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Although its physical form differs across the universal streams in which it appears, the powers and history of the AllSpark remain common across the multiverse: It is one of the fabled sacred implements, the objects capable of creating new Transformer life. Its origins are unknown, lost to the distant past sometimes predating even Cybertron itself but it often gives the impression that it possesses a consciousness of some kind and is either working towards a cosmic plan of its own divining or is carrying out the will of a higher power. In truth, the physical AllSpark is but a shell to contain the incredible life-giving energies within; should that shell be destroyed the energies will remain as potent as ever merely waiting for a new vessel to inhabit. Any fragments that would remain in the event of the AllSpark's physical destruction would still possess the incredible power that the original object did.

The AllSpark

The AllSpark's power has long been coveted by the Decepticons.


MUX Continuity

The AllSpark resided in the Well of All Sparks on Cybertron, where it is said to have carried out the will of Primus by creating every Cybertronian life. When the Autobot/Decepticon war erupted, however, the AllSpark ceased to produce life in a seeming act of divine rebellion, requiring anyone who wished to create new life to travel to Vector Sigma at the center of Cybertron.

Apocalypse World universe


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