Al-Badur is a Quintesson exile.

Look out, he's going to reconcile the Quintesson and Primus origins!

Al-Badur, Second Triarch of the Fifth Cybertronian Section, is an ancient Quintesson who was banished to a planet in another dimension by his comrades for being a criminal. The exact nature of his crime was questioning the will of his superiors.

He got off light, though. After all, they could have fed him to the Sharkticons.


The Transformers cartoon

The secret chamber in Planetary Corridor CB-311-B4 was used by the Quintessons to banish their criminals to other dimensions. The writings on the wall said that Al-Badur was banished to an ice dimension. Madman's Paradise


  • The dialogue script for "Madman's Paradise" parses the character's name as Al-badur, with a lower case "b".
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