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Airachnid is a Decepticon SPARK HUNTER.

There once was a spider who knew how to fly / I don't know why the spider could fly / Perhaps you'll die

You have such a pretty face... I think I will add it to my collection.

Until recently, AIRACHNID was thought of more as a rumor or story then as actual being. The levels of cruelty for which she was known went far beyond even those of most other Decepticons, Airachnid does not look as old as she is since she takes great time and pride in maintaining a high level of appearance, making many disbelieve those rumors to their own detriment. She spend the years since the Great Exodus building up a reputation as a skilled bounty hunter that only took on certain criteria no one has managed to define. Those who were the last of their kind, as well as a dead or alive, was a requirement... and in the few cases where there were still a handful left, she took steps to ensure the bounty WAS the last of their kind. Recalled recently by Megatron, since her return she has shown only true loyalty to Megatron. Since she has no true desire to lead, she is more than ready to throw anyone and anything away that she needs to in order to ensure her own survival and even for just the enjoyment of their pain and despair at being betrayed.


Pre-MUX History

Shelob gave dieting a go after seeing how much weight her director lost.

In 1766, Crosswise tracked Airachnid to Earth, where they fought in Alaska. Airachnid defeated him and left him to die half-buried on the side of a mountain.

MUX History

In 2019, Airachnid returned to Cybertron.



Oct 17 - Distress Call Response and Medical

<< Standard Decepticon symbol appears... with what looks like fangs before showing Airachnid standing in the medbay in Tarn >>

"I was in the process of beginning some tests with the help of a volunteer when I picked up a distress call from Deathsaurus. Which upon arrival I found both him and the one called Goth in critical condition in the snow with Chromia, Moonracer and Upshot retreating to a shelter further away. Considering the general condition of all involved as well as no clue as to how long it would be before more Autobots arrived I choose to retrieve the two and return to Tarn with them."

The screen expands a bit to show both Goth and Deathsaurus on the repair beds behind her, "Due to some complications with his repairs, which are not spark-threatening at this, I am instituting a lockdown on who can repair Deathsaurus. I will forward the details to High Command shortly and will keep up repair efforts for the moment. Hopefully when either of them are strong enough they can inform us all of what happened at that location before my arrival."

<< Same symbol as before reappears for a few moments before the report ends >>

Is this all there is?!!

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Airachnid is played by Agollo.


Helicopter mode

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