Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Aftermath At The Bar

Characters:  Starlock, Ravage, Symphony, Solstice, Ghost, Hot Rod, Deathsaurus

Location: The Rollout Bar

Date: 02/22/2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Starlock ambles to the bar after her break down over the internet, and finds 

As logged by Starlock

The Rollout Bar - Toraxxis - Cybertron

Starlock is sat up at the bar, nibbling on Golden Rods (AKA, French fries) with a drink nearby as she tried to relax there at the bar, her optics still puffy from her earlier cry, in which she went off the grid by turning off all her communications, (their back on now) still.. she tries to relax..

Ravage is entering in to the ROllout. The Decepticon would go to hop up and over onto a chair, glancing about over as in the corner a juke-box would start to twitter bcak and forth, being stuck on a bad 90's prom song.

It was something, and Starlock was grateful for the music as she quietly sat there, nibbling on her snack... She does eventually cough as her vents try to clear themselves from the congealment that had build up form before.

The jukebox switches over to 'The Merry Go Round Broke Down' before giving it up as it would transform back over to wha tpassed for a waddling robot mode and heading over to a corner to get a drink. Ravage would glance at Starlock, "You look fairly miserable."

"Yeep, and if you wanna make it worse, I /will/ punch you." Starlock states dryly before returning to her food, huffing out as she let her aggression drop.

Ravage would glance at Starlock, "You appear to be monologuing to yourself, Autobot. Have you considered other, less existential forms of narration?"

Starlock rolls her optics and just now ignores him as she sits there.. She gets out her datapad and turns it on to start looking over one of her billion open tabs.

Ravage would take a moment then to switch his optics over to telescopic mode to try and skim over what was being displayed on said tabs if he could manage quickly. Then he would go lightly, "How fares the crystals?"

The tab she is currently on is about shield generators, how they work, are build, etc... Some tabs are medical journals, others are tabs to the New Harmonex public library, others about crystal and geological growths, some tabs are about running a government, trade route histories, etc, and that's just form the tab labels, there are also art programs open, and books.

"Good,.. bout the size of a small building now." She says simply as she reads.

Ravage gets a good view over of them while skimming, and then would ask to her, "And is anyone going to be allowed to appreciate them?" He would intone over to her. "I would hope that you would allow anyone to come on by."

"Long as no one is gonna attack the city, cause a crime or attempt to bust 'em up? Yeeep." She'd add, reading away still about the shield generators, seems that tab is what she's focused on.

Ravage would continue to skima long the tab of the shield generators. "Of course. And how long do you think that the Autobots will accept that?"

Sarlock shrugs. "Dunno, they'll have to get over it... As will the Decepticons." Starlock says.

What she's reading is about shields for both large scale and small scale, like for a bot, the inner-workings, how they work with other compensates, how much space is needed, what inputs and outputs are needed. Ravage would mm-hmm, "Of -course-. A city that is deep within Autobot territory, built under Autobot supervision, along a static defense zone buffering Iacon.."

Starlock gives him a look. "...If you're trying to get information form me, you're doing a terrible job by playing stupid, and saying the neutral territories are deep autobot territory, and claiming it near iacon." Starlock says dryly and waves him off.

Ravage would let out a sigh over of amusement, "You prseume I want information. FOrgive me for -implyig- that." HE would smile, "I just want to make sure at some point I can see the crystals and that I'm not going to have any issues. When I came online there used to be this very lovely nexus of them." He would muse over. "OUt in Kaon. A natural formation of them that had grown however long ago and been left there. Fueled by occasional offerings of energon from thsoe in the neighborhood. They took it as a sign of Primus' blessing."

"Like I said, long as no one tries to smash them, attack the city, or any other crime, welcome to the city." she says simply, her bad mood is growing as she munches on her golden rods, letting him do all the talking.

Ravage would listen over, "Of course. And let us be realistic here, STarlock. How long will that last? You are an intelligent Autobot. A logical one. -We- will not touch it."

"Dunno, i'm not psychic, but long as I am alive an standing, I'ma make it last as long as possible." She'd huff, before sipping on her drink.

Ravage would glance over his shoulder, "Of course you will. I'm merely noting that it will only be so long that -Prime- will allow it."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Aaand Ravage is glitching at me"

Starlock just rolls her optics and goes on reading, she's not in a good mood, somber really, but recovering, her optics still sore form crying.

<<Autobot>> Starlock in a mocking, high pitched voice. "I'm merely noting that it will only be so long that -Prime- will allow it." feck off.
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "freaking ejit."
<<Autobot>> Imager chortles.
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "I'm not okay with murder talk, but I am /perfectly/ okay with mocking."

Symphony enters the Rollout Bar and appraises it as only a performer can. She seems to spend as much time eying the private boots as she does the stage. She sees Starlock and waves, saying, "This is quite the place."

<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "Huh wha?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Ravage is glitching at me, he's asking about new harm and if cons will be allowed to walk there, and trying to make i sound like prime will only let it last so long... I'm angery and upset, but i'm not /stupid/."
<<Autobot>> Starlock grumbles. "much as everyone thinks i am."

Ravage would glance over at Symphony, "Yes, yes it is. This is the Rollout, run by Encore." Starlock being given a blessed moment of silence over from the agit-cat.

Starlock's finials perk up, followed by the rest of her frame as she looks over and smiles a little. "Hey Symph." Starlock says tiredly, her voice strained, and her optics a bit puffy. "Been a minute since I seen you." She'd nod. "Yeah.. Encore did this place nice." She hehs.

Symphony orders a drink that was popular pre-war and adjusts the Guigenoss, a musical instrument that looks like a combination of a keytar and a bassoon, which is slung over her back. She walks over to the pair and asks, "Mind if I join you?"

Ravage would glance over at Symon. Going to 'tag' her over in his processor to start a sub-file. Then glancing at her insturment. "I haven't seen one of those in a long time."

"Welcome to." Starlock smiles, gesturing to the open stool beside her as she sat there, finishing off her food and huffed out. "Seen the finished theater yet?" Starlock asks her, before going silent to let her and Ravage speak.

<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "Uh... ok? Does it matter?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Dunno, does it? Ravage trying to manipulate me while in a bad mood?"

Symphony sits gracefuuly and says, "Yes and it is magnificent! I wish to give my first performance there since...I awakened."

To Ravage, she says, "I am Symphony, a musician from the days of old."

Ravage would ah over at Symphony, "A pleasure then. What of the old concert halls did you play at? I was always fond of the Grand Ampitheatre of Kaon. The acoustics there were the best on the planet."

<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "I mean, if you know what he's trying to do, your Ravage here mush -suuuuuck- at it."

Starlock smiles. "I'd love for you to preform there in New Harm, specially now with the Crystals starting to be able to sing on their own." She says to her fellow mini-bot as she settles there at the table, and looks back down at her datapad.

Symphony says, "I was fond of Harmonex myself, though Kaon was nice too. I'm starting to visit these new venues and assess them. Much has changed."

Ravage would mm, "Kaon.. Was a wreck. It was decrepit. Yet it had the most wonderful acoustics on the planet. The walls barely standing up. And yet it had all the most wonderful chords. Beter than Iacon at it's height." He looks wistful.

Starlock nods at Symphony. "Just be careful, yeah? lotta con places still enslave neutrals on sight." she warns. "Is that your unbiased opinion?", she gently teases the mech. "Both cities had their good traits and their bad."

"I will keep that in mind, though it saddens me that this..." She points to the performer symbol on her chest "...No longer allows one to move freely."

Ravage would mm, "I was at the Iacon Hall plenty of times. There was this delightful opera there in the twilight years where there was a harpist maestra. She played the insturment empathically I believe. Depending on her moods it would play differently each performance."

"Sadly." Starlock says with a sigh, recognizing it. "Wonder if the leaders of that organization still exist." She murmurs in thought, regarding Symphony's emblem.

Symphony nods and says, "That is why I am travelling, I am hoping to see the new places and learn more about this age. I am also looking for others like myself. There is much I have missed."

Ravage would glance at Starlock, "I looked into it when those with me had awoken. They had not." He would muse sadly over.

Starlock frowns. "Hm.. " She'd look to Symphony. "I still wish you luck on your mission, I can help with what info I have, isn't much but..." She'd smile lightly. "Its a little hope, yeah?"

Symphony lowers her eyes and muses sadly, "More casualties, or just slumbering like I was?" She continues in a determined tone, "Now it is even more important for me to find other performers, and maybe start another guild. I shudder to think of what may have been lost! Ah, but you give me hope. Some do remember, and that is a start. I have been asking around New Harmonex and have a list of venues I wish to visit. Maybe others will see my symbol and word will spread."

Ravage would take a moment over to then offer, "Banshee has spent a great deal of time working within Trypticon to make a proper symphony hall. You would do well to speak to her and contact her. I have no douts she would be thrilled to have a proper accompaniment for her. As would Trypticon himself."

"One can hope." Starlock smiles tiredly. "If you are in need of a new guild-house, lemme know, i'm getting some build in the other district." Starlock explains with a smile.. She chuckles. "Yes, Banshee would love to meet you."

Symphony says with a slight smile, "Thank you, I will radio her if she does not contact me first. As for a Guildhall, that would be a good start. My current apartment is rather small."

Ravage would glance over at Symphony, "Yes she would. And you can properly make inquiries with her in person if you would like. Merely send a message to her or speak ont he primary communications network."

Stalrock chuckles. "Give me a name, and a theme, and I'll work on some blue prints that you can look over and approve." she'd smile. "Will then pass 'em over to the building team." She'd nod.

Symphony nods and says thoughtfully, "I will base it off of the one that was destroyed in Harmonex."

Ravage would nod at Symphony, now gonig quiet to properly listen over to her.

Stalrock grins. "Alright, just lemme know the dimensions and any other requests~" She'd chuckle, pulling up a blank canvases on her datapad, and got out the stylus, and started drawing.

Symphony says to Starlock, "Thank you for the data pad. Earth seems to be an interesting place. Now that the space bridges are safe I would like to visit some day."

Ravage would glance over at Symphony. "Oh? Do you mean one of the colonies or the other planets where tehre are settlements?"

Ravage would suddenly jolt in startlement, his head cocked to the side in surprise, "FOrgive me, something has come up." Symphony chuckles and says, "Wherever I am welcome. Go in peace."

Stalrock nods. "Welcome, I'm happy to have helped..And Yes, Earth is.. a really nice place, i'd like to visit it more as well.." Stalrock smiles over as she starts work on designs. She'd then side glance Ravage. "Safe steps." she says simply.

Ravage has left.

After the jaguar leaves, Symphony asks, "Are you okay?"

talrock is silent a moment as she looks down at her drink. "Not really but.. not much I can do, other then pick myself up and keep going." she admits.

Symphony says thoughtfully, "Has Trypticon changed, or is he still all about destruction?"

"He's... more stable, now that Banshee and Ghost are with him.. Banshee is also a cityspeaker." She'd add as she sits there. "....Has to do what Megatron says." she'd add.

<<Broadband>> Ghost comes across the broadband, voice a low rasp, gravely, dark, blessed with a lace of rage, "Autobots.. where do you want your -trash- deposited?"

Symphony says neutrally, "That is good. I still don't like the idea of visiting him, but it must be done. I will go to Iacon afterward so the Autobots do not think I am favoring one side over the other. If I am to restart the Performer's Guild, it must be neutral."

<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "Uhoh.. that doesn't sound.. good?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Yeaaah.. uuh.."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "..I don't think i should be the one to awnser"

Starlock frowns. "I think i'd have a full-blown panic attack if I visited him." Starlock admits, looking into her cup. "And Agreed, bots will be more understanding then the cons." she'd laugh weakly and tiredly. "Trust me.. wont let you forget it." She'd sigh and knit her ridges at the broadband.

"Oh gods damnit." She'd sigh.

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, ""What happened?""
<<Broadband>> Hot Rod says, "How about we talk about the specifics -later- and for now send a drop team? And.. Uh, I'm in no place to tell you what to do Starlock but I'd suggest staying where you are. But that's just my personal guess."

Symphony says wryly, "Another day in paradise. WHen will this damned war end?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "....I mean since Hot rod is so intent to do my job"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "go on, heard him"
<<Broadband>> Ghost's voice returns, still low, still a rasp of sand over silk, "You'll find whats -left- of Sideswipe on the Melpomene Bridge. He.. made a poor descision."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod would note, "Yeah, still advising that you might want tos tay out of it. And I'll make sure it gets handled."

Starlock pinches her nose bridge as she answers the broadband radio, only to start grinding her denta over Hot Rod ordering her around. "Fecking, stupid piece of fecking.." She'd hiss out, before taking a slow vent, trying to calm down.

"Agreed.." she'd mutter.

<<Autobot>> Starlock grumbles and growls
<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "errr... That.. really doesn't sound good. I.. uh.. I could try an' go retrieve but.. still not right after runnin 'into blitzswing ohfrag forgot t' write a report."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Starlock, please. You have enough pain and things going on as it is. You don' have to add whatever this is to it. I'm not remotely telling you to. I can't do that. I"m just -asking- you consider not."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Oh /now/ you care about me feelings?! tsk.. You said you have it handled, don't blither and take care of it, can talk about this /later/."
<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "Maybe you two should like kiss or somethin' and get over th' tension."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod would let out a sigh, "Thank you." Then clicking off the comm.
<<Broadband>> Blast Off says, "...."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Medical, be on stand by to recive critically wounded paitants, Hot Rod will be leading."
<<Autobot>> Solstice says, "Uh.... Uh.. They. delivered him inna box..."
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> evenin
<> <Voidwalker> hey
<> <Voidwalker> Heavily drinking tonight, you?
<> <Voidwalker> my give-a-frags have run out, i'm just.. done
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> Just put the little one down and turned on netflix for the older kid. So goiing out drinking sounds good. What happened?
<> <Voidwalker> too much, i could rant for a good few hours
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> yeah thats what bars are for I could meet ya someplace if you like?
<> <Voidwalker> I'd not mind.. just.. don't scare off my friend, yeah?
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> Kay. Rollout?
<> <Voidwalker> yeah
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> who'se your friend?
<> <Voidwalker> She's.. new
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> Well warn her about me.

Deathsaurus comes into the bar like he owns the place. The giant beastformer takes a seat at a booth, motioning "Hey, berry. Bring your friend over. Drinks are on me." he says in a deep baritone.

Starlock glances over. "Hey Des." She calls, yes.. She's Berry. She looks to Symphony. "Thats Deathsaurus, he's the Destron leader and also governs Polyhex, he's.. also one of the two that came and helped me defend New Harmonex form Cryotek's goons." she explains.

Symphony gulps and says hesitantly, "It's good to have allies. Especially ones like him."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Hey, Starlock who is your friend?" he says. "Nice to meet you? New bot?"

Starlock chuckles. "He's.. not as bad as his reputation lets him on to be, but it is good to have a healthy caution." She'd smile, getting her things gathered up. "This is Symphony, she's form Harmonex, like me." She explains about her fellow mini-bot.

Symphony says with slight concern, "It's good to meet you. Thank you for coming to the aid of New Harmonex."

Deathsaurus nods "Not a problem, seemed like the right thing to do." he says. "Sorry about what happened to your home. It was a good place. The music was unbelievable."

Starlock gives a light smile as she moves over to join Des. "He was also helping me repair Harmonex while it was open, so.. He's really been a lot of help." She'd then huff. "Now if only you could get out of that bad Decepticon contract." she'd smirk.

Symphony follows Starlock, asking, "What does Megatron think of this?"

Deathsaurus shrugs "I've been in worse contracts. Being paid with a city and resources isnt a bad thing." He says. "I don't belong to Megatron. I just contract with him. He doesnt control what I do."

Starlock nods then pauses. "Wait.. Does he know of you and I's...?" Starlock asks pointing to herself then to Des.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Of our meetings? Naa. I dont think he knows or cares really. Its none of his business what I do when Im not shooting things for him."

Symphony nods and says, "Contracts I understand. This is an interesting time to be active."

"Well, long as you're not getting in trouble cause of me, I guess thats okay then." She'd huff out, semi-relived. "Can say that again.. its.. nice to see Cybertron healing and alive again."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Always is." he says. "I honor my word and my contract. My word is why Im still helping with New Harmonex. I promised Be...Starlock I'd help. And I will continue to do so."

Symphony says with a smile, "Then you are my friend. It would be a shame if anything happened to New Harmonex, especially since the crystals are sining their own songs."

Starlock smiles softly. "I am glad for that, Des, no matter how much slag people give me, i really am grateful to you." She'd chuckle "Do tell Your Wife that too for me, when you get the chance." She'd smile and vent out, relaxing.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "People give you slag about it eh? No one gives me slag about it, but then again Im huge." he says. "Its good to hear them singing, yeah." he nods "I will. Shes off planet right now but I'll pass that along." he says. "So whats got you drinking today?"

Symphony sits back and listens.

"Many things, where should I start?" Starlock asks as she gets a purple drink with some sort of pink fluid mixed in, making it look like a galaxy.

Starlock takes a vent. "So I started the day feeling rather melancholy, and like a stupid glitch, voiced this on the internet, where Ghost...Decide to insult me instead... mentioned how she wanted to kill me, and blah blah blah." she'd sigh sipping on her drink.

"...I honestly don't mean to constantly get stuck in a loop of anxiety, self hatred, and just..." her finials droop. "...Its been hard for me this past year.. really, really hard.. I feel like anything I do is seen as a failure, or an inconcinence." She'd murmur.

Deathsaurus blinks "She still wants to kill you eh? So why's that?" he says. "You're not a failure. You're doing a lot better then a year ago, honestly."

"Wasn't the exact wording, but it might as well been." Starlock murmurs, finials drooping. "...It doesn't feel like it, is the problem, I've been demoted, everyone gives me crap for having con friends, Constantly have people on my ass for this, that, or another... Think i'm dumb or naive for trying to do what I am and... Its so.. so hard to get along with some of my team mates.."

Deathsaurus grunts "Well if they have a problem with it, thats their problem not yours. You are friendly with everyone, a caring and compassionate medic. If thats a bad thing, then so be it right?" he says. "As far as demotions? Rank isnt all its cracked up to be. Im not exactly a high ranker in the cons myself. I thank Primus for that every day."

"It.. would be nice to at least get people like Hot Rod and sideswipe from ordering me around so much... makes me so angry they try to tell me how to do my job.." She'd murmur as she laid her helm down.

"...Not to mention everyone just takes me crying or cutting coms to mean i am throwing a fit, when.. no I just... I've started cutting comes /because/ I don't want anyone to know I am crying again and just.. need time to myself." starlock admits, her voice becoming uneven and cracking as she starts to break down once more.

Deathsaurus blinks "Wait they outrank you and push their rank? Slag that has to suck. At least with us we're encouraged to smack people who act like they do."

Deathsaurus hears her voice cracking and moves closer to Starlock. "You need a hug?" he asks, offering one. "You know people think Im an idiot too. Theres a point where you just stop giving a fuck but I dont want to see you get there. Your compassion is your strength."

"Their not, that's the worst part! Their the same rank as me, and.." She'd let out a hic. "..I feel like no matter what I do, its never good enough for anyone, no matter how hard i try to change myself to how they want its never right, I.." she'd lift her helm, she's broken down in tears alright, a slight puddle on the table.

"I don't know Who I am, or what I want anymore." She'd hic, starting to openly sob, gladly accepting that hug.

Deathsaurus wraps his wings around Starlock, holding her close "Maybe you should stop trying to change yourself. You could try my philosophy. Those who know me know me well and those that don't can go to hell."

Starlock curls up there, it takes a bit, but she calms down enough to talk. "M..Maybe, but I.. I hate with how people assume of me, I don't like people getting the wrong idea I'm.." She'd cough. "I'm an idiot.. and care a lot about how people perceive me.."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "I know you're not an idiot. You know you're not an idiot." he starts to groom her finials with his upper arms while his lower ones hold her. "Sometimes its good to be looked at like an idiot. You do something stupid you can look at them and say hey Im an idiot. What's your excuse."

Starlock chuckles a little through the tears, she does relax some as she sniffles. "I odda use that one day." She'd smile, but just relaxes there. "...I still.. don't know what to do...I want to stop being miserable."

Deathsaurus Gently wipes at the tears with his littler hands, and holds Starlock to his chest. "I think sometimes you guilt yourself too much. You care about people and when they act that way you take it hard. So what about you do they want to change?"

Starlock nods lightly and listens, she's relaxed there. "...I honestly don't know anymore.." She'd murmur, sniffling. "I just want to be happy again.. and not constantly worrying about my abilities as a medic, the goals i am working to, or what people think of me.."

Deathsaurus holds Starlock "Yeah , it does kinda suck having to be responsible." He says. "So um lets see. Goal. TO be happy. How to go about this?" he strokes her back softly."

"...I guess its a start." Starlock says in response to Des's suggestion.

Deathsaurus pauses. "WE can think on this. See what I can do to improve your situation. I do have to get back to work. Stupid city wont run itself. It was good drinking with you." He salutes and heads for the door