"When the enemy is in my sights, he can't run or hide. I'll get him, and clip his wings for good. You can bet on it."

ACE would rather fly than do anything else. During high school he worked after school and weekends to pay for flying lessons. He spent one year flying pipelines in Alaska and two years stunt flying for movies. He enlisted USAF at age 22. Duty most previous to G.I. Joe assignment: senior instructor USAF Fighter Weapons Squadron "The Aggressors" (pilot combat training school). He is a Qualified Expert in the following aircraft: F-5E, F-15, F-16, XP-14/F. Ace has one major character flaw: cutthroat poker. A predilection for gambling would ordinarily disqualify an applicant for the G.I. Joe team, but in Armbruster's case you can hardly call it gambling. He NEVER LOSES (Or, at least, no one that has ever beat him has lived to tell the tale). That's why they call him Ace!

File Information

File Name: Brad J. Armbruster

Birthplace: Providence, RI

Rank: Colonel

Primary Military Specialty: Fixed Wing Pilot, Single and Multiple Engine

Secondary Military Specialty: Intelligence Operations


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

His most notable appearance was when he finally went head to head with his Cobra counterpart, Wild Weasel. The airborne fight ended in both aircraft running out of weapons and the two pilots showed their respect for each other.

MUX History:

Ace commands G.I. Joe's Air Force support personnel on a day-to-day basis.

OOC Notes

As the highest ranking Air Force officer routinely at the Pit , Ace has become the de facto air forces commanding officer. He also sometimes as the pilot for a scientist-villain group, Earth Corps.



SG-Ace is temped by Sydney for the Shattered Glass TP.

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