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Abraham Berger is a Decepticon-allied human.
Abraham Berger

The friendly face of a Decepticon pet.

Abraham "Abe" Berger is an Decepticon-allied human boy.


Shattered Glass

Abraham Berger was born to Shawn Berger, Jr, and his wife in 2007.

Growing up, Abraham idolized 'big' Decepticons like Megatron, but he was especially close with smaller Decepticons like Frenzy and Ravage.

He currently spends a lot of time at Decepticon City hanging out with friendly Decepticons like Rumble.

In 2016 Abe survived the attack on Decepticon City largely with the aid of Rumble.





His cameo in 2018 was inserted by User:Bzero.

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