Abdul Ben-F'aisal is a human from Turkey.
TransEuropeExpress Abdul Ben Faisal

Abdul Ben-F'aisal is the greatest sage in all of Istanbul! The only way to find him is to threaten random Turks with a fusion cannon, or by going to his house at 1024 Dreymon Street, behind the herb vendor shop, next door to Sultan Selim's mosque.


The Transformers cartoon

In search of the Pearl of Bahoudin, Megatron and Soundwave scoured Istanbul for the one person who knew its probable location. Once they'd obtained directions from a helpful Turk, they crashed through Ben-F'aisal's wall. Ben-F'aisal already knew why Megatron had come, and gave the Decepticon leader information from the local legends which pointed the way to the pearl's location. However, as Megatron left (through another wall), Ben-F'aisal also gave a cryptic warning which unwisely went ignored. Trans-Europe Express


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Abdul Ben-F'aisal (アブダル・ベン・ファイザル Abudaru Ben Faizaru)
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