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The Air Defense Mini-Con Team is easily one of the most important Mini-Con Teams, as together they form the Star Saber, quite possibly the mightiest weapon known to all Transformer-kind. If held by Decepticons, they become the dark, twisted Air Assault Mini-Con Team, forming the Dark Saber.

Even without their sword-form, the trio are skilled and extremely valuable warriors, with a wealth of technical skill, military planning, and good old-fashioned luck.

The Air Defense/Air Assault Mini-Con Team is composed of

  • Jetstorm the Cybertronic Supersonic Transport
  • Runway the Cybertronic Cruiser
  • Sonar the Cybertronic shuttle
We are the sword that protects Cybertron.


MUX Continuity

The Air Defense Mini-Con Team currently defends the space labs in Altihex.

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In 2020, the space labs in Altihex were attacked by Decepticons, and the members of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team were savagely attacked by Nightbird in front of their former friend Blast Off. Only the timely intervention of Starlock and Typhoon saved them from certain gory death.


  • The Air Defense Team is the only one of the three Armada "legendary weapon" Mini-Con Teams to not see release in either of the Armada sequels.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Air Defense Micron (エアディフェンスマイクロン Ea Difensu Maikuron)
  • French: Équipe de Défense Aérienne des Minimodus ("Air Defense Mini-Con Team"), Équipe d'Attaque Aérienne des Minimodus ("Air Attack Mini-Con Team")
  • Korean: Air Defense (에어디펜스 Eeo Dipenseu)
  • Spanish: Los Minimodus - Equipo de Defense Aérea ("The Mini-Cons - Air Defense Team"), Los Minimodus - Equipo de Ataque Aéreo ("The Mini-Cons - Air Attack Team")
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