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Abominus is a Decepticon gestalt.
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Abominus is the combined form of the heroic Terrorcons, part of the Decepticons' project Operation: Combination to counter the Autobots' growing number of combiners.

Abominus is considered to be the best of the results, comprised of a team of artists and scholars carefully matched together with thorough psychological testing. His role is that of keeper and protector of Cybertronian culture and philosophy. Along those lines, he is named after a Iaconian poem, possesses an "aesthetic sensory net" that allows him to assess the value of artwork and see through disguises and illusions, and even bases his fighting style on Kalistian interpretive dance.

We swear we didn't make this up. In this combined form the Terrorcons' minds and abilities are carefully preserved and magnified by a factor of five, though as a result it takes a great deal of concentration to maintain the combination.

Abominus is comprised of:


Shattered Glass

At the start of the Shattered Glass TP, Abominus was guarding Decepticon holdings while the Decepticons tried to stop the launch of the Ark. That failed, he now defends civilians from Junkion assault.


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