any alterations in your make-up." Her tail flicks, and she glances back. "Look a lot of Autobots are -unique-. I'm the only dragon my size, ever, so far as we know. So there." She doesn't stick out her tongue, but the sentiment is there as she crouches to get the first sample.

Typhoon holds still so Scales can get her energon sample.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a COURAGE roll of High difficulty.

Dust Devil nods. "Ya need ta learn what modifiers/quantifiers you put in yer sentences. Everyone of us is unique. Can you make a forcefield? Or go from a recording device to a skilled doctor? Name me ANY bot and I can tell you something about them that makes them special and makes them part of the team as a whole." He grins as Scales speaks up for herself. "And what if next year we make another mech, just like you, the same you think that will make you any less unique? I'm sure Chip would make a great head fer some super smart cityformer."

GAME: Scales PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

Scales makes a muffled squeaking noise while getting the sample from Typhoon, but quickly resettles and acts totally normal. Fine. Nothing wrong.

Cerebros looks at the room he's managed to alienate. "OK...first off, I apologize to everyone in this room. It was NOT my intention to either upset anyone or give the illusion that 'I' am superior. I was just saying I was unique." He looks at Dust Devil and asks quizzically "Who's Chip? I apparently have not met this Autobot."

Typhoon's optics widen again. "Is something wrong?"

Cerebros looks over at Scales in concern. "Oh no..." he says in worry. It must be grave news.

Scales shakes her head. "Nothing!" she sings out. "Just got surprised. Got it. All good." She even gives Typhoon a thumb's up for good measure.

Dust Devil says, "He's the cool human who used to hang around with Spike. Even had his own wheels." He looks to Scales with some curiousity before looking back at Cerebros. "soooo does this mean I still can't play doctor?""

Typhoon whews. "OK. Good. Thanks." She lays back down, trying to relax.

Cerebros looks at Dust Devil and his interest in Chip seems to have dropped like a deadweight when Dust Devil mentions 'humans.' His interest quickly picks up though after he hears Scales' prognosis. "That's great, Scales! I knew you could do this!"

Scales blinks over at Cerebros. "Energon samples aren't hard to take.."

Cerebros frowns. "I meant...what you were going to DO with those samples. What you were going to find out."

Dust Devil says, "So what did you come in here fer Cerebros? If ya don't mind me askin?"

Cerebros looks at Dust Devil and says somewhat defensively "I needed a yearly tune-up."

Scales gets her next sample, which is less routine than an energon sample. But for really getting a feel for how saturated somebody's frame is with energon, a direct sample is the best route. "Your fuel line pressure is really high," she tells Typhoon. "I know we're keepin' you on a drip so you can stay awake, but we'll have to think of another way to try to work around things."

Cerebros looks over at Typhoon and tries to reassure the Weatherbot. "You're not going to die though."

Dust Devil grins, "Well great that means you won't mind sitting here for a few days while Scales figures out the stuff with Ty and Ratchet since we have time."

Typhoon's optics widen in alarm. "Was dying a legit concern?" she asks in regards to Cerebros's not-very-reassuring reassurance.

Cerebros shakes his head and alarm. "No! No! Heavens no! I was just...reassuring you that dying was NOT a legitimate concern."

Scales takes a moment to bury her face in a paw.

Cerebros gets up and says "I should go..." he looks at Scales. "You can radio me when you are ready to see me." He looks at Typhoon and says "You're in good hands."

Typhoon lays back fretfully. "I don't wanna die," she says quietly, mostly to herself. "... then F-5 really won't have a leg to stand on. Hurri's missin', too." She turns to look back at Cerebros. "Thanks." Turning to Scales, she asks, "Any idea yet wha's wrong?"

Scales shakes her head. "I know a few things it isn't, at least. That's progress. I'm gonna check over these samples for anything that doesn't belong- either a cause, or maybe some residue left by the cause." She hehs. "Don't worry about it yet. We've taken on some big problems an' fixed 'em already. We'll get this one, too."

Typhoon nods. "OK, Scales. I trust ya. Thank ya."

Scales hmms. "You know, if Ratchet's got the same issue you have, then it's probably that tentacle thing's fault somehow. I wonder if we can catch it." Her optics take on the slower swirl of Scales thinking hard. "If it lives in an extra-dimensional space, it might not be fully material in the first place... might not be able to locate signs of it just with the usual tests..."

Dust Devil says, "Do ya need me ta be shoved back through the portal again? I'm sure Hot Rod would gladly oblige you. Wheeljack got some readings fromt he last batch."

Typhoon's optics narrow. "But how could it affect me? I ain't been near th' Space Bridge since it started havin' problems."

Scales hmms. "I guess we need a timeline on top of medical tests. Exactly when it started actin' up, an' who all's been through it since the first sign of trouble." She looks over at Dust Devil. "You're already workin' on that kinda thing? Or should I call up Red Alert?"

Dust Devil says, "My question was where you were when Ratchet was working on it on this side? Maybe it opened by you? Or the creature got out on the otherside somewhere?"

Typhoon looks at Dust Devil. "Me? I was on Earth. Apparently I stole a shuttle fulla energon and crashed it in th' woods... which I remember, but I can't quite recall why I did it."

Dust Devil says, "Firestar wanted me ta use my unique way of thinkin ta help with the issue. I'm guessing if you have people all working on the problem in different ways, it might help."

Scales nods. "But we could also use an orderly thinker to track down all the loose ends, I think. Somebody who doesn't mind hunting through records to organize events. You know, like all the people you like to prank."

Typhoon smirks at Scales' delicate classification of personality types.

Dust Devil says, "Hey they're workin on this too. I'm just going at it my own way and sharin what I see."

Scales nods. "Well, I need to do the medical stuff first... but after that, I guess I'll see if I can figure out a way to catch something that lives in another dimension."

Typhoon drawls, "Ya'll'll need a real fancy net, I'm sure."

Scales hehs. "Yeah, definitely. An' bait."

Typhoon looks at Dust Devil pointedly.

Iacon Medical is getting busy, and full! Ratchet and Typhoon are in medical berths, Ratchet unconscious and Typhoon under light guard. Behind a forcefield partition, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are under heavier guard, while Sunstreaker presumably recharges. Typhoon is on an energon drip and is currently in a discussion with Dust Devil and Scales. For some reason, she's looking pointedly at Dust Devil.

Sideswipe is under guard. Right about now he's coming out of a recharge nap. HE's twitching. On alert and just digging his hands over into the sides of the recharge table he's on. He tries to stop himself, and it works for a few moments.

Scales finishes labeling the samples she's taken and bounces over to her little lab bench to set up some in-depth tests. She wants to get this all ready and working before she's distracted by anything else.

Trespass casually walks into medical. Casually. -Things- are happening, and he's curious, so he's come to take a peek. He looks around, noting a few Bots he doesn't yet recognize--Typhoon, Scales, Dust Devil. Ratchet, he recognizes, and the two under heavier guard must be the brothers, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. He gazes up and around, as if studying the area. He eyes the samples Scales has just taken with her, and helps himself so casually to them he may not have even noticed. And a scanner. And a datapad. Or two. Right! The Lambor twins.

GAME: Trespass FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

Trespass is not remotely noticed over by Sideswipe. Who is tensing enough that the guards likely notice it as his systems would reboot. While he's kept on minimum energon - the same way he was on Garrus, he's definitely twitching and a lot more active as his systmes are going close to full power as he draws more from his reserve.s

GAME: Scales PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Scales reaches over to put her samples into the machine... and they're not there. She turns in time to notice Trespass's angle- he's the only one even close enough to have moved them. Optics narrow, taking on a dangerous orange tinge to their usual swirl. "Hey! That's tainted energon! Do you want to get sick?"

Trespass's optics take on a humble glow and he puts back, one by one, the items he's pilfered, "Sick? Nah, I'll be fine. Sterilized before I came in. Just wanted to take a closer look," he says, unfazed, "Medical has always been so fascinating." he indicates the guards with a hand, spreading his arms and finally ending in the direction of Sideswipe, "What gives?" he asks, curious, filling the air with chatter.

Typhoon is still on her medical berth, her attention focused in Dust Devil and Scales, although it shifts to Trespass as he's caught stealing almost immediately after entering the medbay. "If yer gonna try ta steal from Scales, yer gonna have ta do better'n that. Maybe Dusty'll take us unner his wing as an apprentice," she grins weakly.

Sideswipe goes to twitch on the table. Then forcing himself to go quiet, his fingers would stop clenching in an act of self control. Then he's glancing over at the guards in quiet attention. Evaluating their posture. How they're paying attention. The restraints on him.

GAME: Sideswipe FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Scales mutters, double checking the seals before finishing setting up her tests. Can't use the samples if they got opened..

Trespass smiles sweetly back at the Weatherbot, noting the name 'Dust Devil.' He's aware of Sideswipe and aware of the guards. He moves further into the repair bay and pauses, fidgeting with his fingers, touching the Autobot symbol on his chest absently. He reaches out, irresistably, to take something else laying around, and then...

GAME: Trespass FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Sideswipe gives a careful look over at Trespass with a 'what's it to you' expression on his faceplate as he would manage to twitch his fingers and then slowly force it out. Then he goes to grunt, "Anyone let me out of here? Primus, it's been four flarking months. PUt me in the deep freeze or -don't-. I'm TIRED of being stuck waiting."

...the lights flicker for a brief moment.

Trespass looks back at Sideswipe innocently, "Anyone in medbay for four months must be awfully lonely. Thought I'd come by," he says conversationally, again, touching his Autobot symbol in an absent gesture.

Sideswipe's guards, Brawn and Twin Twist, look upward as the medbay's lights flicker. "What was that?" Brawn asks with a frown. 

Twin Twist draws his semiautomatic cannon-rifle - a bit overkill in a medbay setting, but that's what you get when you need to guard two of the fiercest fighters in the Autobot Army. "Shut up, you," Twin Twist snarls. 

"Before I have to break somethin'," Brawn says, smacking one fist into the palm of the other hand.

Wow, Stanford prison experiment anyone?

GAME: Trespass FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Sideswipe would twist, "I just want this to be done with. Whether you take out my spark and put it in a box in Garrus forever. I'm -tired- of waiting to be punished. I don't -care- if there's something glitched up in my core. Just throw me in and toss away the encryption or let me out. If you feel guilty on putting me in, then just -stop- it or decide you don't ant to do it and let me go."

Dust Devil says, "Pretty sure that critter will not be happy to see me again seeing as I was able to get away. As Scales points out the newcomer he grins brightly. "I apologize if the security is heightened around here. I tend to like ta practice doing inventory on locked containers in here.....often."

Trespass glances up, "Power surge?" he offers in that same conversational tone. Looking at the two guards, Trespass shrugs. He glances at Dust Devil and grins big, "Trespass is my name, but I seem to be off my game." he doesn't seem troubled by this. To Sideswipe, his face falls, "No one should have to endure that..."

Scales gets her test set up and starts the machines.. she'll know what's going on in a few hours. In the meantime, she approaches Sideswipe's cell. "Look, I get this sucks. But Prime sat in quarantine for weeks while he was sick, and never complained about it even with the whole nucleon thing makin' him lose his temper." With that, she heads over to Ratchet to do some scans and tests that she can compare to Typhoon's.

Brawn turns to look up at Sideswipe. "Look -- you two killed those two Cons, and made us all look bad. I don't know if there's something wrong with your brains, or what, but in the meantime, you're stayin' put, so CAN IT." 

Twin Twist frowns and nods, looking like he's just itching for an excuse to start a fight.

Dust Devil looks at Brawn, "Hey ya don't gotta right ta rile the prisoner, ESPECIALLY in the medical bay. Until we have word that they were fully of sound mind, what right have ya ta pass judgement?"

Sideswipe would just grunt up at the two, "Then -fine-. You want to cave my head in, go ahead and do it. Better than having to listen to you more. You don't like me, I don't like you. Call it mutual." He's in a low, seeming rage at the moment and now ever so blatantly pulling against the restraints. Testing them. "Dump me in a hole and don't let me out again, I don't -care-. Better than having to spend more time with all of YOU." The presence of everyone in the room is noted. Scales maneuvering towards Ratchet. Typhoon on a medical bed. Dust Devil to the side. Trespass.. Ignored as a non-entity having a fidgeting habit.

GAME: Sideswipe PASSES a COURAGE roll of Below Average difficulty.

Brawn immediately turns on Dust Devil. "Look, pipsqueak," he says to the larger Bot. "You may charm the others with your 'oh, I'm such a mischievous rogue!' routine, but it's not working on me. You're a menace who helps the Decepticons out more Starscream with your endless distractions and pranks. I'm here to do a job, an' I'm doin' it. If Sideswipe comes up clean, I'll apologize. But for now, he's my responsibility, so back off!"

Meanwhile, behind him, Twin Twist snaps. "OK. That's it!" As the power flickers again, the forcefield fails, and Twin Twist charges Sideswipe. "You shut it, or I'll shut it for you!" the Jumpstarter yells.

Trespass claps his hands together and beams with glee at the erupting chaos around him. He reaches for an interesting piece of medical equipment--a tricorder--and a random datapad. Calmly, he heads for the door, whether successful or not.

GAME: Trespass PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

Scales freezes in place. "Dusty! Fields!" she calls out.

Dust Devil is ready to help out. He ignores Brawn for the moment and raises both hands, one hand trying to raise a forcefield between Twintwist and Sideswipe. The other hand is trying to bring up a field in front of the door. He glares and yells, "Everyone STOP!"

Typhoon sits up in her bunk. "What's going on?" Brawn looks ready to punch Dust Devil, but holds his attack. Twin Twist stops as well, glowing between Dust Devil and Sideswipe.

Still held by his restraints, Sideswipe is surging up to them even as they would snap back into position, restrictig his range of motion. His faceplate grating as his systems would start to ebb as his energy reserves would drop.

Trespass is long gone, hunched over a terminal in some random bot's empty quarters, pondering

what... went...


GAME: Trespass FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

The power flickers again, and for a moment, things go dark -- before emergency power cuts in, imbuing everything with a dim red light.

Trespass hmmms, then calmly retraces his steps and exits the terminal. He unfastens the cover to a ventilation shaft and climbs up, into it, replaces it, and crawls through it, off somewhere else.

Dust Devil frowns at Brawn and Twintwist. "Unless yas wanna see what tricks I learned ta do with my forcefield, ya might wanna stop fightin in Scale's medical bay."

Sideswipe would be pressed down over int he restraints, them reacting by limiting the amount of energon that his fuel pump could put thorugh his system to slow htim down

Brawn and Twin Twist stand down, moving to the side so the others can talk with Sideswipe.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Alert from Uraya region. Titan transforming. Repeat, Titan transofrming."

<<Autobot>> Dawnfire says, "I didn't do it."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Yeah its Calyhex"

<> <Morrigan> Insiiide?!

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "What's goin on THIS time. WE're kinda busy with some issues elsewhere."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Uh.. Well, Calyhex is transforming to robot mode."

Dust Devil glares at the two bots and then Sideswipe. "Dude....Please don't antagonize the minibot. You know they're only capable of one emotion at a time. And YOU both should know better than ta fight with a restrained mech. Takin con lessons recently? Now....Scales? What would you like done. It's your place."

<> < Inside> Its..its high!

Sideswipe would twist up and over at Dust Devil, "What I said earlier goes double for you. I'd rather have my spark thrown in a little hole than have to listen to you, spawn of a glitch. Brawn's good at what he does."

<> < Inside> Im not moving. Its high!

GAME: Scales FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "And she seems terrified."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "SShe is, she's only been in her robot mode once in over 9 million years"

Scales huffs a puff of smoke. "Let's get the center's fields back up so you don't have to stand there and hold everything." She flicks her tail as she goes to check the breakers. "Everybody just.. chill. No fightin'."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "she's forgotten that this standing height is normal for her"

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "We're on emergency power in the Medical Center. Could somebody check the power grid for Iacon?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Eh? whats going on in medical?"

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "Too much. The power flickered an' some stuff went down. We're handlin' the people side of things, but havin' power returned would be nice."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Sounds like all the fun is going on."

<<Autobot>> Firestar goes, "Is everything in Iacon out? ... Would that include the defense grid?"

Dust Devil grins at Sideswipe. "Yeah whatever. Just sit there and behave and stop protectin Brawl. He's the one with issues. I'm just standin here behavin."

<> < Inside> Should. Space. Now. before. too afraid to.

<> <Morrigan> No.. No no. Please no. We haven't finished linking your self diagnostic code!

<> < Inside> confirmed. Calyhex. Is going to city.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod goes, "Calyhex just said she was going back to city mode. And.. No signs of the Cons dropping Trypticon."

<> <Morrigan> No.. nono please. Its. fraggit.. That is a bad.. idea.

Firestar is heading through the corridors of Iacon, jogging towards the armory. Sending out messages <<Command, going to check at the armory. Anyone able to get to the main generator? And status of  city defenses?>>

<<Autobot>> Signal Flare reports, "Looks like the power outage is limted to Medical. Rerouting power there now. Should have you back up in an astrominute."

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "Thanks."

<> < Inside> Bad idea to fly. bad idea to city.

<> < Inside> stand still.

<<Autobot>> Firestar goes, "Having -just- the power go out to medical is.. Unlikely to the point of being a mathematical improbability. Suggest security team sweep for sabotage."

The lights flicker again, and come back to full power. The forcefields around Sideswipe and Sunstreaker return at full power.

And Sideswipe is pulled down and held tight now. Any sort of attempt he might have made to get out is surpsigingly gone. EIther the energon drop was too much or there was.. Something else.

Scales breathes out a long stream of smoke. "Okay. Good. Dusty? You good?"

Dust Devil sighs and frowns, staring at the guards and prisoners. "yeah I guess..."

Typhoon looks alarmed for a moment, but lays back down now that things have calmed down.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Calyhex is returning to city mode."

Dust Devil frowns and tries to relax a bit. "okay is everyone doin better or what? He looks at Sideswipe. "despite how yer actin, I really don't wanna see you hurt fer no reason."

Sideswipe would just slowly look up at Dust Devil, "Oh, believe me, getting hurt is kind of inevitable, so might as well just go ahead with it."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "... Think I win on the course of 'interesting events' tonight Dust."

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "A little more boredom would be nice. Tryin' to work stuff out."

Scales ruffles her wings as she tries to relax and get back to what she needs to do, heading back to examine Ratchet and get some samples from him. "Just.. no fightin' in here. That's the rule. Bein' depressin's optional, but nobody tries to suicide by guard, deal?"

Dust Devil frowns at the whole deal. "I'm not gonna fight anyone, but I can throw a forcefield up and stop the fightin if it comes to it."

Sideswipe would look over at Scales for a moment, expression sour, then sober. "Not something I can promise."

The guards grumble as Typhoon goes back to resting, trying to conserve what little energy her body will allow her access to.

Scales grumbles under her breath all dragon-like.

Sideswipe goes to twitch over and look at the guards once more. Point is made. The poor dragon medic gets no more response, alas.

Scales finishes up and retires to her office to do more reading for the night.

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