Log Title: Aboard The Hatemaker

The Hatemaker

The Hatemaker

Characters: The Fallen, Rartorata, Snaptrap

Location: The Hatemaker

Date: December 8, 2017

TP: Seacons Arise TP

Summary: The Fallen helps Snaptrap get ahead.

As logged by The Fallen.

Aboard The Hatemaker, The Fallen turns to Snaptrap. “You have been of great assistance to us, and for that we will grant you your boon.” He glances at Rartorata, then turns his burning gaze back to Snaptrap. “You have been told you must travel to the negative-polarity universe, and that is true.”

The Fallen pauses, and then continues with what might be amusement. “However, if you wish to extract the Underbase from the Old One, you must first acquire the Terminus Blade. It will be brought to us soon.”

“I can feel the walls between worlds weakening,” The Fallen announces. “I will direct you to where you must be when the barrier breaks. Once you hold the Terminus Blade, you will need a way to find the Underbase. I will assist you in this as well.” The Fallen turns to his dangerous minion. “Rartorata. The head.”

Rartorata bows deeply, making a peculiar buzzing sound. It reaches into a container secured at its hip. From the bag it withdraws a severed skull, which it hands to The Fallen.

The Fallen takes the head. He then draws his hand across his own flaming chest. Energy coalesces around his palm and solidifies into a glowing purple shard. The Fallen raises the shard and plunges it into the lifeless cranium.

The broken optics of detached head abruptly blaze to life, rolling in all directions before settling on Snaptrap. What’s left of its face twists into a snarl, and it hisses an animalistic rage. The Fallen seems unaffected by the sudden transformation.

“These are the remains of a puppet of Boltax, the High Programmer, slain by the Old One in his quest for the Underbase. Boltax collected the data the powers the Underbase, and this artifact retains a connection to it. Use this to find the Old One, and then use the Terminus Blade to slay him. With that, the power of the Underbase will be yours.”

Holding out his clawed hand, The Fallen offers the head to Snaptrap.

Snaptrap nods to The Fallen. "I have done everything I could to aid in your return, Megatronus." He listens to what the servant of Unicron has to say, his face expressionless as usual during most of the proceedings.

As the skull is drawn, Snaptrap's gaze is drawn to it, and when it comes to life, he hides his surprise well. The head is offered to him, and he takes it gladly. "Get the Terminus Blade, go to the mirror universe, kill Alpha Trion, and the Underbase will be ours. Sounds too easy, almost."

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