This article is about the current leader of Benzheen - for the former leader of Carbombya, see Abdul Fakkadi.

Colonel Acharya FAROUD is an ambitious man and a distinguished military officer. He rose quickly in the ranks of the Benzheen army, garnering many awards for bravery and skill on the battlefield. When the former Emir of Benzheen’s power was weakened by Arab Spring, Faroud saw an opportunity and took it. Making a secret alliance with Trucial Abysmia, Faroud allowed them to invade Benzheen, only to drive them back and assume military control of Benzheen during the manufactured crisis.

Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man’s enslavement of man.[1]


MUX History

Initially having the support of the student protesters rebelling against the Emir, Faroud has emerged as a brutal dictator since taking power, suppressing free press and jailing dissidents and journalists. While seen as a potential puppet by Trucial Abysmia prior to his rise to power, he has since cut ties with his former allies and seeks means to assert power and dominance over the entire region.


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