Al-Haseeb is Cobra Unity's most sophisticated and largest biological weapons (BW) production factory. The facility is part of a large military complex about 60-70 kilometers southwest of Crown City. It produces large quantities of botulinum toxin and anthrax under the command of Dr. Typhoid. The name derives from the common Arabic name or title Al-Ḥaseeb ("The Bringer of Judgment "), one of the Names of God in the Qur'an. The bioweapons production facility was built under the cover of an animal feed facility, and is prepared to present itself as such if faced with sudden UN inspectors.


Aerial view of the Al-Haseeb compound


In the early 1980s, Al-Alawi (under Crown Prince Hassem Nassir Ibin Abassa) violated the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) by establishing extensive programs for the development of both chemical and biological weapons. One of several BW facilities in Al-Alawi, the "Single-Cell Protein Production Plant" at Al-Haseeb was the main bioweapons production facility, built under the cover of an animal feed facility.

With the Cobra take-over of Al-Alawi, Typhoid restarted their dormant biological weapons program, taking a personal hand in getting production moving quickly. The "animal feed facility" cover has been restored, as long as inspectors don't look too closely.


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