He puts the "Metal" in "Fullmetal Alchemist".

Alchemist Prime is said to have arisen from Primus with a deep connection to the elements, and even among the Thirteen his powers straddle the line between science and mysticism. Alchemist's natural intelligence and curiosity are augmented by his personal artifact, the Lenses; when affixed into his optics, they allow him to perceive the physical and spiritual cycles of the universe in equal measure. Always in tune with creation, Alchemist's constant quest to understand the mechanisms of change means that he thinks of himself as a mere student of the natural world. Above all, Alchemist trusts his instincts and natural intuition, which rarely lead him wrong.

Alchemist Prime possesses the ability to transmute metals and temporarily alter the properties of any object. While these powerful abilities make him an unpredictable foe on the battlefield, Alchemist is one of the most even-tempered and gentle members of the Thirteen, with a friendly, sympathetic nature that makes him easy to be around. Among his twelve siblings, it is said that Alchemist was closest to Alpha Trion and Vector Prime. Alchemist Prime's mastery of chemistry extends to various intoxicating beverages, for which he has a professed fondness.

While most of the Thirteen dispersed across space and time after their great schism, Alchemist opted to remain on Cybertron for a time, quietly guiding the progress of the earliest Transformer civilizations. Indeed, rumors swirl that Alchemist may still walk Cybertron after untold millennia, disguised as a humble bartender.


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The Covenant of Primus

Alchemist Prime was the second Prime created by Primus to defeat his arch-foe Unicron. These new Primes began strategizing for the upcoming conflict, and Alchemist was one of the Primes who believed that destroying Unicron would have negative repercussions for Primus. As one of the Thirteen's "Free Agents", Alchemist found himself working closely with Solus Prime. Conversely, he also befriended the troubled Megatronus.

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