Transformers Universe MUX

Faction: Autobot (SG)
Species: Transformer
Rank: 10

“You have been judged by Primus and found wanting. Prepare to die.”

AEGIS is a self-appointed Priest of Primus, and seeks to scour Cybertron of anyone she doesn't deem worthy. Her high collar and tower shield denote her belief in the protection provided by Primus as she observes her dark rituals and religious duties. In the mortal plane, she defers to Alpha Trion, who has convinced her that he is Primus’s will on Cybertron and the closest link to her god. At his command she will kill instantly and without mercy, even if it were her brother Blitzkrieg, one of the few she feels shows proper devotion.

A skilled leader and a brilliant tactician, Aegis is haughty and cruel to everyone around her. She leads with a strong fist, and is interested in no one's opinions but Alpha Trion's and her own. She is an expert strategist, and tries to plan for every eventuality, ready to sacrifice her entire team, if necessary, to achieve her goals. In tetrajet mode, she is heavily armed, and capable of reaching Mach 3 easily in Cybertron's rarefied atmosphere. In robot mode, she possesses a powerful forcefield with which she protects Trion and herself (other Autobots can take care of themselves). Her capabilities are doubled when paired with those of her brother Blitzkrieg. Her impetuous nature, however, sometimes gets everyone around her killed, although Aegis herself seems to always survive, practically without a scratch.


Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Aegis is a Priestess of Primus, and seeks to scour Cybertron of anyone she doesn't seem worthy.Aegis is an ally of Alpha Trion's. When he was exiled by Prime, she lay low, faithfully awaiting his return.

MUX History

With the return of Alpha Trion, Aegis is ready to assist him in whatever he needs to exert Primus's will on Cybertron. She currently attends his needs when he is in Iacon.